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Blaue Blume Tea Set- 05.18.08

blaublume.jpgMore designer pieces to fall in love with… Tina Tsang of Undergrowth Design’s Blaue Blume Tea Set, they certainly make you look twice… in a good way! Handmade in England, these earthenware pieces are beautiful and extremely detailed, and you can’t help but giggle when you see the gold shoes on the legs coming off of the tea cup, milk, and sugar bowl, especially when you have to grab the legs to pick them up! They are available in pure white or pure flesh tones, as well as with gold/silver/red shoes. In fact, if you order at least 10 of a particular piece, she will even paint the shoes the color of your choice… can’t you imagine a Louboutin set with black shoes, and red soles? Perfectly dainty, with just enough edginess, if i had to throw a tea party, you know it would have to be in these.

Also, on a slight sidetrack, i ended up at The Back Room in the Lower East Side last night… you know the type… hidden back entrance, after you get past the bouncer at the gate, wander through a dark alley/staircase, and pop into an unmarked door… you’re thrown into the 20’s when you step into a dark space with flocked wallpaper, padded walls, chandeliers and ornate ceilings… and in speakeasy style, everyone is drinking cocktails out of teacups (with saucers or course) and beer in paper bags… Is it bad i found myself wishing i had my scotch in a Blaue Blume tea cup? See more pictures of the collection and from the designboom mart on the next page!




You can also purchase Tina’s Tea pieces on Reiko Kaneko’s site.

Oh… and on drunken bad pics of the speakeasy… if you’re curious, here are two rather terrible shots i have (i have this problem of feeling bad using flash in dark places)



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These remind me of Brownsugaaa’s work: www.sugaaa.net

----- M.H. 18.05.08 18:37

these are amazing!!

& ive heard of that back room bar & always love the idea of those kinds of things, but am always a little afraid to sneak in myself!! i should though, at least for the sake of a blog post. ;)

----- sarah 18.05.08 13:01

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