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Caplan’s Army Store Jackalope- 05.27.08

jackalope.jpgJackalope spotting! I was wandering into town (St. Johnsbury, VT) on Memorial Day, and thanks to a local town parade, i detoured across the river, around the town, across the tracks, and back again - to get to the one open diner to get some breakfast… upon doing so, i ran across Caplan’s Army Store - where i couldn’t resist popping in to see what they had (and i picked up a black machete, work shirt, socks - i was packed with mostly heels and dresses for NYC city life on this trip…) And low and behold, i found the CUTEST jackalope i’ve yet to lay eyes on ~ while it does suck that these cute little creatures died to make this… at least the poor little guy is memorialized forever?

For those who don’t know about the legendary Jackalopes… crazy jack rabbits with antlers - rumors are that it is “a hybrid of the pygmy-deer and a species of “killer-rabbit”“… basically it is the american version of a chimera or griffin… and thanks to taxidermy, photo manipulation, and photoshop - MANY variations of this critter can be found across the country… (read up on your Jackalope lore) I’ve seen quite a few as a kid, but they tended to lean towards the large and ferocious style… THIS however was the CUTEST woodland creature infant version of a Jackalope! See more pictures of the street, store, and wall mount of this little guy on the next page!




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Ahhh I use to live there, I worked at the GREEN power plant down the road, I miss caplan’s…. I use to get all my work cloths there!

----- Squid 08.01.10 16:09

UMM - I thought Jackalopes were completely of lore! I had to do a little researching before I continued reading the post. And low and behold, they are real!! INSANITY!!!

Thanks for a new learning today Jean =)

----- jackie 28.05.08 18:53

what were you doing in st. j?! ahhh, you just brought me back. to my hometown. caplan’s? seriously!

----- marri 27.05.08 22:18

I was up in Saint Jay this weekend as well visiting family after a hard weekends hike in the White Mountains :)

If you ever find your way up there again, travel north a bit more along Rt 5 through to Lyndonville and on your left is one of the best local brewery/pizza joints you will ever find called Trout River Brewery. They are only open on Friday and Saturday. We go up there every two weeks for beer, pizza and rummy 500 :P

----- larissa 27.05.08 19:37

i made this last year- thought you might like it…. let me know.

----- Jessie Matanky 27.05.08 10:54

Love it. I have a jackalope stole, actually. I’ll wear it for you when you’re back in that Plasticopolis we call home.


----- KRiSTOPHER DUKES 27.05.08 09:33

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