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Discovery Channel Goes Viral- 05.02.08

DISCOVERY-5.jpgOn interesting PR emails i received today, this one was pretty funny… i have no idea whether this was a contrived spot, it does seem plausible it could have been an accident, but none the less it has that Blair Witch/Cloverfield panicked “attack of the crabs!” feeling to it… and it’s a fun friday video (embedded on the next page for your viewing pleasure!)… So what do you think? And does it work? Behind the scenes footage of Discovery Channel shows are definitely fascinating… this one of the Crab accident is from the Discovery Channel show, Deadliest Catch.

Smash & Crab
Never work with children, animals…or crabs! Yesterday’s Discovery photo call for the launch of Deadliest Catch went horribly wrong as a tank holding £5,000 worth of giant crabs smashed on the ground.


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If anyone thinks that’s real they must be bonkers! Since when did fishermen in oilskins need makeup for a reality show?

----- RainyMonday 01.04.10 05:42

That might not be necessary true. Although it does look staged, there are alaskan king crabs that are naturally red in its raw form.

----- Inga 13.05.08 01:37

The crabs are cooked - that’s why they are that lovely red color - anyone that has been crab fishing knows that they are brown when they are alive in the water……and go red when you boil them….oh dear…

----- Elwyn 09.05.08 14:34

Deadliest Catch has been great so far this season! If you haven’t seen it before, Deadliest Catch follows the now legendary captains and their crews as they endure the brutal Bering Sea doing one of the deadliest jobs in the world - Alaskan Crab Fishing. Discovery Channel just launched something new its website, too - you can send your favorite captain a message, and if you ask a question, they may respond with an audio message
New episodes premiere Tuesday nights at 9PM

----- DiscoveryChannel 06.05.08 11:36

100% scripted. Come on. Note the way camera tracks left as the glass tank exits camera right, (which just happens to be) the moment when the tank shatters. Also note the “actors’” feigned surprise, the lack of glass EVERYWHERE (including on the crabs), the narration which levels perfectly each time he speaks (i.e. voice-over), etc. Corporate viral videos can “smell fishy” (excuse the pun) — case-in-point Kobe Bryant’s excellent viral for Nike’s Hyperdunks — but they at least need to show a little imagination. Color me unimpressed.

----- SWEETBLUE 04.05.08 09:21

the crabs were all dead is why they dint scramble

----- dawn conner 03.05.08 19:21

I agree, I think that looks a bit too contrived. Love the accents though :)

----- Kristin 03.05.08 03:13

Feels very “scripted” and staged to me, but perhaps I’m just jaded & overly skeptical. I would have been more entertained if the crabs had at least scrabbled away in all directions, creating some sense of panic. Sorry Discovery, this one’s a miss. I’ll still watch the show though!

----- The Slapster 02.05.08 17:13

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