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More Bird Feeders/Houses- 05.29.08

0528birdhouse.jpgNOTCOT Note: I finally got to meet up with Anna and Sean of Sub-Studio when i was in NY, and they are even more fun than i could have imagined! Definitely NOTCOT people, and i’m so excited to have her as a contributor! (I’m not so used to the meeting people on the internets, still a bit odd to me for some reason?)… anyhow! Here’s a fun new post from Anna!

Jean did a round-up recently of bird feeders and I wanted to add some great bird houses to the mix. I love the Nidusa birdhouse by Art. Lebedev - the faceted shape is beautiful! If I had some outdoor space, I would definitely hang one of those up to attract some little birdie friends. A few more feeders are after the jump!

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Hello…I just wrote you about birds that die in their bird houses. could you please also answer another question. Should the deminsions of a bird house be a certain depth? Can it be too deep?

Thank you

----- Pat Reed 15.08.08 10:59

Hello…. Could you please tell me do birds die in their bird houses and if they do…..Could you please tell me if their should be a door on the bird houses for this purpose.

Thank you

----- Pat Reed 15.08.08 10:54

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