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The Cans Festival Zine/Program- 05.07.08

cover (Custom).jpgOk, so you’ve now seen the pictures and heard Justine’s adventures at the Banksy Cans Festival this week… and for those unable to be there - to stand in line to pay 3 pounds for an awesome official Cans Festival Program/Zine… she took the time to scan in each and every page for our viewing pleasure! (Thanks, Jus, you’re the best sister to vicariously live through!) So check it all out on the next page, click each page to view it high res and read the manifestos and gawk at the gorgeous stenciling.

p.s. don’t forget to take the Consumer Survey in there…

1 (Custom).jpg

2 (Custom).jpg

3 (Custom).jpg

4 (Custom).jpg

5 (Custom).jpg

6 (Custom).jpg

7 (Custom).jpg

8 (Custom).jpg

9 (Custom).jpg

10 (Custom).jpg

11 (Custom).jpg

12 (Custom).jpg

13 (Custom).jpg

14 (Custom).jpg

15 (Custom).jpg

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17 (Custom).jpg

18 (Custom).jpg

19 (Custom).jpg

20 (Custom).jpg

21 (Custom).jpg

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4 Notes

hehe. yeah, isn’t it great? =)

----- rugenius 08.05.08 04:29

the survey is so funny

----- Maria @ Stickers & Donuts 07.05.08 13:28

I used to think stencil art was for the all the toys who couldn’t handle graff, but honestly now that i think about it, stencil art is very interesting, especially the political and social views some of the peices relate to.

----- Steve 07.05.08 11:41

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