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Top Secret Wish Come True- 05.21.08

wishcometrue.jpgHey kids ~ i have one foot out the door, but just got an im giving me an sneak preview to tip you off on StrangeCo/Friends With You’s Wish Come True’s (isn’t that a mouthful) contest that is launching… a contest involving stickers in the various blind box toys that are launching… and there’s a Secret Map! The map graphic was so awesome, i stopped, postponed lunch, and had to throw this quick post up to share it with you… isn’t it sweet? Anyhow, read more about how it works at the secret link here. Ok, i’m out… back in a bit perhaps…


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Lovely new mini figures set!
and thanks for the secret link

----- dadawan 22.05.08 00:49

saki: go for it!

----- jean/NOTCOT 21.05.08 21:25

Darlin!!! Do you mind if I repost this secret mission? It is so awesome!!!

----- saki 21.05.08 19:31

ohh secrets & maps!

----- Maria @ Stickers & Donuts 21.05.08 13:21

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