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Birthdays, Beaches, + Perspective- 06.22.08

hayman.jpgYes, i’ve been a bit quiet the last few days ~ and the last week or so i’ve been flickering in and out of posting spurts ~ but as i’m sure you know by now, the foodie stuff has been eating into my mental and posting energy, and learning about legal quickly and making business decisions - and pretty much catching up on what everyone else seems to have learned in mba/jd programs, has been a bit exhausting! But today ended up being a perfect complete break from that. In this socal heatwave, we stuck to the beach, cruising further up the coast through Malibu up to Point Dume, where we found ourselves with about 100 others to celebrate the big birthday of the incredible Rose Apodaca at the houses of Fred and Betty Hayman (of Giorgio Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive legend) which are at the point of Point Dume, and the two houses overlook one of the most spectacular views in all of LA. On such a gorgeous day ~ we were able to get my favorite joy ride up PCH, run around with friends old and new - sharing in a wonderful (and impressively large) pan of paella - sitting out on blankets on the grassy lawn - wandering down to the beach to run around in the surprisingly warm waters - finding starfish/crabs/anemones and other critters - and really it always just came back to that view - staring out so far along the coastline and out at the horizon…

Anyhow, the break, the location, and catching up with people i was long overdue to see - was apparently JUST what i needed to snap out of the stressed funk i was finding myself in, and on the drive back i think i’m finally getting a better sense of where we’re going with NOTCOT, and ultimately, learning to think about that “business” stuff a bit better! SO, just for a fun 5:30am (sunrise is GORGEOUS today!) post ~ here’s a peek at the views and scene that were Saturday.





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Maria - i’ve been trying to tell what i can - but as with all legal issues, have to try keep quiet, as to not cause more problems. Our issue is not however a “blogger” issue, so much a n00b business issue.

Rob - as updated on TasteSpotting - it has nothing to do with the images/copyright issues.

Everyone - THANKS so much for the support ~ no matter how things play out, it’s been an incredible learning experience all around - and learning valuable lessons from my mistakes.

----- jean/NOTCOT 22.06.08 20:08

Is it related to people posting pictures they found on blogs to tastespotting without the blog owners permission?

Either way, sorry to hear that Jean.

----- Rob 22.06.08 14:34

:( i will miss tastespotting. so many wonderful recipes and ideas that inspired me to cook but i understand the possible legal implications that that may arise. i love notcot! keep on posting.

----- melissa 22.06.08 12:47

glad you got some perspective— these shots are gorgeous. i love your sites & admire how creative & enterprising you are— it’s impressive how many original & fun ideas have come from one brain! i dont think any of your readers will fault you for taking a little quiet time now and then to maintain the genius!! :)

----- sarah 22.06.08 06:58

Please tell what happened so other bloggers don’t make the same mistake!

----- Maria @ Stickers & Donuts 22.06.08 06:32

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