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Virginia Vacation- 06.01.08

va1.jpgHave you noticed that when i go on “vacation” and attempt to take a break, it doesn’t exactly mean a complete break from posting (versus other sites)? Rather, it’s more like you get dragged along on the break with me ~ and get to see “vacation” content of sorts? Well i hope you don’t mind, but here’s one more to amuse you!

So i’ve been in Virginia the last few days ~ Earlysville/Charlottesville to be precise ~ and its been interesting, i never thought i’d find vermont so designy and inspiring ~ but Virginia, not so much. It has however been an incredible place to run into TONS of critters of all shapes and sizes ~ from gaggles and gaggles of canadian goslings/geese, deers - eating and running through the forest, a huge Northern Black Racer - Coluber constrictor (it was getting attacked by mocking birds in the driveway when we got back!), an awesome little toad, turtles (big and little! attacking a half fish), tons of fish, a heron, caught some frogs eggs, put some reservoir bryozoans in the fish tank, chipmunks, squirrels, bunnies, blue tailed skinks, beaver dams (but no beavers…), chickens, cows, and other livestock… and much more as we went on a canoe trip on the reservoir, little hikes and walks, and just finding things in the yard!

I think i’m also getting sick possibly, and/or ready to get back to socal (its been about 3 weeks away now i think)… so i wanted to do more posts for you tonight, but really just having a hard time staying awake and upright at the moment. So next best thing? I thought perhaps you’d like a little photo series on the next page to get a feel for what Virginia has been like for me, and how pretty and nature filled the trip has been! Enjoy! Theoretically i’ll be driving up to Washington DC and hopping a plane to LA on the 3rd…




















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12 Notes

Lovely lovely photos! Thank you for the chance to do a bit of armchair travelling!

----- Juddie 12.06.10 03:47

I am in the process of moving from NY to Earlysville. There is so much beauty in Virginia - did you drive the Skyline Drive? See Monticello?

----- Mother 14.03.09 12:58

what a great little adventure.. that snake is scary!!! i would not want to chill anywhere around that thing! haha..
great stuff!

----- dailydesignspot 14.06.08 16:44

I love the ducklings - - so cute with their downy fur - and then they grow up and honk and peck - just like humans haha

----- JUST COOL Design Blog 08.06.08 13:01

If you haven’t already left, go by Rock Paper Scissors and O Susannah’s on the downtown mall in Charlottesville; both are excellent stationary stores. And don’t leave C-ville without seeing the lawn at the University of Virginia. If Thomas Jefferson’s master plan isn’t design inspiration, I don’t know what is.

----- Amber 02.06.08 23:52

WOW! Thanks so much for all the suggestions, and it’s so exciting to me that we have readers like you guys in Virginia!

Although i may not have time to hit all that up ~ you definitely make me consider coming back someday to check out that crazy Foamhenge, and bison feeding out of car window, dino civil war museum, etc experience ~ and check out richmond (which is unfortunately - south - and out of the way heading up to DC) sometime soon too!

I think clearly, we need to start some kind of pseudo travel site so we can plan ahead a bit better and get some suggestions from everyone on what crazy sites are worth checking out no matter where we go!

~ jean

----- jean/NOTCOT 02.06.08 11:21

Yay Virginia! I live in Richmond. Come there next time, much cooler than Cville.

----- aalqadaffi 02.06.08 06:43

I love your blog, and am so excited you’re in Virginia. I’ve lived most of my life in the Charlottesville area, and before you leave you must go to Natural Bridge. Why?

1. Foamhenge.

2. A dinosaur civil war museum. Based on the premise, what if the North had dinosaurs as weapons of warfare? Get great pictures of dinosaurs destroying Confederate soldiers.

3. Safari park. Feed zebras and bison buckets of feed through your car window, try to avoid the temperamental ostriches.

4. Kitschy monster mansion.

5. (there is also a natural bridge).

----- Jennie 02.06.08 06:25

so cute! =) we were awwwwwwing over your pictures last night. =)

----- rugenius 02.06.08 00:45

that one shot of the duck looking up is so sassy. what a sassy duck.

----- JeffRamos 01.06.08 23:05

As a resident of Virginia I’d like to welcome you to the state, but if you’re looking for some design inspiration you’re definitely in the wrong place. Stop on by Richmond before you head up to DC (you have to pass by here anyway) and check out some of the sights and sounds in Richmond proper.

Hell give me a little heads up and I can find some of the best food, art, and design in the entire state right around the corner.

----- Mike Garrett 01.06.08 23:01

I love the first one of the snake.

----- Danielle 01.06.08 21:50

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