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World’s First Internet Balloon Race- 06.16.08

balloonrace.jpgFirstly ~ look down to the left corner! How cute is that little orange bouncy raccoon balloon? Secondly, this is not a paying advertiser of NOTCOT, yet i put it on all my sites for free… because i’m in love with the genius of this campaign.

Orange (the mobile phone guys in the UK) are launching the “World’s First Internet Balloon Race” in 6 days - and essentially it is kind of like their own stumble upon race… users register their “balloon” and they can race from site to site trying to get as “far” as possible to win a trip to Ibiza… as for where they go? Sites like this one, can register on their page and put up little balloons, so when people are racing, they go through your sites! (and who knows, some might come back later!)… SO, free advertising for the sites, which give free advertising for Orange, and fun exploring the internet for the users… AND super cute raccoon balloon flash 9 animation for me to have bouncing on my screen. On the next page, i’ve compiled all the info on what happens and how things work ~ and FYI my balloon is named NOTCOT, feel free to give it a boost and i’ll boost you back when the race starts.

So, take note advertisers, if you make it cool enough, you’ll definitely get around… and future advertisers, lets break out of the IAB ad boxes, i’d love to work with someone who wanted to sponsor the next little balloon or critter to hang out somewhere non intrusive and unexpected on our sites!




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I does say “World’s first internet balloon race” and in the conditions it says not “only for UK residents” but “all UK residents”. If it is only for the UK, then… anybody that is not UK resident can sue them.

----- Limme 25.06.08 00:51

I am sad. According to their terms and conditions, the competition is only open to UK residents.

----- Liz 22.06.08 20:19

I went to give you a boost but I’m not sure how to do it…is just looking you up the actual boost?? If so, then I’ve boosted you! lol!! My balloon is named Scotch Bonnet…and yes, I love the little balloons floating at the bottom of the pages…very clever!!

----- Jenny-up the hill 22.06.08 05:30

amazing idea.
definitely one catch i dont wanna miss
and iam right with you on this one,advertisers did fantastic work!

----- Noah 18.06.08 02:49

i think the idea is fun!
hey jean… i miss tastespotting so badly!!!
take care!

----- dailydesignspot 17.06.08 18:26

Gavin ~ seems a bit harsh to say its a big corporate rip off ~ i think while the terminology “internet balloon race” is similar, the concept is a bit different ~ seeing as it bounces you all over the web, versus handing balloon/postcards off?

----- jean/NOTCOT 17.06.08 11:45

Just wanted to say that this is in no way the first internet balloon race.


That was created in 2006 by a friend of mine, and won a BIMA and the 2006 Grand Prix for the website. I hate it when big corporate company’s rip off the little guy and get away with it, just because they have the financial backing to scrape them under the carpet and pretend they do not exist.


----- Gavin Appleby 17.06.08 00:59

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