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Lotte van Laatum- 07.03.08

0703laatum1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s the latest discovery from Anna (Sub-Studio) ~ these cheese/cutting boards would be SO perfect for fourth of july picnics and bbqs!

I saw Lotte van Laatum’s work on Bloesem recently and fell in love with it. Lotte is a designer and recent graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven. In her graduate program she specialized in the social-cultural and ecological aspects of design, an interest you can see permeate through her design collection. Much of her work references other cultures, and even employs craftsmen from those cultures, such as her Bloei! sofa, Tulipa vases (after the jump), and the Made in Peru cushions. Lotte’s Dutch Wood project attempts to create awareness about the sustainable use of local resources by keying the shape of each cutting board back to the geographical region it was harvested from. The cutting boards come from the regions of Veluwe, Noordoostpolder and Salland, and are made of three different types of wood - beech, ash and maple.


I love the Watt’s New lamp (I’m a sucker for pretty bulbs). The shape of the bulb influenced the shape of the shade. Lotte’s New Nature mirror catalogs a selection of plants that are new to the Netherlands since 2004.


The Treecabinet is made from an elm tree from Kloosterzande that was cut down due to elm disease in 1999. I really like the imperfection of the drawer, which maintains the original shape of the plank of wood.


The Tulipa vases bridge Dutch and Turkish design. Tulips were originally brought to the Netherlands from Turkey back in the 1600s. The tulip is currently the national symbol of both Turkey and the Netherlands. The shapes of the Tulipa vases are derived from traditional Dutch tulip vases and are imprinted with traditional Turkish tulip patterns. The vases only hold a very small number of tulips - a reference to 1637, when tulips were at their peak in cost in the Netherlands - one tulip bulb could go for as much as 10,000 guilders, which is how much a coach house on the canals in Amsterdam cost.


The Kaguya-hime chair references a traditional Japanese weaving technique, only enlarged and turned into a 2-D surface.

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