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Polite in Public 2.0?- 07.27.08

party1.jpgSo i took a bit of an internet break the last few days (blame the Sands motel in Bird Rock ~ but the relaxation and beachiness was awesome)… so unlike most die-hard comic-con-ers, we just popped by for a few hours on thursday - then went to the zoo for a few hours, and then found ourselves at the G4 + StrangeCo party for the new “Wonder Women of America” book which featured a few hundred photographs of the cosplay women of comic-con 2007… and many were present! They also had Nerdcore performances, and the place was a madhouse! But what grabbed me that you’ll definitely want to see… the boys of Polite in Public, have come a long way since we last saw/talked to them. (Catch up here for their back story and to see the old set up.)

So what’s new with this young revolutionary photobooth company, Polite in Public? With their impressive hollywood and technical backgrounds - they have taken their glossy, gorgeous imagery filled with props and sets and real prints on the fly! - to a whole new level. Instead of laptops, screens, printers, and more set up on a desk, we were amazed by their new set up with one large sleek machine that took the pictures, processed them from original form to the glossified form, and had a nice interface for their photobooth attendants to quickly browse and print from. It seemed like a large simple UI, and i was dying to run up and poke it, if only they weren’t SO busy! Also, from only being a small 2-3 man operation, sounds like they are expanding quite a bit, since on the same night as the San Diego event, they were also doing events in SF, NY, and LA! I got a few pics of the crazy scene - and some video of their impressive automated photoshop like filtering on the fly to give you a feel for how incredible their process is - check it all out on the next page!

Here are some clips from the videos to show you what the picture started as, and what it transformed to in seconds…

The whole set up - a prop box, backdrop/set, and the photographer and the magical machine which let people preview the shots instantly… and as soon as shots were done, print outs were handed out!

The Slave Leias were unsurprisingly the most popular girls at the party, being posed with, chatting with G4 TV, and even being called to dance with MC Frontalot…

More examples! See even more photos from the G4 + StrangeCo party here!

There was also a large vertical lcd panel as you entered that had a running slideshow of the images of the night



It got impossible to wander around downstairs so quickly…


It was terribly difficult to see much of the performance from the inside…

… but outside had an interesting view!

Too funny to see the camera crew make han solo hit on the leias on camera…

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