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Prairie Vodka Sends the Prairie- 07.22.08

corn1.jpgPrairie Vodka wants you to “let the prairie in” ~ and they aren’t kidding around! When they sent a sample bottle over, i was literally overwhelmed with the prairie… in the form of a gorgeous intricately laser engraved wood box filled with their certified organic #2 yellow corn (which costs twice that of conventionally farmed corn) and straw… all protecting the deliciously smooth bottle of Prairie Vodka (it really is THAT delicious). If you recall, i highlighted the incredible nature/prairie meets city photography on their website previously… and their label and branding design is gorgeous, but now combining that with the deliciously smooth taste and mind-blowing packaging this is one sample that will be hard to beat… i’m smitten.

Oh, and lets not forget - Prairie Vodka’s got more behind it than just great vodka - it is actually the result of a “unique partnership between a 5th gen distilled spirits company and a co-op of over 900 Minnesota farmers who are stakeholders in the brand. The distillery has earned Oregon Tilth organic certification. Each batch is distilled as many times are necessary to yield the desired character and smoothness. In the spirit of self-reliance, the distillery converts leftover corncobs and other biomass to create biogas energy for powering the stills and returns distillers grains, a coproduct of distillation, to farms for reuse as feed. And because Prairie is crafted many thousands of miles closer than imported brands, far less petroleum is consumed to bring the vodka to market.” Oh, and it’s also certified kosher by The Orthodox Union. And did i mention the packaging was mind-blowing? See more pictures of the unboxing on the next page!








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It’s available at Green Jug Fine Wine and Spirits, in Woodland Hills, CA.

----- matt 27.02.09 01:37

If you cant come up with a use for a vegetable, may god help you in the creative industry - and in life in general. great packaging

----- Tim 27.07.08 22:18

That’s such a great way to pack things. My friend sent me a bottle of vodka when I was in college, but packed it with candy corn. Needless to say it got stuck all over the bottle. Maybe he was a bit confussed and meant to do it this way!

----- porter 24.07.08 10:40

I love the packaging! I can imagine a lot of uses for the box. I am curious though, what do you do with the corn? Why use organic corn for packing material?

----- Craig Ogg 24.07.08 10:19

Hmmmmm ~ i actually saw some at my local higher end supermarket, Gelsons. Haven’t looked elsewhere yet.

also ~ quick search on google turned up the 1.75L bottle at

----- jean/NOTCOT 23.07.08 21:03

where can I get some? I just checked bevmo and the prairie site and can’t seem to find a place to actually buy some.

----- Alex Pierce 23.07.08 15:39

Brilliant! The use of corn and straw to protect the bottle is a really nice finish.

----- Benjamin 23.07.08 06:25

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