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Ultimate Accessories: Geneva Sound Systems- 07.21.08

infinitigeneva.jpgClick HereNOTCOT Note: This is the fourth in my series of Ultimate Accessories posts which have been sponsored by the new Infiniti G Sedan! As with any sponsored content ~ these posts are done - my way - my product choices, my content, and they help me keep doing what i love!

When picking some of the “Ultimate Accessories” for these posts, Geneva Sound systems always pop to mind, maybe it’s because i’ve been so tempted, but between moving and traveling quite a bit, i’ve had trouble committing to the pricetag for these gorgeous (and awesome sound quality!) audio systems! Ok, let’s be honest, that glossy lacquered finish in the red, white, or black are far too appealing ~ and when on the floor stand, just perched so perfectly, who can ignore it in a room? Details not to miss: the cd slot, is just that - a slot in the top of the system. The hidden red LED display that shows your settings, etc from behind the speaker…. when you’re ipod isn’t docked, everything is hidden under a panel on the top. I’ve toyed with buying one of these for YEARS now… and now, to further tempt me, they debuted a prototype of the perfect black glossy tv stand/shelf with built in sound system… its gorgeous, more pics on the next page.


I had some ICFF picture issues, and can’t seem to find mine of the Geneva Prototype and booth, but thank goodness Apartment Therapy had just what i wanted to show you!
See more closeups at Apartment Therapy!

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So I just purchased a Geneva XL from Hipster Home, and all I have to say is “WOW”. I am like a new kid a Xmas and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. I haven’t been this happy with a purchase in a long, long time (not that I shop much). The sound quality is amazingly crystal clear with a deep, deep bottom. I am in love - again (lol). Don’t take my word for it, just go out and listen to one for yourself. Also, I need to mention that it looks incredible in my living room. A true piece of art.

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