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Usman Haque’s Primal Source- 07.21.08

primal1.jpgThe show stealer at GLOW yesterday was hands down, Usman Haque’s Primal Source. Ask anyone who went what the best thing they saw was and odds are they will say “that giant fountain projection thing”.

On so many levels, this was an incredible art installation ~ a GIANT screen of water that with rear projection, set up such that the dark night sky served as the perfect backdrop for the perfectly clear visualizations - but it’s not just about watching, the group interaction element was there too: a series of microphones against the fence encourage the audience to participate by screaming into them in order to directly alter the visualizations. It was the only piece that truly sucked everyone into it, and kept them there for ages. Kids of all ages were absolutely mesmerized. And yes, i admit, it was one of the first things i was drawn to, even from up at the park - and i went back multiple times in that 12 hour window… and there were ALWAYS crowds at the piece… even at 5am. See images of Usman Haque’s Primal Source from all angles on the next page ~ as well as a video to give you the full effect of how awesome this was to behold in person!


This was built with Processing and Pure Data…. and you can see them setting it up before the sunset ~ see how HUGE it is relative to everything around?

Here you can see the mics with funnels attached to capture all the screams and hollers -

Looking from the ocean towards the glow of the city, it just looks like a giant screen of water…

Yes, those tiny dots are PEOPLE! A massive crowd mesmerized by the Primal Source…

A quick overview of some of the patterns seen…

And this was too bizarre, i didn’t even notice the couple sucking face until i downloaded the pics…

Sad random note ~ when i went through the program for GLOW initially, this didn’t even show up as something worth checking out, because it had the least descriptive description ever!

“USMAN HAQUE: Primal Source - In keeping with much of Haque’s work, Primal Source will invite the public to participate in the making of the art, creating at once a spectacle to watch and a spectacle to join.”

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3 Notes

Well, Primal Source evoked more Passion for ART than anything yet produced in interactive—————This man Usman Haque knows how to have Fun with art——-like maybe there’s hope

----- Horn 02.08.08 08:18

i could sooo see this being at burning man this year.

its just innovative and playful enough that it would keep people mesmerized for hours out there on the playa.

----- jenat 23.07.08 20:18

This was definitely the highlight of the entire event - lovely!

----- Jennifer 21.07.08 12:10

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