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Blanca Apodaca’s Butterflycore- 08.16.08

blanca.jpgLate night inspirations ~ just fell into another one of those random research distractions that the internet so easily sucks me into… this time the starting point was a discussion with Rose (the R of A+R) during the Lucky shoot, and it came up that her sister was a musician and artist, so being curious, did some poking around and came across Blanca Apodaca’s uber page, which then led me to the images of her painting her newest album cover on her dining table - which i happily perused while listening to songs from her new album Butterfly Core (Sugar Painted Valentine is stuck in my head at the moment)… Anyhow, loved the mix of styles in her album cover, it seems to be a fascinating mix of…. hippie - gangsta - colorful trippiness? See more images on the next page —





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You are very right about the funky fantasy Blanca paints as well as the interesting vibe the songs denote….might just have to buy this album for some good loungey toons to have around. danka!! =) ……and see you in SF!!!

----- jackie 17.08.08 18:43

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