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City Bag Trade - Rain Jacket Bags- 08.24.08

citybag1.jpgRandom discoveries at Outside Lands include the City Bag Trade ~ Kendra Stanley takes old rain jackets and refashions them into grocery bags… while i’m a bit mixed on the pattern design (which is also downloadable) and the visible edge stitching ~ i do love the material and concept… best part of using rain jackets, other than the lightweight and crazy vintage/recycled logos? Functional Pockets! I gave in and got a NASA one with two button pockets AND a zip pocket! It’s a bit large on me though, might have to do some hacking to taking the handles up an inch or so… See more pics on the next page!





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jealous jealous jealous of NASA bag :[

----- tr67 24.08.08 16:38

With its chic and elegant lines, the city bag can hold a standard yoga mat with additional space for yoga clothing. Vintage

----- Vintage 24.08.08 12:11

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