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Daiso Boobs + Swan- 08.25.08

boob1.jpgSince being up in SF this weekend has been a bit silly vacationy feeling ~ we did something we haven’t done much of since college ~ ended up wandering around the Daiso (like a japanese 99 cent store) and found some really weird stuff… amongst that stuff were these bizarre squeeze and inflate stick on boob balloons and a swan phallus? So for the $1.50, i couldn’t resist seeing how they worked, and getting some shots of the ridiculous graphic instructions… we are assuming they are a vinegar and baking soda type of thing (but are unsure!) ~ you basically burst a liquid packet and it has a reaction with the powder, and creates a cold burst of gas that expands the balloon, etc. We even made a video to show you how it worked, and images of them dissected as well… so click on to the next page to see the fun!

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7 Notes

japanese boobs balloons - hahahahahahaha (telling a joking!!!!)

----- Grant Motherwell 08.01.09 07:22

Would you believe there is also an inflatable “crotch swan” also:

----- Timbotron 03.09.08 12:13

I have those Daiso Boobs hanging up in my office. The silly stuff that can be found in that store is a real treat.

----- Eirikur 28.08.08 09:29

You made it Boinkology this morning.

----- Conrad 27.08.08 08:35

that’s fantastic. couldn’t stop laughing when i saw that vid. its a good think im the only one in the office these days.

----- rugenius 26.08.08 07:11

Oh dear lord no. No. No. No! Those seconds between 27-30 will forever be burned into my soul.

----- The SlapsterNo 25.08.08 20:23

My friends gave me the swan for x-mas. It right next to me as we speak. It’s a bit confusing though. I assume that it turns the creapy guy into a ballerina princess, but lack translations so who knows.

Love the boobs though.

----- Conrad 25.08.08 17:24

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