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Glasses as Monitor Rear View Mirrors- 08.29.08

glasses.jpgOk, you know when you have some ridiculous idea, and you need to tell someone to see if its super silly or possibly functional, and no one seems to be online and not super busy working right now… so unfortunately for you, here’s my silly idea this late friday afternoon!

So many of my cubicle dwelling friends have either got or toyed with those rear view mirrors for their desks, monitors, etc. And really, regardless of whether you’re using it for fixing your hair, keeping an eye on who or what is behind you at all times, staring at yourself, staring at your cubicle mate across the way, spying on others around corners… does it have to be SO OBVIOUS? Especially when it is taking up so much of your precious teeny tiny desk space? So i couldn’t help myself and picked up some cheapy sunglasses that are pretty similar to the matthew williamson acrylic aviators i posted to NotCouture last night ~ and when i sat down at my desk i rested them up on my monitor.. and since they’re slightly mirrored, honestly it works far better than those silly mirrors (and there are TWO!) and seems far more understated for your workplace spying… If for some reason you have no clue what i’m ranting about today, go see the other products on the next page and then come back…

UPDATE: for those who asked - this particular pair set me back a whopping $35 at the Free People store ~ and is by Spitfire called the “Million @ 20”, clear aviator frame with mirrored lenses…



The CHIMP ones are from Think Geek. The colorful ones are at Spoon Sisters - not that you should want either… use shiny glasses!

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nice monitor, could you tell the brand of the black monitor?

----- didi 01.09.08 11:40

I actually found these at Free People today in brentwood ~ and if you’re on the hunt for nice knockoffs ~ check out 80’s Purples 10$ sale on all of theirs!


----- jean/NOTCOT 29.08.08 20:57

this is such a great idea! :) its stylish and functional at the same time. i’ve been needing to buy those cubicle rear view mirrors for sometime now, to occasionally check if my boss is at my back when i surf the net during work hours >_

----- jenavictoria 29.08.08 20:57

Whered you find those fake acrylics! im not adverse to paying for cheap knock offs ;)…

----- D 29.08.08 20:51

Clever! ;-)

----- Speedmaster 29.08.08 17:03

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