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Hard Graft Dapper: A Sneak Peak- 08.04.08

dapper1.jpgOur favorite felt/leather technology carriers, Working Class Heroes, has evolved and is now known as Hard Graft. And honestly, nothing has changed, other than their moniker, and the quality and designs are, if anything, better than ever! So i’ve got an exclusive sneak peak for you of the latest line (and quite possibly my favorite yet)… here’s
The Dapper Collection!

I’ve always loved their leather pockets on felt, which my original laptop sleeve from them had, and now they’ve brought the motif back as the signature feature in
The Dapper Collection. Also, they’ve mastered the Kindle case (see pics of a prototype i’ve been playing with on the next page), and it has a pocket which perfectly fits the iPhone. Honestly, its the perfect little bundle to grab when you’re off to read in the park or at the beach. They’ve also got an adorable iPhone case, which has a pocket for some cash/cards… and a revival of the laptop wallet with top buttons and a new larger pocket also perfect for iPhones! So check out more pics on the next page, and see the full collection for purchase at Hard Graft!





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I must also add that they have wonderful packaging. My case was placed in a lovely old laminated map that made it all the way from Austria to the US in one piece. I only wish I kept the bag. But the case is top notch and quite stylish; well worth the money. The one down side is that it’s shipped from Austria which was a toll for my carbon footprint and the velcro on my Freitag tends to stick to the lovely soft felt.

----- Tony 27.11.08 21:33

The kindle is hugged perfectly ~ i’ve been using it for a while ~ the previous prototype i played with actually had buttons on the top ~ and i like this one far better b/c it doesn’t take up as much space in my purse. I haven’t had any problems with stretching/slipping, the felt is really thick enough to hold its shape well (i also have a few of their older laptop sleeves, and no problems there either!)

----- jean/NOTCOT 21.09.08 13:47

Looks interesting thanks for posting, does the Kindle fit tight enough so it won’t slip out? Have you asked if you can order without Hard Graft logo, I’m not carrying my iPhone with the words Hard Graft on the case but the materials look nice.

----- Selina Howells 21.09.08 10:34

i need a special case for my pocket pc like one of them, thanks

----- anadolu 12.09.08 11:17

Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. Greets.

----- JoshWink 15.08.08 13:37

I believe that Curiosity Shoppe still has the bags in stock:


----- sara 05.08.08 11:13

I actually think that hard graft is better than working class heroes, it has a subtler, deeper meaning that fit’s to the vintage and sensible style of these products. working class heroes sounded too young and almost gimmicky.

----- steve 05.08.08 08:08

Love the new line from Hard Graft! I’ve been following them for a long time, and I’ve been saving up for their beautiful Unfold bag, but now it’s sold out!! So sad!!

----- Jes 05.08.08 07:52

I love, love, love their stuff. But I really preferred the “Working Class Heroes” brand. It had an immediate message and made me feel like I was fighting for the underdog. “Hard Graft” has no meaning to me. The whole thing loses a little something. Especially with the name slapped across the leather like that.

----- Danny 05.08.08 06:20

oh! I’m smitten - just ordered one for my mba!

----- carmen 05.08.08 02:04

These are stunning! Awesome stuff thanks for this. I will definately be buying one of these when my new iPhone arrives!

----- Peter Roome 05.08.08 00:13

Don’t know about getting the Hard Graft Dapper, but those headphones look keen. Where can I get a pair of those? Who makes them?

----- Moses 04.08.08 20:10

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