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The NOTCOT (Hulger) Hotline- 08.28.08

hulger.jpgDEAL for NOTCOTers - 20% off all Hulger Products until Sept 14th! (just click through, they’ll take care of you.)

Next up ~ on the next page i have a full reverse unboxing of the Hulger Penelope*Phone and USB Base in Black and classic P*Phone & USB Base in Red… While the Penelope is sexy and classy and oh so modern designy retro… i couldn’t resist the red P*Phone… ok this is going to sound pretty silly, but i was wondering whether having an “official work phone” on my desk would somehow make me more professional on the phone… something about wandering around the house on the cell phone, i just have a tendency to get far too casual + friendly… It’s like the new NOTCOT Hotline! Less in that Moscow-Washington Cold War sort of way, and more in the playful Powerpuff Girls from the Mayor’s office to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten sort of way. I guess for NOTCOT, its more like ad folks to me hotline… So have been messing with the vinyl cutter and at the moment i have it filled with a black notcot logo texture inside and a little notcot on the front, have considered covering it with random textures or some fun pirate dinos…

Oh, and for those curious why i went corded over bluetooth ~ i’m terrible with charging, and the Hulgers are already far too large to get away with for the driving/talking handsfree laws, so this makes for a really fun desk phone, whether plugged into my monitors via USB, or into my curve. Anyhow, see a full unboxing of how awesome the packaging is on the next page! (And some old 80’s red phone ads as well…)

yes, i do seem to feel more serious when on an old school phone, especially a red one, how silly is that?













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your desk is cute! love the rabbid toys…and the hulger phone! I know what you mean about cell phones…

----- Sub-Studio 28.08.08 20:08

your job is unbelievable! a true blessing in these turbulent times…

----- matthew harrison smith 28.08.08 17:25

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