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Wright: Enzo Mari Animal Puzzles- 08.18.08

enzo.jpgFirst off, i just want to apologize to Wright, they’ve been kind enough to send me some of their incredible catalogs, but the timing was when i was caught running around between trips this spring ~ and i’ve only just gotten to cleaning house and organizing and catching up on everything (yes, perhaps i do need an assistant?)…

Anyhow, i’ve been reorganizing like crazy, and i have notes and lists and scribbles everywhere, finally deciding and prioritizing the future of NOTCOT and where i want to take this ever evolving company we’ve grown ~ and inbetween it all, finally finding more time to have fun and catch up on all these books that have stacked up. For those who may not know, Wright is pretty much one of the most impressive auction houses of modern design pieces, and their catalogs are completely mind blowingly inspirational for any designer. Based in Chicago, i have been kicking myself that its just to far to make last minute invites to openings, but for today i’m catching up and drooling over their catalogs, and while doing so i just stumbled on these Enzo Mari Animali and Pesci Puzzles from 1974. They even come in their original boxes. Can you name all the species? See images of both and the catalog page on the next page!

I’m thinking maybe my new way to deal with sharing books on NOTCOT will scan in favorite pages that are extra visually inspiring… thoughts? ideas? I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out how to “review” books - and i certainly want to avoid the grade school summary styled book reports!




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stunning puzzles. I had very similar ones when I was a child, but I have a feeling that they weren’t the real deal as many online comments mention a pretty hefty price tag! Do you know of any copycats who stole this style? I would love to get one for my niece, but I’m not quite ready to break into my savings account for a 3 year old! Thanks

----- aphra 01.02.12 08:56

Wonderful. How can I replace my missing puzzles (I once had both animals and fish)? Can I buy them from your source?

----- Richard M. Stern 09.03.11 13:03

Glad their source is correct, that this is from 1974. This is actually the third reissue and was done in resin. The original from the 60’s is out of wood, which is the more valuable collector’s edition. Albeit, the resin is more difficult to find in mint condition, but I’d prefer wood.

----- contempt 19.08.08 14:48

WOOOOW I remember my aunt had one of this and let me play with it when i was a kid!!!!!
This got me really old memories back I didn’t even remembered the puzzle until I saw the pictures WOOOW It was really part of my early child hood.

----- D 19.08.08 12:18

awesome. i especially love that little frogfish. =)

----- rugenius 19.08.08 02:27

superb find! i had to pass it along on my blog http://blog.twenty2wo.com/2008/08/enzo-mari.html

----- adam 18.08.08 19:49

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