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Porsche Design for Kids- 09.24.08

porschekids.jpgPorsche Design just launched quite a few new products for kids and the holidays, and they are adorable (and gorgeous)! Part of me is so glad i don’t have kids to buy these for, and the other part of me wishes i were a kid, so i could properly enjoy some of these! This is a selection of my favorites ~ from the baby boxster (SO cute) to the 911 Pedal Car to the Bobsleigh and Sledge to the 911 GT3 RSR racetrack set… it all looks so fun. See close ups and more details on the next page!

Baby Boxster: With steering wheel and horn, Ergonomically recessed seat, Includes protective shoe caps

Porsche 911 wooden toy 1:24 Scale

Porsche children’s bobsleigh: High-quality children’s bobsleigh with handlebar, damping, metal runners and horn

911 pedal car: With precision chain drive, Robust blow-moulded plastic body, ergonomic and adjustable sports seat, steering wheel with horn and engine sounds

Porsche push-along bike: Lightweight aluminum frame with Porsche logo, height-adjustable seat and handlebar with detatchable turning radius control and bell, pneumatic wheels with ball bearings on Carrera S rims for a smooth ride, rear handbrake

911 GT3 RSR racetrack set: Complete set based on the ‘Evolution’ Carrera
track with transformer (220 V) and manual controls, Includes two Porsche 911 GT3 RSR models with different race decals, 1:32 scale, Track length: 6.3 m

Aluminium sledge: Practical folding mechanism: no loose parts, ready for use within seconds, Porsche logo on top, durable waterproof seat made from imitation leather, UV-resistant, Highquality carrying bag

And lastly ~ train them young with:
Porsche Memory: Pictures of historic and current Porsche models to play with and discover, Big, colourful pictures make it easier for children to find matching pairs, Large cards made of sturdy cardboard, 48 cards

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Do you know where I could buy the toy below? I ordered one from porsche.com in jan. but have not yet received. I’m worried my son will be driving before I get one.

Porsche 911 wooden toy 1:24 Scale

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