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Stained Glass Product Placement- 09.05.08

medveuve.jpgOn fascinating lore (surrounded by rumors and speculation) ~ in Notre Dame de Reims (where nearly all the kings of france have been crowned) in the stained glass windows of the south transcript… there are yellow labeled champagne bottles which we heard from someone who heard from someone that Veuve Clicquot played such a large role in the history of the region over the centuries that you even see it in the stained glass. Speculate as to whether its complete fabrication, conspiracies of the past, the first product placement, etc as you wish… i’m just showing you what we found in those windows, so you can join in on the fun too. See larger images of these wine making panels on the next page!

By the way, standing in such a large cathedral, late for the bus, trying to play the equivalent of ‘where’s waldo’ on a huge wall of stained glass is harder than expected…





And for those of you who want to see the process of wine making via these intricate stained glass panels up close… click the image below to view in high res… or as steady as i was able to take it (sorry for slight blur!)

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Visit Notre Dame at night for a very different and magnificent experience.

----- Valerie Wolfe 09.09.08 07:38

I have been making stained glass for more than 17 years and visited Notre Dame this year with my wife. I was absolutely blown away by the scale and colours of the stained glass. Although some of the stained glass may not be 500 years old the replacements have been done sypatheticaly and are a beautiful addition to the building. Even though the church was packed with tourists there was still a wonderful atmosphere about the place. Awe inspiring!
I have used my experiences in the visit to influence my own work and I have some examples at www.classicalglass.co.uk

----- Andrew Seddon, Classical Glass Ltd 06.09.08 07:29

Awesome windows, but really, where could you put? Its a bit much for the living room, no?

----- Kirk 05.09.08 16:52

Speaking of stained glass, check out this Notorious B.I.G. stained glass from a gallery in Jersey City: http://www.drawandquarter.com/

----- James 05.09.08 12:27

Um, not to burst your (champagne) bubble, but those windows are all 20th Century replacement. Notre Dame de Reims, stunning though it is, was firebombed and the facad was burnt down during World War I. It’s totally possible that those windows are a sly hommage to Veuve Cliquot, but it’s absolutely certain that they are not “ancienne.”

Not to be missed in Reims are the chalk caves at the Pommery and Ruinart houses!!!

----- Adam in NY 05.09.08 11:38

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