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Tetris Tiles- 09.13.08

tetristiles.jpgTetris Tiles!!! Thank you Tomas, who just emailed this in, and i’ve been giddy since first laying eyes on them… what game room, kitchen, bathroom, etc, can’t use some tetris tiling? Although of course, every row had better have some random hole, so the rows don’t disappear? And in imagining covering a wall or floor with these, i can’t help but wonder whether it really is better to buy the pre-made sheets, or to place each tile one by one, by simply reaching into a bucket randomly… sure it may take ages, but then every tile has a story, and perhaps some rationale behind its placement? They are custom made in the UK from the finest italian ceramics, and while they are already available in quite the range of colors, may also become available in any pantone color of your choice….

Ooooh can you imagine Tetris Tiles in your pool??? My head is spinning with ideas of where/how to use these, see more images on the next page!


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best. design. ever! I’m so in love with these.

----- mdwstsurrealist 01.10.08 20:37

This is fabulous!!! Loved it!!

----- Paulo Caldeira 19.09.08 17:01

wonderful find!!!

----- jonathan@dailydesignspot.com 13.09.08 12:57

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