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Veuve Clicquot + Porsche Design Ice Cube- 09.03.08

icecube1.jpgOver lunch at Madame Clicquot’s Country House, Andrea Crippa, Directeur Marketing & RP International for Veuve Clicquot, gave us a first look at a prototype of their latest design collaboration with Porsche Design which is said to launch in 2009.

Here is your first look at the Veuve Clicquot Ice Cube. “PRESS. CHILL. SHARE.” This is the ice bucket you want the next time you’re stuck in the middle of a desert with good friends and a bottle of champagne… While it looks like a mere ice bucket in the classic Veuve color at first… once you pop the top, you will find two specially designed champagne flutes and two buttons. Now the magic about this design is the technology ~ after 5 years of r&d ~ Veuve Clicquot has developed a system that will instantly cool a bottle of champagne in around 20 minutes, and keep it at the perfect chilled temp for 4 hours… The cooling core can be used twice (or for 8 hours in one go) - and after that you can use the bucket the old fashioned way by filling it with ice! It is currently unclear whether there may be options to buy refill cores to futher use the instant cooling system that draws heat out of the bottles and into a heating stone… perhaps they’ll even get creative and devise some other options to insert into this nice simple ice bucket. See the next page for pics of the prototype and packaging.

How beautiful are these tiles? I needed a good excuse to share them, and they were such a nice contrast to the bright ice cube, i couldn’t resist being that girl that sat on the floor shooting pictures of a prototype while the others had coffee.













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The final version was presented in Munich yesterday and will bei available in the Munich and Hamburg Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bars from june, 15 2009 for some 99 € four flutes / glasses, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label included. http://www.ganz-muenchen.de/gastro/event/champagner/veuve_clicquot/2009/veuve_clicquot_ice_cube.html

----- MArtin Schmitz 01.04.09 07:44

You should have put them in your breakfast room. They can work with many different types of styles. If you have a spanish bungalow, a mid century modern, a french chateaux, I dont know where these wouldnt look good. Im so sick and tired of this huge travertine tile trend (which have as much personality as a wet rag)that when I see tiles like these, its so refreshing.

----- Kirk 05.09.08 01:14

That’s why I’m proud to be French… Always live, whatever you do with style… I want this cube :D

----- Pawns 05.09.08 01:02

you can order those French floor tiles at Maison Midi on LaBrea. We briefly toyed with putting them in our breakfast room, but chickened out.

----- Anita / Married ...with Dinner 04.09.08 22:25

I was going to say something about the floor! They look like snowflakes. The floor looks very modern, with the grey, black and white color scheme. It would look awesome in a modern skyscraper.

The ice cube is cool too…..lmao, I thought of Hermes when I saw it.

Did you notice how the snowflake on the box picks up the snowflake pattern in the floor?

----- Kirk 04.09.08 04:56

oh my gosh. those glasses are GORGEOUS! when and where can i buy this and how much will it cost?

----- jess 03.09.08 23:39

I saw this on Liqurious last week. :) It’s cool to see it with the lid closed… sharp!

----- anita 03.09.08 22:25

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