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Xylophone Bin- 09.09.08

xylo1.jpgXylophone Bin, 2008, by Dominic Wilcox - Made of Oak + Steel. Created for a VIPP Charity auction in NewYork to raise money for Chernobyl Children’s Project International and Foodbank NYC.

“When the pedal is pressed the lid opens, releasing a ball that travels down a ‘helterskelter’ set of xylophone steps around the bin. Each time the ball hits a step, a note is played. The xylophone steps are cut in increasing lengths so that the note gets deaper as the ball gets closer to the bottom.See the 2 videos below, The Xylophone Bin video and a ‘Making of’ video. As part of the auction event Vipp bins have been customised by artists, designers and celebrities including Bono, Michael Stipe and Helena Christensen. They are on show at the Conran shop East 59th st, 1st ave, New York from 4th - 17thSeptember 08. Auction will be held on the 18th september 08.”

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That’s insane! I’d buy like 5 & watch our cats absolutely lose their collective minds! Great work, for a great cause - kudos for covering this.

----- The Slapster 10.09.08 18:52

I’m the USA Executive Director for Chernobyl Children’s Project International, one of the charities that will be benefitting from this event. On behalf of our supporters and volunteers, I want to thank Dominic for his amazing creation, Helena Christensen for sponsoring the auction, and VIPP for their generosity.


----- Kathy Ryan 10.09.08 07:30

Now that I love! so different and fun! I hope they make replicas for the masses, and sell them at “IKEA”.

----- Kirk 09.09.08 22:01

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