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Chuck at The Viceroy Santa Monica- 10.21.08

chuck0.jpg I was watching Chuck tonight - the one where the best buy (“buy more”) geek squad (“nerd herd”) like guy has all the nations secrets downloaded into his brain and he has to run around and have crazy adventures playing spy, as created by the OC guy (josh schwartz) - and while it was as amusing as usual (with bizarre special guests nicole richie and ben savage) - the interiors of Sarah’s apt/hotel room were terribly distracting! The wallpaper, the green chair, headboard, and door, the lamps, the side table, the punching bag hanging from the ceiling. So, i took some mediocre shots of the TV to post here before it drove me nuts trying to track down tonight’s episode online… maybe i’ll update it the screenshots when the online versions are ready. How gorgeous is that green?

UPDATEs: So i have swapped out all the pics of my tv screen for some better ones (and even more on the next page now too!) ~ and thanks to Andrea, we’ve figured out that its the Viceroy right down the street in santa monica! Wonder if they would ever let us go wander around and take pics of rooms… or now i feel like getting a room there just to see it (which seems silly living so near by) - So Sarah apparently lives in Room 832 of the Viceroy.












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Aha! I’ve been trying to find out about her apt ever since I saw it, I just love it. I want that wallpaper. Alas, anything that looks that cool is was out of my budget.

----- Anne 05.10.09 15:42

huh…I didn’t know anybody actually watched that show.

----- stuf64 27.10.08 08:44

This was on at the gym and that green totally got my attention. I knew it could not be the charcters personal home, much too wild. Looks like Kelly, crazy hat, Werstler did this one

----- indyfashbash 22.10.08 13:53

Carpet though…really? The rest of it is cool, but carpet is pretty much a hard-stop for me. Weird.

----- MaSRade 22.10.08 11:36

tell me about it. I drive my wife mad… everytime i watch anything i first comment about all the interiors or architecture. the love story doesn’t matter as much as the gorgeous colours and great lighting.

i get very distracted by location and sets… sometimes to the point that i don’t enjoy the show.

----- Ricky Catto 22.10.08 00:06

I love Mad Men!…..but Lost…I get Lost trying to watch it…

I watch Heroes for my fix of a show that has to be watched from the beginning to understand.

I also love 30rock and The Office.

----- Kirk 21.10.08 22:50

I love Pushing Daisies. Its The best Tv Show with Mad Men & Lost.

----- Pie_Maker 21.10.08 16:07

If you think that room is nice….watch Pushing Daisies. They have the best set decorators and designers on tv. Everytime I watch that show Im in awe of the sets. A couple weeks ago, their was an episode about a murderer in a Honey company, and the entire company was decorated and had a theme of a hive. It was so graphic and great, you have to go watch it online!

----- Kirk 21.10.08 13:29

I believe it’s one of the suites, the standard rooms look similar but are in silver and yellow. Absolutely gorge!

----- kristin 21.10.08 13:15

Andrea ~ omg. you’re right! And the viceroy is literally minutes from my house ~ now i want to go convince them to let me wander through the various rooms to see that one!


thank’s for putting my mind at ease!

Viceroy Santa Monica ~

----- jean/NOTCOT 21.10.08 11:43

It’s Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica

----- andrea 21.10.08 11:38

I haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, but I had noticed it last week as well with the hotel hallway. Mostly white with some gray, and then bright green doors. I love it

----- kimblela 21.10.08 11:36

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