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Jurlique Biodynamic Packaging- 10.22.08

jurlique0.jpg Oooh, on things i’m slightly kicking myself for now… i was just in Sephora today and gave in to one of those packaging influenced spontaneous splurges… Jurlique’s new Biodynamic line is GORGEOUS! The packaging is just beautiful ~ in that high quality bottles, beautiful curves, unique yet functional, frosted glass kind of way… and all of their inserts and boxes are 100% post-consumer recycled paper… the sampler kit of the new lines come in what appear to be egg cartons at first - which are also 100% recyclable…. not to mention their products are all natural, made from plants and flowers from their South Australian farms.

The part i’m kicking myself over? I knew it sounded familiar! A quick search through email reminded me that this is the exact line i missed a bbq launch event for in Hollywood at the infamous Hillhaven Lodge, which is the kind of place filled with hollywood legends - originally home to Ingrid Bergman - and currently home to Brett Ratner - who had the photography book Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures showing pages of fun hollywood types in photo booth pics… (my excuse is that i got caught up in san diego!) Basically, i hate to admit that sometimes PR folks know exactly what types of products fit perfectly with my tastes before i do, because when i wandered through Sephora i couldn’t resist playing with every product in the Jurlique Biodynamic line, and ended up picking the sampler with all the adorable scaled down minis and the fabulous egg carton-esque packaging to photograph and share with you.

Also… while i’ve only just started trying it out, the all natural line feels incredibly refreshing and light, and i guess i’ll find out by morning how my skin responds to it! Take a look at the many pics on the next page, there’s something so nice about the shape of the glass bottles they’ve designed.











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Any idea what font is used in the Jurlique logo… it’s gorgeous!

----- JoshuaCreative 19.11.08 17:04

you’re right - the packaging is beautiful! Wonder how they work?
Tabitha @ http://www.fromsingletomarried.com

----- Tabitha (From Single to Married) 28.10.08 12:34

My sister works for Jurlique’s Brisbane store and I have had the opportunity to try a few of the products and I really dig the Herbal Recovery Gel in this range as well as an eye cream that I can’t remember the name of. Pity they’re so damn expensive! My sister just recently went to the farms in SA - I should press her for info/ photos!

----- Natalie 25.10.08 06:55


----- Klerma 22.10.08 14:13

Reeeaaally beautiful indeed, I love it !

----- Calirel 22.10.08 08:24

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