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NOTCOT Giveaway 14: Oxo Candela Luau- 11.30.08

candela0.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ Tell us something rechargeable related! ENTER BY 12/3. WINNER: Keira in Alberta, Canada!

Oooh i’m giddy excited about this one too! I guess you’ve probably noticed by now that everything we’re giving away i’m really excited about… this latest one is part review/unboxing (i’ve been dying to see one of these in person!) and part giveaway! OXO was kind enough to send over one the BIG Candela Luau Lanterns! I reviewed the Candela Flare lights earlier, and have been totally obsessed with how versatile and eco-friendly (and safer than candles!) they are with their rechargable batteries ~ perfect for outdoor usage of all sorts, and create the most incredible ambiance, especially in woody spaces! Well i’ve been itching to get one of the large lantern like Candela Luau lanterns for some time now, but had a hard time committing to the $200 pricetag without knowing quite how big or bright it was… but just seeing the product shots made me want to take one and wander along a stream at dusk…

Bottom line ~ its gorgeous! Brighter than i expected, but you can even dim it (and extend battery life from 6 to 10 hours) if you rotate the base… a bit large (Dimensions: 9” x 9” x 15”) to put on a smaller dining table, but perfect for taking on a picnic, having out on the patio, hanging from under a large outdoor umbrella. So take a look at the pics on the next page to see the unboxing (don’t worry i carefully un/re-boxed it!) ~ and to win it, leave a comment tell us something rechargeable related!








I couldn’t resist overexposing… isn’t it fun and glowy?

Here are some in use shots from Amazon

Here are more (not all) of the Oxo Candela line… I’m still obsessing over the Flare sets, so gorgeous at the dinner table and outdoors… AND i just found out that at Oxo you can get the covers (like the playful Tooli sluggy ones) for only $3 ~ so i’ve started ordering some of those to mix and match on my Flare bases!!!

Here’s a coupon from the NOTCOT Holiday Coupon Book!


TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ Tell us something rechargeable related! ENTER BY 12/3

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290 Notes

The only thing more rechargeable than the OXO Candella is my credit card.

----- robin kelly 03.12.08 22:06

Illuminate me!

----- Kalyn Meisner 03.12.08 20:57

I’d really like a rechargable electric car for Christmas.

----- Christina 03.12.08 20:32

i am in fact right now making a DIY solar sun jar!

----- twinkerdill 03.12.08 20:15

i hate it when my rechargeable batteries no longer recharge

----- insolv1niac86 03.12.08 19:51

Harvesting kinetic energy from the body (body heat, motion and even blood pressure) are a potential, still relatively unexplored, source of rechargeable and renewable energy. I’m envisioning a future of wearables that can harness and store energy from our bodies and recharge all the electronics that we carry around with us everyday. Imagine walking up to a future Candela, cupping it with your hands to turn it on and even power it!

----- Syuzi 03.12.08 19:41

Almost everyone on my Christmas list is getting a set of 4 rechargeable AA batteries, absolutely if they’re getting a battery-powered gift. They make for great, functional presents and they have a palpable economic benefit aside from the vast environmental ones.

----- Greg 03.12.08 19:03

I was just brainstorming some ideas on recharging things yesterday. I decided that public colleges like mine (UT-Austin,TX) with lots and lots of money should put some money into outlets for laptops at desks, so students can recharge their laptops throughout the day. And to be a little more eco-friendly, they should change their lighting to more green bulbs all over their 40 acre campus.

----- Jules 03.12.08 18:36

While recharging my cell phone, I blew out the entire circuit that it was plugged into. We had to re-wire my entire room.

----- Sandy 03.12.08 17:49

my rechargeable 4 double A battery thing… somehow BURNED on one-half side of it.
i still recharge/use the other half/two remaining batteries… is that bad?

----- Ann 03.12.08 17:24

take A NAP!!

----- I.I.M.M 03.12.08 16:52

I recharge with a nice beer after work. Could use this during these dark winter nights to see better. Beer + light (not lite) = good.

----- Cam 03.12.08 15:37

I’d wish my children were rechargeable the moment they are presented with food (and I could uncharge them the moment I’d bring them to bed..)

----- JK van der Toorn 03.12.08 15:32

“I like lamp”

----- Justin 03.12.08 15:28

A new way to look at recharging. Solar panels made to ‘maintain’ battery levels.
‘Re’charging becomes a obsolete because you are always charging and never dropping power levels!


The best part is, it is easy to install for use and very compatible!

----- mark 03.12.08 14:57

Talking about greening the world—I haven’t bought new batteries (or thrown any out) in four years. And then I convinced my mother to try them out—for some reason the older (er—“more experienced”) folk have a rough time with the concept…


----- rick c 03.12.08 14:31

ha! love the non-battery related comment about liquor cabinets needing to be recharged…

----- Jessica 03.12.08 14:22

great great product. being scared of the dark never looked so good

----- elizabeth 03.12.08 13:00

Jonta Flashlight by Freeplay. This flashlight has a super powerful luxon led and also contains a gear system that allows the user to self-generate power.

----- bryan 03.12.08 12:19

I look forward to the day that all of our personal, portable electronics (phone, ipod, camera) can be recharged through kinetics with a quick ride in a bag or pocket. Wishful thinking?

----- Mia 03.12.08 11:45

WOW! I want it to recharge
MY bateries after a long day of work!!

----- ana thereza 03.12.08 10:57

I burned a dent into my finger with a rechargeable battery once…

----- TQ 03.12.08 10:03

I used to love to lie awake past bedtime
reading by flashlight under the breathing covers.

Maybe that’s why I will take you to bed with a book now &
open you to a good place & turning
your pages quietly, love you to the end.

Explains why I’m Eveready, why
you’re a strange new story every time.

----- Doug 03.12.08 09:35

This is by far the coolest thing since the iPod! Its sleek and modern lines make it so visually inviting, wow I need one. lol. + It recharges! HOLLA! Rechargeable things are so much better then none rechargeable things. My favorite rechargeable thing right now (besides my iPod & iPhone) would have to be the Polaroid PoGo! How cool is that thing!?! It’s so on my Christmas list! I can’t remember if you posted it on Notcot or not but you should if you haven’t, because it looks so amazing & a great alternative to Polaroid camera film, since they are rumored to be discontinuing it! :) So sad that that part of time will be gone forever… But the PoGo is the instant film of the now and beyond so what can I say, I love what the future holds along with the vintage that that past holds. & the Candela is the lantern of the future!


PS check out my clothing line www.a2clothing.net
Luv Ya! ;)

----- Armen 03.12.08 09:26

I live under a pile of used teabags and empty mugs. They give me the energy to drink more tea and steal clean mugs.

----- Anne 03.12.08 07:53

The best way to recharge after a long day is to take a rat and put her in your shirt as you read a book. When they get happy they grind their teeth and purr, vibrating and keeping you warm, making all your worries melt away. Purrrr.

----- Kim D 03.12.08 07:06

I recharged my life 4 months ago and now i’m alive.

----- Rasim 03.12.08 07:06

My friends and I planned to go swimming in a resort, a four-hour ride from our place, and a friend of mine just hours before departure bought a waterproof digital camera just in time for the occasion.
We had taken a lot of pictures on our way to the place. Five minutes into the pool itself and the camera’s battery gave out and my friend realized that she had forgotten to bring the charger for battery.
She captured just 3 images of our underwater excursion and vowed never again. : ) never again to forget.

----- David A. 03.12.08 06:41

recharging batteries is cool. but don’t use those for smoke detectors in the bedroom unless you like false alarms at 3am

----- victor 03.12.08 00:29

I have a set of solar-powered garden luminaires that charge during the day and emit a beautiful soft glow at night, as soon as the sun sets. I put them around the perimeter of my lawn, right at the edge of the shrub gardens, and they create such a magical setting during the summer months. And best of all? They’re “green” as can be, because they recharge using solar power and are sustainably produced!

I think the candela luau is not only beautiful, but what a wonderful idea to have a design that screams “move me around,” “hang me up,” and “take me with you!”
THAT certainly has my garden luminaires beat!

----- Alissa Popovich 02.12.08 21:23

This is awesome!!!

----- jeremy 02.12.08 21:06

Hail, All Things Rechargeable! My Prius is my first love, sorry. Known as “BeBop”, because we bebop everywhere in it, it is the ultimate recharger for the price. I DO consider the Tessla the ultimate recharger, but capital outlay prohibits the “best of the best” for my purchase. This little lantern is suweeeet though! A glowing orb of lanternly spectacularness, it’s curvaeceously clean organic lines are unmatched in the static flashlight world. Who could resist a walk on the beach with one of these beauties as your guide? In the winter, can you imagine a walk through the pines on a cool crisp eve, snow quietly crunching beneath your feet, as you are accompanied by the calm glow of such an elegant guardian? Such explorations await! Recharge, Recycle, Reinvent!

----- -aDub 02.12.08 21:02

just like everyone else in this modern age, I feel like I come home and I have to make sure everything is plugged in. Phone, laptop, blue-tooth headset, iPod, etc. Of course, it never all makes it and I end up losing the cell phone battery half way through the next day. Ah, the jacked in life of rechargeable batteries! Bring on the lithium! Bring on the convenience! Ha!

(poster’s note: still love all these things, and have them with me everyday.)

----- Talin 02.12.08 20:47

I love those whipping cream dealies, they are rechargable. And they make tasty tasty whipping cream!

----- John Holman 02.12.08 20:30

I love my DS lite! It recharges forever!!! Then I can sit on the can and enjoy myself some Chrono Trigger. ;)

----- Anthony 02.12.08 19:49

I’ve got little glow-in-the-dark stars stuck on my bedroom celing which recharges everytime i turn my lights on. when i switch off my lights and go to bed, the stars glow!

----- Vanessa Ong 02.12.08 19:11


(also nice with an iPod Touch)

----- becca 02.12.08 18:41

howdy - um, i wish i could recharge and not have to sleep as frequently!

----- designvagabond 02.12.08 18:23

The Nintendo DS has an excellent rechargeable battery that lasts forever between charges.

----- Jennifer Vaccaro 02.12.08 18:05

In 2005, to help promote proper disposal of rechargeable batteries by the public, the Governor signed the California Rechargeable Battery Recycling Act, which requires retailers to have a mechanism to accept all rechargeable batteries from consumers for recycling.

Quantities of Rechargeable Batteries Collected for Recycling in California for the year 2007:

* More than 1,300,000 pounds of nickel cadmium batteries
* More than 300,000 pounds of lithium ion batteries
* More than 400,000 pounds of nickel metal hydride batteries
* More than 2,200,000 pounds of small lead acid batteries

----- Josh Lyon 02.12.08 17:15

if only we could be rechargable like vampires :)

----- Catherine Chandler 02.12.08 17:11

Recently I bought a MiNewt USB headlight for my bike. I’m all about rechargables, esp if they can be charged via my laptop, which is attached to me at the hip.

----- Eric A Stratton 02.12.08 17:07

fire and candles no longer needed.

----- rachel 02.12.08 16:47

I love to spend a whole weekend at home every once and a while to recharge myself.

----- olympia 02.12.08 16:43

Rechargeable batteries are nice. They make me feel less like I’m messing things up and being a nuisance. I think that everything will probably use rechargeable batteries someday, since it’s so sensible. Although this will probably become a nuisance in the future when robots try to take over the planet. They never sleep, you know!

----- rem 02.12.08 16:41

Something very related is the set of white Candela Glows I recently received as an anniversary gift from my boyfriend. They are great, portable, safe, ever-lasting lights. I absolutely adore them and would love to add to the collection by winning the Luau!

----- Sara McSmith 02.12.08 16:23

I very rarely throw out my rechargeable batteries into the battery recycle boxes. I was told that batteries are designed to be rechargeable, so I want them to be rechargeable as an absolute. The majority of the rechargeables I have are usually the ones that came with the item I purchased — digital camera, cordless drill, laptop, walkie talkies, etc.

Some are as old as the hills, others not so. But all are in near fine working order. When the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries run out, I drain them, drain them again with a small light bulb until it is drained, and then recharge. Over time, they will go back to near new (85% to 90% for my laptop battery).

However, what to do with the Nickel-Cadmium batteries? These are very poisonous to the environment, so I didn’t want to throw them out just because something called “the memory effect”. The life of a Ni-Cad is notoriously short, but they can be given a repeated lease on life by jolting them back to life. And get another few years of 90%+ use, then the memory effect comes in again, so I jolt them again. So far, 10.5 years for my walkie talkie batteries.

“Ni-Cads lasting that long?” is what I hear a lot.

I would not recommend it for the faint of heart or nervous, but it involves using an arc welder (in my case, the neighbour’s arc welder) and some time. Oh yeah, a plexiglass shield just in case. It’s shocking, but I give 90%+ new life to my Ni-Cads that would be labeled as near dead and useless. I won’t say how, but that is what the internet is for…

Recharge and re-use.

----- Michael Ng 02.12.08 14:56

Zeitgeist addendum told me that the entities within the oil industry control and/or own all the world’s best rechargeable battery patents.

And I irrationally believe it!

----- Jaime 02.12.08 14:33

my libido is rechargeable!

----- Sean 02.12.08 13:58

I took apart a solar powered LED garden light and made my own sort of sun jar…with bugs.

This is cooler.

----- Amanda Warren 02.12.08 13:53

all week long i pine for Friday when i can simply recharge my batteries with the following formula. no plans + bed + book + PBS + glass of wine. one cannot buy such bliss.

----- Anner 02.12.08 13:37

I love Candela’s design aesthetic. The fact that it’s rechargeable makes it even better - no throwaway batteries, and it doesn’t have to be permanently plugged to the mains so no ugly cables!

----- Irene 02.12.08 13:37

I am so glad that puppies are rechargeable! Recently my 1 pound puppy got Parvo which is very deathly- she had a very low chance of living. We did not have enough money to put her in the hospital which was going to be about $250 a day so we took care of her at home. Waking up every 2 hours for 11 days was not easy! But it was all worth it cause now my puppy is very healthy! :)

----- Samantha Flynn 02.12.08 13:08

we use rechargable batteries wherever we can in the elementary school where i teach, and it blows my mind how many kids have never even HEARD of such a thing…

----- betsy 02.12.08 12:57

gotta need this in my weekend house. actually we need more rechargable devices. we are in the 21st century and there are days when main eletricity supply fails due to storms or due to bad weather. not bad to have then useful devices like this for example…

----- Roland Bango-Fi 02.12.08 12:47

verb |rēˈ ch ärj| [ trans. ]
restore an electric charge to (a battery or a battery-operated device) by connecting it to a device that draws power from another source of electricity : he plugged his razor in to recharge it.
• [ intrans. ] (of a battery or battery-operated device) be refilled with electrical power in such a way : the drill takes about three hours to recharge.
• refill (a container, lake, or aquifer) with water.
• [ intrans. ] be refilled : the rate at which the aquifer recharges naturally.
• [ intrans. ] figurative (of a person) return to a normal state of mind or strength after a period of physical or mental exertion : she needs a bit of time to recharge after giving so much of herself this morning.
noun |ˈrē ch ärj| |ˈriːtʃɑːdʒ|
the replenishment of an aquifer by the absorption of water.
recharge one’s batteries regain one’s strength and energy by resting and relaxing for a time.
rechargeable |riˈtʃɑrdʒəbəl| adjective
recharger |riˈtʃɑrdʒər| noun

----- Bartal Jógvansson DJurhuus 02.12.08 12:31

I work for Kaikai Kiki NY, a japanese art production company under Takashi Murakami. We have an office and studio space in New York and before any major shows Murakami-san has studio staff rotate on 12 hour shifts. 9 am in 9 pm out, 9 pm in 9 am out. Painters in white gloves equipped with tiny burshes sit crouched over the iconic paintings, we run like clock work in this company. I am glad we are re-chargeable. There is nothing like seeing hard work come to fruition.

----- Krys 02.12.08 12:31

I am rechargeable. really. and with the new baby boy, it seems like 10 minutes of sleep are charging me for 5 hours. oh, if i could only sleep
for 5 hours. i would be up for 30 hours afterwards. There you go - he just woke up…

----- Hadar Gatt 02.12.08 12:29

my favorite thing to recharge? myself. sleep is nice.

----- kimp 02.12.08 12:16


the child that i babysit in exchange for massages told me in a very matter-of-fact way today that massage is the best way to recharge.

this lamp would be a lovely light during said recharges.

----- lauren michele 02.12.08 12:06

I love the initial idea for recharging OLPC!

----- Simone 02.12.08 11:36

This avid camper’s only light source is the silence-destroying wind up flash light. Oh how I covet the beautiful candela with it’s pear shaped form and noiseless light.

----- Kristen 02.12.08 11:25

Next time you buy a flashlight look for one that uses lithium CR123 batteries and supports RCR123 rechargeable lithium batteries. The regular ones work well in the cold and last 10 years in storage and the rechargeable ones keep garbage and costs down!

----- RJ 02.12.08 10:27

What doesn’t need recharging? All energy is exertion, but we should not be complacent with finite solutions. Just as humans must recharge their mind, spirit, and body, so too should objects that illuminate our lives renew themselves. The bulb that burns too bright, burns out. The body that sleeps well at night, performs well the next day. Here’s to a beautiful modern combination of bulb and body.

----- JLMF 02.12.08 10:27

I love it! I love it!! I love it!!!!! (with my leg flying in the air like Molly Shannon on SNL)

----- Eliz 02.12.08 10:02

I visit NOTCOT to recharge my creativity. Always full of inspiration and great ideas.

----- patguy 02.12.08 10:00

OXO does it again. Does it count that awesome design recharges my creative pool? BTW, this would go great in my kitchen where I have a ton of OXO stuff :p

----- Tony 02.12.08 09:59

I’m going to sing a song for you:

“OOooooh girl, should my love ever burn out, if your heart should ever doubt, you can rechaaaaaaarge me.”

Now let’s just watch the money roll in.


----- Kiel West 02.12.08 09:57

Whenever I need to recharge I go for a late night run into the woods.

----- Eduardo 02.12.08 09:30

In 2007, assistant professor Yi Cui and colleagues at Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering discovered that using silicon nanowires gave rechargeable lithium ion batteries 10 times more charge.

----- Alex 02.12.08 09:02

i’m not much of a coffee person, but recently i’ve been drinking a lot of it. when you need it to recharge your energy, it can be your best friend. sleep is way better though, i don’t know why i drink coffee because it sometimes makes my stomach churn. breakfast does the same thing to me too! not much of a morning person, i guess.

----- labraji 02.12.08 09:02

Kashi and Rice Milk recharges my batteries every morning… ‘cept the weekends. Bacon is an outside-the-house treat, and on the weekends I treat the hell out of myself.

----- Alex 02.12.08 08:53

I think I really like rechargeable things. I think they’re more portable to take when we need travel, and save money and material instead of throwaway battery or things like that.

----- mikenj 02.12.08 08:44

All the new rechargeable lamps and lanterns make eco so hip… oh, and so much safer than candles which I nearly always forget to extinguish before I leave the house or go to sleep (I know… but I have more than one smoke detector).

----- Ashley B. 02.12.08 08:37

1,000 conventional batteries equals to about the entire lifespan of 1 single rechargeable battery.

The significant importance to our environment is that by using rechargeable batteries we helping keep heavy metals and toxic alkaline out our landfills, soil, water, etc. The hidden savings are equally important though. By being conscious of using rechargeable batteries you are also removing CO2, water waste, and other waste that would be attributed to materials generation, production, energy used, packaging and shipping.

My favorite rechargeable device, my Citizen Eco-Drive watch which recharges all day via solar sources.

----- Jason Trojanowski 02.12.08 08:32

I think the only thing that ISN’T rechargeable these days is my alarm clock. And thank goodness for that.

----- Allison S. 02.12.08 07:59

rechargeable… wii remotes, my nikon batterie,…

----- Misty 02.12.08 07:58

I feel recharged after spending thanksgiving with my family and eating all the good food for a week. does that count?

----- Matt 02.12.08 07:43

This light is really gorgeous… In terms of rechargeable… I’ve had my eye on this Voltaic Systems Solar Panel Rechargeable Backpack for a little while now… It’s a lightweight backpack with waterproof solar panels embedded into the outside of the bag. After just one day of charging the bag can produce up to 14.7 watts of power… enough to charge a laptop! They all come with standard device adapters to charge all of your electronics and the best part is… all of the fabrics used in the backpacks are made from recycled PET (plastic bottles). It would be perfect for me to use on vacations, days at the beach, camping, or just walking in between classes, if only it could be a little more stylish.

----- Stephanie 02.12.08 07:12

i have not paid my electric bill for Oct. i’m going to need this pretty soon.

----- Magdalena 02.12.08 06:39

I have a small rechargeable flashlight in my car for cases of emergency. Now all I need is something for my house… ;)

----- Jasper 02.12.08 06:33

I need to recharge once and a while by seeing and feeling the sun…
Bathing in its’ glow recharges me, but since the sun is warming up other’s on this globe I would love to recharge using the BIG Candela Luau Lanterns!!

----- pelon 02.12.08 06:15

I was at my cousin’s house one night, and we were just using his laptop, and then it tells us that it needs to be recharged. We plug it in, hear a loud crack, hiss, then this red bubble pops up in the corner, of his brand new laptop mind you, saying that the battery status is at critical and he’ll need to replace it immediately.

Hah, talk about bad luck!

----- Larry 02.12.08 06:09

rechargeable batteries are the best thing since sliced bread!

----- tracy 02.12.08 05:52

I heard we’ll have rechargeable Nikes in 8 years.

Powerlaces FTW!

----- rafael 02.12.08 05:36

Hey, they could call Captain Planet to be their promoting celebrity, Saying stuff like “Candela lights so naturally it almost recharges my powers”.

----- Daniel Segatto 02.12.08 05:19

My boyfriend’s scooter caught on fire when a flawed wire connection short circuited while charging the battery. It started to rain and we came home to a scooter in flames, the tires melted to the driveway.

----- Elle 02.12.08 05:06

I love rechargeable things, don’t waste energy and save the planet, save the world !

----- Melimelo 02.12.08 00:45

it would lite up my life…

----- polszki 02.12.08 00:02

this is way better than the sun/moon jars

----- insolv1niac86 01.12.08 23:40

Wow. That lamp looks amazing! Would love to have such a comfy ambient light with me.

----- Sven Koerbitz 01.12.08 23:31

Went on an extended trip to visit family in France (and attend 3 weddings) this summer. I made sure I had an extra battery to switch out and charge so that I would not find myself without a camera (especially during the weddings). Hours before the first wedding I searched my bag and couldn’t find the 2nd battery anywhere. I was so grateful that there were decent sized transition times between ceremony and partying to make sure that I could recharge the 1 battery I did have.

Upon our arrival back home in California, I was shocked to see the spare camera battery in the back seat of our car (where it must have slipped out of my bag the day before our trip).

----- Heidi Vega Aimonetti 01.12.08 23:25

I am a sturdent at Philadelphia Univeristy studying industrial design and a few years ago we did a project that focused on recharging and applying it to light in third world countries — ultimately around 25 concepts were worked out using a solar panel, a rechargable battery, and LEDs.

----- Amy T 01.12.08 23:16

My rechargeable memory… putting non-rechargeable batteries in the recharger when I was 6 and didn’t know better. It makes an acid explosion mess.

----- Ciarah 01.12.08 22:26

Brew the perfect cup of coffee per liking. Full strength. Regardless of method.

Sip. Drink. Gulp.

Taste the nuances in between. Optional.

Fully recharged.

Repeat once battery is low.

----- Gary 01.12.08 22:11

Their products are amazing! I have several rechargeable batteries and have finally weaned off of regular batteries and it is well worth it! Thank you for the chance to win! Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff Mayo 01.12.08 22:10

I’d love to have one of those. It’d be perfect for the occasional power failures we get here. I could even watch TV by it and pretend I’m watching by the light of a fireplace (small apartment :HUGE GRIN:).

It cracks me up, though, that it’s ‘rechargeable’ by plugging it in rather than by solar. We haven’t moved any further along at all, have we!!??

----- Barbara 01.12.08 22:07

Way chill, such a good spa sesh

----- Armen 01.12.08 22:02

We’ve made every effort to eliminate batteries in our house, which is hard, since we have two small children with dozens of battery operated toys. For those, we’ve gone with rechargables. The problem? We never remember to recharge the batteries until they’re completely dead, meaning that when the kids most want to play with something, they have to wait a few hours for decent batteries, or we have to play the battery shuffle, finding something that uses the same size and making the switch. I hope the planet appreciates the whining we have to endure when that happens. :)

----- Bill 01.12.08 21:02

I should never forget to bring my iPhone charger whenever I leave the house for more than 24 hours.

----- Alain Mélançon 01.12.08 20:33

I remember when my Dad first bought rechargable batteries. I thought it was so space-age fantastic!

----- Ms. Max Schroder 01.12.08 20:09

I have an electric scooter. No gas. No motor. You just plug it in for a few hours and go on your merry way. My scooter is the most badass thing I own and it’s RECHARGEABLE! Not only is it cheaper than a gas powered scooter, there are no gas refills and it’s considered a bicycle (b/c max speed is less than 50km)so you don’t even need a license. Pretty cool, eh?

----- Lauren 01.12.08 19:51

why dont they make rechargeable 9 volt batteries?

----- r w 01.12.08 19:45

I just recharged with a sugar cookie peep. Hmmm…delicious.

----- Rob Christensen 01.12.08 19:44

Nice form, really seems to modernize the heritage hand held gas candle lights.

Although large in capacity, battery life is always a pain, i suppose its a compromise though.

----- steve 01.12.08 19:44

it’d be nice if we could all stick our heads and recharge like the Candela LEDs do. more energy and more creativity.

----- Lee 01.12.08 19:42

We have a large rechargeable flashlight that I use to look at animals that come through our yard at night—-fox, dogs, cats, possum, deer, and an occasional prowler! It does come in very handy you never are without a light when you need one.

----- Melanie 01.12.08 18:58

I love wireless mice, and there are so many out there, but I simply can’t get away from the big “L” thanks to the docking station. No need to flood a landfill with batteries when my mouse has a dock.

----- Mark Michon 01.12.08 18:46

We have 12 original rechargeable Candela’s around the house — we’ve had some breakdown with one 4x charger dead, and a couple of lamps with squirrely switches… But we love the ‘just enough to be useful’ level of light, and the long run times. Not hard to imagine how much w’d like the bigger and better Luau!

----- SteveB 01.12.08 18:45

A lot of rechargeable electronics use batteries that are commodity or close enough. When something dies, it’s worth cracking it open to see if you can just order a few NiCD AAs and fix it up.

----- Matthew 01.12.08 18:23

I had a chance to do a tv ad for GP rechargeble batteries. The tvc board got approved, and we went ahead actually trying to quote Spy Film who did the photoreal robot animation for Citroen. I thought going to Canada for a month for the shoot and post is really in my bag, but then, the job got cancelled….
But after that, I’ve been using 2 packs of rechargeble batteries for all my wii need. If you play often, you need two packs of four for constant game need.

----- Wong Yeung 01.12.08 18:12

i love rechargeable batteries especially Eneloop, that’s what i use for my external flash and Wiimotes cause they’re really longer lasting than the other brands :D

----- toasted 01.12.08 18:05

maybe winning this will hold me off from the INSANE urge i have to cover my entire garden in Sun Jars.

----- ibis 01.12.08 17:50

You can use an old power drill to recharge your batteries. Knowledge that could come in handy when the world ends. Same with this light, it could help you when when it’s all dark.

Saw it online and was amazed…

----- Josh 01.12.08 17:40

I used to have this teddy bear with a rechargeable “voice” box that you stashed in a zipper in his back. I knew how to take it out and plug it in to the wall & put it back in the bear, but one day I got it in my head that you could take the voice boxes out of OTHER things (that didn’t usually speak) and I thought that maybe my other stuffed animals weren’t talking to me because they needed to be recharged. I spent several frustrating hours trying to open my other plush toys & recharge them before my mother set me straight.

----- Chaely 01.12.08 17:38

I’ve been using usbcell, batteries that you recharge through the usb port on your computer, all year long - couldn’t recommend them more highly…

----- Rob MacAndrew 01.12.08 17:37

My sonicare toothbrush is rechargeable. It was highly recommended by my dentist.

----- Trinh 01.12.08 17:24

i wish my camera is rechargeable! does my macbook count as rechargeable???

----- ed 01.12.08 17:18

i love how macs are rechargeable by the magnetic power cord. i trip way too easily.

----- js 01.12.08 17:17

My wife and I are attempting to buy a house right now. She’s a rabbi, and I’m thinking that coming home to a glass of wine and a new patio, equipped with a Candela, might just recharge my little sermonizer.

----- Johnny 01.12.08 17:12

Rechargeable batteries helped me out when I was learning digital photography. Those poor nim-h batteries got used a thousand times I imagine.

----- Garret 01.12.08 17:12

Rechargable story: Hurricane Ike hit houston recently and I was out of power for 2 weeks. Lemme tell ya…wish I coulda had this recharable light!! Instead, I took showers in pitch black, cutting my legs up while shaving, dressed in the dark, put on makeup in the dark, practiced guitar in the dark, etc. Light is a beautiful beautiful thing.

----- MC 01.12.08 17:06

Only 3 words needed at a bar.

“I’ll recharge you”

----- Evan Doyle 01.12.08 17:04

My teenagers mouths are rechargable and I wish they weren’t. In fact I wish there were batteries that I could remove and hide for a few days and enjoy the peace and quiet.

----- myrna eisenlauer 01.12.08 16:51

i used to have a rechargeable race car. my next door neighbor, keith, had one that just used batteries. mine was faster.

----- nate 01.12.08 16:47

My body is rechargeable. I fuel it up with exercise, the proper foods and sleep.

----- Danielle S 01.12.08 16:43

I would be curious if you can recharge a potato battery. work on that oxo.

----- av 01.12.08 16:31

It is getting dark so early now. It would be really cool if I could get my solar charger to give up enough juice to keep this charged

----- Paul King 01.12.08 16:23

If only more things were rechargeable..

----- Allison 01.12.08 16:19


” WIDTH=”300” HEIGHT=”250” BORDER=”0” ALT=”text describing the image”>

----- jeff cheung 01.12.08 16:15

The question is, where’s the solar-rechargeable Candela Luau? Or the inflatable, solar-rechargeable Canela Luau for camping? I’m getting greedy perchance.

----- LANDLINE 01.12.08 16:12

I love recharging. A bit of yoga. A bit of time with my Mac. A bit of music with my iPod nano. And hopefully a bit of light with Oxo Candella Luau. :)

----- Nadia P 01.12.08 15:54

I use NiMH rechargeable batteries. Looking to upgrade to some Eneloops soon.

----- Evan 01.12.08 15:36

I wish my 15” MacBook Pro was rechargeable….. Wait! It is. Brilliant.

----- DDB 01.12.08 15:36

I seem to be in the same boat as alot of other people here - there’s simply no point in not using nonchargeable batteries for anything. The camera? check. Wireless mice and keyboards? check. The laptop? naturally. If only I could add the car to that list…

----- Phil 01.12.08 15:29

I drank Gatorade to recharge once, but it just put me to sleep…

----- Iain 01.12.08 15:21

rechargeable.. oh well, if you want to see it in this way, also my old videotape recorder is rechargeable! how many time i’ve seen those old tapes, used and re-used them!

----- marieke 01.12.08 15:19

my dad bought a really nice thing in Colombia
its like a little solar panel
and it charge your phone, batteries, computers, everything rechargeable
just everything really. And the best part its that ist very portatil.

its just amazing!!!!

----- Jaileen Merced 01.12.08 15:19

my powerbook’s battery is still rechargeable, after five years!

----- dylan 01.12.08 15:15

What a cool warmth. I use the eternal loop campfire on my rechargable iPhone to recharge MY batteries.

----- Paul E. Pierce 01.12.08 15:08

when I finally realized I received better refresh rate from rechargeable batteries in my old SLR flash, my life was changed AND my wallet was nicely heavier.
Now I have a DSLR that allows me to not burn through the chemicals I used for developing AND lets me drop a battery in for charging after each use and know that I’ll be ready to fire away in a few hours.

----- Zack 01.12.08 15:08

last year, my aunt decided to make christmas eco-friendly and gave people the oddest of presents to fall in line. i received a flashlight that you wind to recharge along with a converter that i can now use to charge my phone using the flashlight. it is amazing.

----- lauren michele 01.12.08 15:06

Very cool. It would be even cooler if you could hook it up to a solar-panel to charge it.

----- Zack Adelson 01.12.08 15:00

At the end of a long day, I like to recharge my batteries by checking out what’s new at notcot!

----- Melanda Criss 01.12.08 14:58

Oh wow, these are gorgeous. I have some kind of hope that recharging them won’t eventually run the batteries down as has happened on my laptop, though. Tragedy, I might have to get a new battery, or I will die on upcoming long plane rides!

----- Maggie 01.12.08 14:43

I’ve had one of those rechargeable kid’s nightlights from IKEA for the longest time. It’s the one that is a ghost. It’s cute and I still use it.

----- Emmie 01.12.08 14:42

Everything in my life is rechargable now. I don’t buy any batteries, and I have big jumbles of plugs sitting in drawers. The important thing is to remember to unplug docks when they’re not in use. While it’s convenient to have the charger ready whenever you need it, it’s a big waste of energy!
This light is SO pretty and would be perfect for the quickly lengthening nights.

----- Joanna 01.12.08 14:20

I have a battery powered toothbrush that I only use rechargeable batteries in.
Unfortunately, the only way of telling when the power is low is to listen for (or feel) the death whir, which only happens as I am brushing my teeth. At this point I am either half asleep or late and need to run out the door, so I end up using my “powered” toothbrush manually.

----- Jessie 01.12.08 14:20

I am hypoglycemic / have low blood sugar, so whenever I start to feel sluggish and crave sugar I call it “I need to recharge”! Then I eat a bit and feel as if I’ve had my batteries renewed :)

----- Katie 01.12.08 14:06

My toaster is rechargable, I put some bread in, it runs out of toast, I put some more bread in. Now imagine it runs on a dynamo as well as solar power.

----- Andrew Chau 01.12.08 14:05

Yes please… it’s awesome!!

----- Polina 01.12.08 14:04

If only everything rechargeable can be as beautiful and have the ability to recharge my inner batteries as well

----- Ela 01.12.08 13:51

Tear drop pearl I carry,
Glowing softly in night air.
Recharge now, we both sleep.

----- SHINGLER 01.12.08 13:47

I took the whole week off for Thanksgiving to eat good food and be with my family and it recharged me. Does that work?

----- Matt 01.12.08 13:42

vessel all the way!

----- wheell 01.12.08 13:42

I love rechargeable batteries… keeps disposables out of the landfill! Except for cell phones — those batteries seem to only last 1.5 years before you need a new one. This lamp is gorgeous!

----- QP 01.12.08 13:42

These lights remind me of the Aisian Lantern Festivals. I love the idea that they are mobile & rechargable!

----- Patty 01.12.08 13:24

i was sold fake batteries in cambodia once. they were supposed to be rechargable. bought them for my discman. somebody had gone thru the bother of capping an aluminium cylinder to make it appear like a battery. then they wrapped them in battery-esque plastic.

----- steve 01.12.08 13:23

The rechargeable I’m most excited about are rechargeable cars! I hope that those can make a comeback very soon. But this candela is definitely a close second. ; )

----- Stephanie Fisher 01.12.08 13:23

I have the 4 pack votive Candela set and it’s the best invention ever! They are so easy and fun to use. I feel like Rosie the maid from “The Jetson’s” when I come home in the evening and place them everywhere. I would love to win the Luau…!

----- Kris Hurst 01.12.08 13:17

I thinks its great for the environment that things are rechargeable. but I hate when something dies and you dont have some to put back in so you have to wait. I guess what Im getting at is I would love two of these! :)

----- Mike O 01.12.08 13:14

Is it just me or do Nokia phones hold their charge infinitely longer than any other cell phone brand? A pox on Samsung batteries!

----- Stick 01.12.08 13:14

The thing I recharge the most is my ipod which I usually listen to in my studio and mostly when I go to sleep at night. So I charge my ipod to listen to when I fall asleep. Then after I wake up charged by ipod’s battery is drained and the cycle starts again.

----- Sean C. 01.12.08 13:13

My dad is a silly man. I was cleaning out his junk drawer and I found about 20 AA rechargeable batteries + three of their chargers…I also found 100 non-rechargeable AA batteries. WHY???!

----- ljee 01.12.08 13:10

Winning a notcot give-away would sure recharge me on this monday.

----- Matt 01.12.08 13:07

my bicycle is rechargeable. i just need to eat some food when my legs get tired.

----- joe 01.12.08 13:03

when i studied abroad in japan for a year, my rechargable batteries allowed me to continually feel connected to my family and friends by listening to mixed cds on my hour commute to work every day. i am very thankful for my rechargable batteries.

----- kathryn 01.12.08 13:01

i wish my cell phone battery would last as long as my camera battery. i saw a kind of cool recharging accessory yesterday - it is like a tray that hooks over the plugged-in charger and holds your phone. maybe it was on notcot once? i’m still just going to leave my charging devices on the floor though.

----- kristin 01.12.08 12:59

You can recycle old rechargeable batteries (they do eventually die, I guess) through the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp.

----- Jill 01.12.08 12:57

This little guy just needs to be plugged in for his batteries to recharge. Unfortunately, I don’t have a socket myself, so normally a cup of tea, cocoa, or any hot beverage will do the trick.

----- Claire 01.12.08 12:47

Would love to have this for the dark winter nights to come.

----- Adam 01.12.08 12:46

Everything is rechargeable. Even if you don’t realize it. Refillable, Reinitialized, Reinstated, Reinstalled, Reorganized, Reworked, etc.

----- Collin Banko 01.12.08 12:46

This lantern is amazing! I’d love to win this because we have a perfect picnic table under a tree out in my front yard area.

With regard to re-chargin, definitely I re-charge my blue tooh set for my cellphone, if I don’t re-charge it, it’s funny and mostly annoying to be talking to someone when it dies and I’m sitting there talking to no one and meanwhile they can hear me through me cellphone (usually in my pocket or backpack)… doh!

----- Stacy B. 01.12.08 12:42

A lot of people think that battery-powered vehicles (which can be recharged) are a waste of time, but mythbusters prove otherwise!! I love those guys. And I love that lantern.

----- Alice 01.12.08 12:38

ooo… I need this so I can stop tripping over my cats when I go to the bathroom at night

----- Mark 01.12.08 12:34

hhhmmm… i have a super rad cordless mouse from perific - it fits over my hand so I can rest my hands in my lap and still mouse about . I love it, except when it is hooked up to recharge it’s batteries, and then it is a little tragic - like it’s still attached by an umbilical cord, or something….

----- teal 01.12.08 12:29

I want to be the person in the picture in bare feet walking on the beach with one of these lights!

----- Kathleen 01.12.08 12:19

Well this would be great for evenings out for a nice cigar. Or maybe even indoors to set a good wine mood with the lady.

----- Victor 01.12.08 12:17

That would be perfect for our trailer in the summertime, we like to sit outside and play games into the night

----- Jane 01.12.08 12:13

Rechargable Idea!

Here’s an idea. Since we apparently live in a Mac-saturated world and I’d say most people (especially here in Toronto, where I live) own an Apple product. My idea is to have RECHARGE STATIONS for iPods, Macbooks, and even iPhones at public areas such as universities, coffee houses, restaurants, train station, etc. Something like a communal energy dock where you can hook up your electronic device and it will charge in a fraction of the time it takes compared to actually plugging it into a wall outlet.

Anyway, just a thought :)

----- Kat 01.12.08 12:12

beautiful products just wish I could use them everyday

----- wheell 01.12.08 12:11

Rechargeable stuff rules.

----- Ken 01.12.08 12:10

I’m glad consumer electronics have been moving to rechargeable more and more, like my Nintendo DS.

----- Foo 01.12.08 11:56

Creativity often is often recharged by the most unexpected.

----- Carl 01.12.08 11:55

I made a much funnier comment (though certainly not side-splitting, by any measure) earlier that wasn’t posted and I can only assume it was because it mentioned (in strictly medical terms) a certain part of the male anatomy. The comment was never posted. While I’d still like very much to be entered into the contest, I do lament that something as absolutely harmless as the light-hearted mention of a medical term was deemed cause for censorship. Have we all become that fragile?

… love the blog, by the way.

… except for the recent proclivity for censorship, of course.

… and since this is my second post, we may consider my posting ability rechargeable.

----- Kevin 01.12.08 11:51

it can keep my ikea rechargeable ghost lights company…

----- Alexis 01.12.08 11:50

I need to get a wall adaptor for my iPod so I don’t always have to recharge it through my laptop.

----- Teri 01.12.08 11:49

wow, such pretty lamps.

i have some shake-to-charge flashlights, which are very fun, but the ones i have seem to be bright during the actual shaking part only, which makes it a bit hard to shine on any one thing in particular. I still dream of going trick-or treating with one and doing the “YES!” arm-pull after checking my pillowcase for my mega-haul like the kid in the commercial, though.

----- holly 01.12.08 11:46

Almost everything in my apartment is rechargable - mini vac, shaver, game controllers…sometimes I have trouble finding batteries when I do need them, but I have tried to convert to rechargable for those few items as well.

----- Jessica P. 01.12.08 11:35

Fashion is rechargeable. A style runs its course, recharges in the fashion time capsule, and when it seems like a fresh idea again it gets reused.

That light rocks.

----- Melanie Tedder 01.12.08 11:32

I stopped drinking caffeine- for a couple weeks I wasn’t rechargeable but now after ending it I can recharge from the slightest bit of sugar or even fruit. It’s great! P.S…I would love this light!!!!

----- Tam 01.12.08 11:30

Its nice to have these sorts of items now, and with rechargeable batteries that are relatively cheap there’s no reason not to be Eco friendly anymore!

----- Melissa L 01.12.08 11:29

I am on the hunt for a rechargeable personal vibrating device but a light would be a good find too.

----- april_d 01.12.08 11:29

Hmm… rechargeable?
How about my mother’s new obsession with rechargeable (and hand-operated) flashlights? All over the house are flashlights which are hand-cranked, chargeable, shaken, stirred (ok not really that one, it just sounds good).
I can’t figure out why… we don’t need so many flashlights! I’ll admit they’re cool to play with, but her giggle fits when she buys a new one are probably the funniest part of all of this. They last for days!

----- Cait 01.12.08 11:28

I was given the best rechargeable thing that I’ve gotten in a while…A solar powered watch! When it’s fully charged it’ll last for 6 months without needing another charge! I never knew it would last that long!

I try to have everything I own be rechargeable…I think it’s the only way to live and I don’t like ever having to buy a battery!

----- Brian 01.12.08 11:25

This would be way more fantastic than the flashlight I use to go visit the rooftop of my apartment building! How rechargeably romantic!

----- JB 01.12.08 11:15

notcot recharges my creativity

----- michael 01.12.08 11:13

I took all of Thanksgiving week off and now I am feeling completely recharged after eating all that good food and being with my family.

----- Matt Flick 01.12.08 11:11

I wish my liquor cabinet was rechargeable. It has a funny way of getting depleted.

----- Joel 01.12.08 11:03

My rechargable iPhone 3G of which I’m leaving this comment. I can charge it through my computer, dock in my car, wall plug.

----- Matthew K 01.12.08 10:55

How could you NOT give one away to someone who wants to give it to his MOM for her birthday? I mean really…..

----- aaron 01.12.08 10:54

life without rechargeable batterys: think about putting new batteries in your mobile phone every few days - and how big those phones would be! ;)

----- minion 01.12.08 10:53

Car batteries are one of the oldest kinds of rechargeable batteries

----- Shelly 01.12.08 10:52

I could really use a little light like that in my life these days…

----- COREY 01.12.08 10:33

This reminds me of the rechargeable sunjar….but better…’cause it is freakin OXO!

This would go great on my patio. Such a serene glow.

----- Andrew 01.12.08 10:31

I remember being a child and going to my grandparents cabin by the lake. We used to play kick the can after having a camp fire and the children got bored and the adults got thirsty. Before we could go off and play kick the can my grandparents had wind up flashlights that they used to make us wind up in front of them so they knew we weren’t running around in the dark.

----- Noel Taylor 01.12.08 10:25

I recharge by taking a warm, scented bath; with a trashy book that requires zero brain power.

I recharge my flashlight with a hand-crank.

----- Lucia 01.12.08 10:19

Rechargeable items are a delight. If only all lights were rechargeable, then we would never have to worry about glass bulbs dying out or getting stuck in their tight little sockets. It would make the world a lot less stressful.

----- Christi 01.12.08 10:15

i would walk around town with this, yelling: “its 11:00, and all is well….”

----- will 01.12.08 10:14

I can’t wait to host a Luau with this thing. That and a pig on a spit.

----- Patrick 01.12.08 10:11

These rechargeable lights are ingenious for repeated/daily use. Their use without the hassle and expense of candles or oil, is very addictive in itself.

----- Frank 01.12.08 10:10

amazing lamps, so beautiful… I could use a bunch of those…

----- Jacob 01.12.08 10:09

I love my rechargeable wiimotes in their docking station…and I would really love this candela!

----- Caroline 01.12.08 10:01

Is it Mac-compatible? I’d like to plug my iPhone into it to recharge it on the go.

----- twoeightnine 01.12.08 10:01

I love that the Candela Luau brings back the feeling and functionality of a lantern in something soft, smooth, modern and drop dead easy to use. I can see parents and kids building play forts inside or in the back yard and sneaking the Luau in to read books together late into the night. Or walking around the neighborhood at dusk. It keeps the function of the flashlight but takes away the narrow-scoped purpose, and opens it up to more lazily encompassing activities. Traditional oil lanterns are functional but are cumbersome and can be dangerous. The Luau revitalizes that function for lazing away into the evening. And since it’s rechargeable, you never need to check on the oil level or swap out batteries, so you know you can count on being charged and at-hand, so it effortlessly fits into your lifestyle and can even change the way your family does activities together at dusk or at night.

----- sarah 01.12.08 10:01

reduce reuse recycle recharge

----- kelly 01.12.08 10:00

me. with food. also water.

----- dave 01.12.08 09:59

I wish it was this easy to recharge my brain sometimes. All I would have to do is find an outlet, plug me in and I would be instantly crisper and brighter. Plus, I could still shine forth my outlet powered creativity while my brain meter climbed back to 100%. Alas.

----- micah 01.12.08 09:58

I got a solar powered rechargable sun jar, and while it is a nice little accent light I would much prefer the all-powerful Luau!

----- romina 01.12.08 09:57

the item that i recharge the most is my camera battery : )

----- jennifer 01.12.08 09:53

This would be absolutely perfect for those evenings recharging by the lake! The design is just so sleek & gorgeous. *drool*

----- Amy Wilke 01.12.08 09:52

I wish everything were rechargeable.

----- Jaime 01.12.08 09:51

i need to recharge myself to get my sememster done. i have not much energy left, so i could enjoy some energy-nuturing light in my room!

----- roitsch 01.12.08 09:49


----- Andrea 01.12.08 09:49

This is going next to me drafting table!

----- Tim 01.12.08 09:46

Been wanting something like this forever!!!!!!!!!

----- LIZ 01.12.08 09:45

I need this rechargeable lamp so that I may take it up to the cabin with the family where we, in turn, can become recharged.

----- Darrel 01.12.08 09:45

i like to recharge with a 15 minute power-nap during my lunch break.

----- presodent 01.12.08 09:42

I have a new apartment…
but rent is going up!
Don’t have the cash for hydro
so this Candela can help me do makeup!
(im a guy btw)

oh… my toilet recharges water every time i use it! amazing!.

----- randy 01.12.08 09:42

These are all gorgeous!! Want to fill my entire house with them and turn out all the lights!! Thanks for sharing!

----- Anile 01.12.08 09:39

Recharging is a good way to reuse.

----- Lauren 01.12.08 09:39

I feel like the majority of the stuff I use every day is rechargable. I wish you could recharge food and beverages, though, then I’d be set. This light is perfect.

----- Liz 01.12.08 09:36

I once was phoneless in Paris for 5 days because i forgot my charger. stupid phones. RECHARGEABLE phones, that is!!! love the latern by the way.

----- Karlaanne 01.12.08 09:33

Mele Kalikimaka! Who doesn’t want a luau for Christmas? I’ve been drooling over this since you first reviewed it. I bought some Candela Glows, and they are just gorgeous and so easy to recharge. But what a sweet treat this big guy would be!

----- Ames 01.12.08 09:32

No better way to recharge than to sip wine by the fire with my honey … or surf the interwebz looking for inspiration :)

----- Aaron 01.12.08 09:31

This is a near-exact replica (in both size and luminescence) to my left testicle, which (oddly enough) is also rechargeable.

----- Kevin 01.12.08 09:29

very cool looking device, nicely designed. as far as rechargeable batteries go, those new rechargeable surface devices that recharges devices by simply having your electronics put on the recharge mat is quite amazing, although i wonder how effective and safe they are?

----- Joe Wang 01.12.08 09:24

I recharge everything at work to save money.

----- Vince 01.12.08 09:22

One of the best inventions for car safety is rechargeable flashlights. Not the ones you shake, or twist the handle. The one I like is the one you squeeze. Takes less effort, and recharges faster.

----- Dustin Wood 01.12.08 09:20

Is it true that if you recharge your cell phone too often you lose battery power? I’m dying to know (get it?).

----- Randall 01.12.08 09:18

Some girl set our dorms on fire last semester because she was an idiot and completely disreguarded the rule having to do with candles and open flames. I only wish she had had one of these instead, it would have saved a lot of people’s personal belongings.

These candelas are a nice (and safe) alternative to candles.

----- LMD 01.12.08 09:17

This lantern would be great to take to my family’s cabin where we go to REcharge ourselves. The only light after sun-down is candle light or harsh flashlight light…among other things, the Candela Luau would make the cold, dark, unnerving trip to the out-house a delight!

----- keira 01.12.08 09:14

Is it true that if you recharge your cell phone too often you lose battery power?

----- Randall 01.12.08 09:11

i purchased a couple of “15min rechargeable batteries” and they work great for the first 3 months or so… afterward that… the batteries don’t hold charges longer than a few minutes of Wii action with a wiimote, 1 days usage for my wireless mouse.

----- jayp0411 01.12.08 09:08

No matter how many internet videos tell you otherwise, let it be known: it is NOT possible to recharge your iPod using just an onion and some gatorade.

----- Karl 01.12.08 08:44

i had such bad luck with rechargeable things when i was in high school! even those dynamo flashlights would poop out on me (turns out i wasn’t shaking them at the right angle… or something?!) i’ve still got my fingers crossed, this looks like a beautiful lantern!

----- xue 01.12.08 08:38

I bought the Candela Guardian night light a few months ago and love it. It’s convinced me that I need more rechargeable LED in my apartment, and the Luau would be FANTASTIC.

----- Alex 01.12.08 08:37

rechargable batteries ruined my life!
not really they kinda saved it

----- levi montez 01.12.08 08:37

I haven’t loved the rechargable radio shack batteries I got a few years ago, but these lanterns are pretty enough to get me to try agin.

----- Ray Saunders 01.12.08 08:33

my lives on rechargeable batteries…my battery charger is always running

----- Dana Galbraith 01.12.08 08:26

Its so wonderfully “romantic”

----- Tiffany Nelson 01.12.08 08:19

The only recharge I know is a caffeinated one :p

----- chernwei 01.12.08 08:14

I don’t understand why they even make the single use batteries. Their production is sooo unhealthy for the people who live near the plants. Lead is not good when it’s running around on the loose. Not to mention, most people just toss them in the regular trash. Boo Hiss!
I think these products are damn near magical. I would love to be able to afford one for my kids. Can you imagine having one of these to keep you company when you’re camping in the back yard?

----- amy 01.12.08 08:11

So I bought this epilator last summer, rechargeable, of course, thinking I could just zip it around my legs before hitting the beach for vacation, and then I wouldn’t have to shave the whole time we were there. It was dead when we showed up, so I plugged it in and left it on the bathroom counter to charge. I heard a scream of pain an hour or so later and ran in to find my husband testing out the new hair remover, and missing a large chunk of chest hair. “This!” he shouts, waving it at me. “This is torture!”

----- Mrs. H 01.12.08 07:54

My debit card is rechargeable, very handy.

----- NorthFire 01.12.08 07:45

Some people try to recharge non-rechargeable batteries. But I think that’s silly, because it doesn’t work like that.

----- Joe Wasserman 01.12.08 07:39

Man, I love rechargeable stuff. Buying batteries can be such a hassle, and if I can avoid that, I do.

----- Chris Spurgin 01.12.08 07:33

This lamp would work beautifully in setting the mood with my other new rechargeable toy! http://store.babeland.com/vibrators-electric/we-vibe

----- awolf 01.12.08 07:30

rechargable batteries are my life. I am a photography student so I run through batteries like crazy.. Besides the camera batteries I used these cool environmentally friendly batteries called eneloop which come already charged when you buy them and lasts a long time… i constantly have a charger in my bag and extra batteries..

----- rosanna u 01.12.08 07:08

If I need a little recharge I go play some of my favorite music and try to get outdoors.

----- Lawrence 01.12.08 07:05

It takes me 6 hours of sleep at night to recharge. Except when I work 14-16 hour days. Then it takes me 8 hours.

----- Erin 01.12.08 06:48

Rechargable Wii controllers are absolutely necessary.

----- Jay 01.12.08 06:34

What’s rechargeable? Rechargeable electric cars by Smart! And Prius that will be able to function as both generation and rechargeable car along with Toyota Pre-Fab home!

----- Alex Jeon 01.12.08 06:31

Wish i had some sun today to recharge my own frayed batteries. Sucks to be burried under all this snow with the sun only showing up once or twice a week.

i ADORE these lamps. Drool, drool, drool.
Rechargeable drool, too.

----- Kathleen 01.12.08 06:14

Rechargable battery is a funny invention. It was designed to reduce waste and be environmentally more friendly. But it’s still such a hazardous material to be put in the waste. I guess it’s still better than piles and piles of dead battery.

----- Nigel Sielegar 01.12.08 06:04

my motorcycle battery needs to be hooked up to a battery-charger for the winter soon.
I’m sure you already know, but Wikipedia says “Rechargeable batteries can offer economic and environmental benefits compared to disposable batteries.”

----- tiffany 01.12.08 05:57

As I recharge for the day ahead over a cup of Constant Comment (which always struck me as an odd name for hot orangey water) I can’t help but think how fantastic this little lamp would be in my possession.

I would call it Franklin.

----- Desmond Naranjo 01.12.08 05:53

i hear that you should use most the battery life on any rechargeable batteries before you recharge them to increase usage. but don’t use them until they die. that’s what i hear.

----- jacob 01.12.08 05:43

i love our rechargeable batteries, we would have spent a fortune on batteries by now from all the pictures i take!

----- Rachel 01.12.08 05:43

I love my usb rechargeable AA batteries, the versatility of AA, with the ease of USB. a great combo for my mobile electronics that still take AA.

----- Erik Dahl 01.12.08 05:33

share the light.

----- brad 01.12.08 05:30

that would be perfect for my apartment

----- matthew McDonald 01.12.08 05:27

I want! Of course, remember with all rechargable devices to unplug the charger when you’re not using it to avoid drawing extra phantom power. That way it’ll be (hopefully) truly eco-friendly.

----- Brandon 01.12.08 04:36

I recharge my batteries after a long day by checking out all of the awesome posts on NOTCOT!

----- Gabe 01.12.08 04:34

Luckily humans and dogs are easily rechargable or we’d all be flopped on the floor like wet noodles after a day or so. I am also happy about using rechargable batteries in my camera and that Canon includes the battery & the charger—so much better than buying all that myself.

----- rachel 01.12.08 03:58

like the recharging of a certain part of the male body?

----- Vivian Quach 01.12.08 03:36

i am crazy about candela lights… i love being outside and it is such a pity that fun with friends sometimes ends in complete darkness… the fact that these lights are rechargeable (and sustainable) make it such a fantastic product… I’m super light-green and hope Santa brings me one of these this year…

----- Bia 01.12.08 02:25

i love rechargable things because u can use them again!! yay for recharagable batteries! i’d be dead without them!!

----- Nicole 01.12.08 01:23

You know those little cone vacs? I use it to suck up moths that fly out of my pantry, and this isnt an economic joke, its completely true, I dont know where they are coming from inside the pantry, ive cleaned it out twice, but they are still coming out. The lantern would help me catch them at night by attracting the moths to it!! I have the Perfect use for it! and its purdy!

----- Kirk 01.12.08 01:09

Something rechargable… hmm…
I used the same rechargable batteries in my camera for my final two years of college, and when I realized I left them in a hotel after graduation I was devastated - the batteries have just as many memories with them as the photos themselves do, and it will be hard to make & record new ones without them!

----- Jessie 01.12.08 00:37

great to have rechargeable lamps when your apartment lights go out every summer around 6 - 9pm when all the other residents are home and using appliances, thus blowing the fuse. every hot night requiring air conditioning.

----- butterfrei 01.12.08 00:35

Rechargeable & lasts 6-10 hours?! That’s impressive. I wish more companies would take note of this technology & follow suit. The product really looks worth the pricetag & good quality. I just wish I had that kind of money to spend on it.

----- Emxero 01.12.08 00:21

This would be super when i finally build that pool back home in the tropics.
Those pictures really sell it.

----- Hann 01.12.08 00:03

I own and gave people those “hidamari no tami” or sunshine buddies. They are these cute display toys that are solar powered. They’re the perfect present for anyone and only use a source of light to power but the smile on people’s faces when they look at them is priceless.

----- Don 30.11.08 23:59

the original rechargeable candela’s are nice. this seems even better. the rechargeable lantern i got from williams sonoma is nice, but nearly as stylish.

----- johnb 30.11.08 23:53

my xbox360 controller is rechargeable, and my vibrator is jealous V_V

----- Vanessa 30.11.08 23:43

Tell you something rechargeable related?
Well my final project of my Product Design degree was all about designing a rechargeable, wireless battery powered dental drills for dentists. Research pretty much yelled at me that the hose is the biggest usability issue, as well as the need for a more ergonomic form, more streamlined task flow, etc… And so to be able to get rid of the hose it needed to get power from somewhere else. So in the end it became battery powered and also had this cool little dock recharger thing to hold the drills that has parallels to this, and the Seagate dock now that I think of it.

Kind of an out there project I know, but it was cool to be a little different anyways. Design-wise it was a little conceptual, as well tech-wise where I looked past the current Lithium-Ion and into the future battery technologies like Lithium-Sulphur (which has twice the charge at half the mass and volume, and Lithium-Titanate (which has crazy fast recharge times). There’s some stuff out there around wireless induction recharging of power cells which is pretty cool as well.

----- GARETH 30.11.08 23:29

Wow…6-10 hours of use? Much more impressive than I thought. But that $200 price tag… complete side note, but rechargeable related…how annoying is the Wii and it’s lack of rechargeable controllers? I know, I know…you can buy 3rd party battery packs. But it’s so frustrating when Sony gets it so right with the PS3 and Nintendo just skimps out. Listen to me whine!

Oh, and by the way, thanks for your site, I’ve been drooling over it for a long time now! :P

----- darren 30.11.08 23:18

i’m so happy humans are rechargeable, i couldn’t live without the sleep/sun/smile approach

----- Brandie 30.11.08 23:11

I feel silly saying this, but it’s not until recently that I realized that you need TWO rechargeable batteries in the charger for them to get recharged. Putting just one of them in does not work. Oops.

----- Louise 30.11.08 23:05

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