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NOTCOT Giveaway 10: Seagate FreeAgent GO- 11.26.08

seagateg0.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment here ~ How about tell us what you’d store on it? ENTER BY 11/29. WINNER: Taryn in Kansas!

Can you believe we’re up to Giveaway #10 already? It’s been incredibly fun giving away all of this stuff to you guys, and so fun to read all your comments! But don’t get tired yet, lots more to come as well! Today’s giveaway comes from our big 2008 Gift Guide Sponsor, Seagate! This is the first of 5 giveaways from Seagate!

First up, here’s a Royal Blue 320Gig Seagate FreeAgent GO. It’s so crazy how 320 Gigs can literally fit in your pocket these days ~ AND have awesome pin hole light up patterns on the case as well! For more details check out my review and closeups… and see more pics and details on the next page as well! (You have to check out the amazing rainbow of hues, i’m kind of craving the green… in a 500Gig?)







TO WIN: Leave a comment here ~ How about tell us what you’d store on it? ENTER BY 11/29

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780 Notes

I would fill it up with my parent’s old music, pictures, and papers, so I could give it to my dad on his birthday and (hopefully!) see him smile (he has alzheimer’s).

----- Nicole 29.11.08 23:56

my thesis, my research proposal, my art, music and endless photos that document my life over the past 5 years.

----- Shannon 29.11.08 23:53

If I got this I could finally have space for all of my photos. I’m doing wedding photography and trying to start into portraits as well, and need space to store all of the originals and the edited pictures too.

----- kimblela 29.11.08 23:20

I would definitely put my collection of photography and music and design. I have about 5 GB available on Mrs. Bojangles (my MacBook). She would be so happy to have a new friend!!!

----- Anthony F 29.11.08 22:18

I’d store music and PDFs of articles, mostly. And all the projects I’ve worked on that I want backed up!

----- Joe Wasserman 29.11.08 22:07

pictures and music and files, oh my!

----- michelle 29.11.08 21:46

wow, id like to store my life away on this thing!!!!

----- peachy 29.11.08 21:27

Time machine backup!

----- Julia 29.11.08 20:56

pictures and music!

----- steff 29.11.08 19:42

i’d use it to back up my life…

----- Dana Galbraith 29.11.08 19:28

finally back-up itunes!

----- Laila 29.11.08 19:25

I would store all my audio and video files in one safe spot…. a seagate. Thanks for everything notcot, your my own personal stumble.

----- Mike O 29.11.08 19:15

I would carry my entire life in that thing. Work and personal files all in that beautiful little gizmo!

----- Claudette 29.11.08 19:03

Backups of my and my girlfriends computers.

----- Eric A Stratton 29.11.08 18:38

I wouldn’t store anything on it. I would give it to my struggling artist 24 year old son! I know he would love it and I would love to be able to give him a wonderful present!

----- Linda Wilson 29.11.08 18:26

I am an inspiring cook working my way up to being the best chef I can be. I have so many flash cards and CD’s of recipes that could be placed and organized within one unit, as well as my upstarting photography business, I have been putting together. There so many applications that I could store on the Seagate, making my life not so messy and I would not have to worry about what smaller storage device had what on it. This would make my life extremely easier as well as be a life saver.

My computer would love me as well, it would be like a liposuction for my computer. It’s hard drive is feeling kinda obese right now.

----- Daniel Zoller 29.11.08 17:33

I have some bad luck with notebook computers… After my first died on me suddenly (both hard drive and motherboard) I was forced to replace it and to rebuild my lost files from scratch. It was at this time that I learned the importance of backing up my countless photos from travels, painstakingly collected music, and valuable business model plans on an external hard drive.

I could use that hard drive soon, as my new notebook is already showing some signs of irregular booting…

----- Tyler 29.11.08 17:32

all my photos for safe keeping.

----- Misty 29.11.08 17:30

torrents take up alot of hdd space

----- sal 29.11.08 17:16

I’d store all my photographs. All those RAW files need to go somewhere after all

----- Piotr 29.11.08 17:16

I wouldn’t store anything on it. I would give it to my struggling artist 24 year old son! I know he would love it and I would love to be able to give him a wonderful present!

----- Linda Wilson 29.11.08 17:10

i love these effing things!! i could store a miliion tricks on this treat. hoooooo yesh.

----- amanda Goss 29.11.08 16:59

I’d probably back up, back ups of a back up hard drive, I’m very scared of losing everything.

----- James 29.11.08 16:40

I think I’d store all my creative ideas that I have scattered everywhere in my life. I might even store our data base of custmomers for work.

----- myrna eisenlauer 29.11.08 15:45

I’d probably banish my current external HD to a drawer and keep this one out, since it’s much prettier and smaller. Aaaaand…probably use it as a second backup for all my personal data…photos, graphic design files, all my writing, etc.

----- RapidRoy 29.11.08 15:43

My design and content files for work, plus some pix and tunes.

----- Kim 29.11.08 15:21

Being a successful graphic designer means always saving your work and storing it so nothing could go wrong like it always seems to go during finals BUT with the Seagate FreeAgent, it’s one less thing that I have to worry about in my graphic designer life. Now about everything else.. .

----- Roxanne Philipps 29.11.08 15:10

I’d put the cure for cancer on it, then wear a trench coat and place the drive in the inside pocket. Like some coy street hustler I would lure people to the cure with the beautiful light pattern that plays so much with organic geometry. The drive I would say has a hard protective exterior that is needed to ensure that the priceless information stored inside is not compromised. Seagate holds the cure!

----- charles wood 29.11.08 14:43

The regular stuff I suppose. Pictures of Family. Scans of old drawings and sketches. The few essays I wrote in school that I’m still proud of. My little collection of Indie music. Videos of Yann Tiersen’s live performances. Links to all the amazing things I come across on this website. My financial records. Emails from my best friends.

If I had a Seagate Free Agent drive….I would store my life on it.

----- Lauren 29.11.08 14:34

all of my communities data and i will bury it so that in the future people will find this time capsule.

----- Derek 29.11.08 14:22

All of my work stuff (and my website!)

----- Jeanne 29.11.08 14:20

I’d back up my computer with it.

----- Zach 29.11.08 13:55

All of my terrible, terrible secrets.

----- Jon R 29.11.08 13:32

I would store my dreams. Yes, really! I’ve kept typed-up scripts/descriptions of my dreams since I was about 12 (when I got my own first PC), and I don’t want to lose them. Horror ones, action/adventure ones, romantic romps, I’ve had them all!

----- taryn 29.11.08 13:02

i take a lot of pictures, and the pictures themselves don’t take up a lot of room, but together, they are the death of my computer. i’d like to put the photos i’ve taken from 2004-08 on this harddrive and start new. the photos are like my memories and my computer’s very unstable so if i lost the images it’d be like losing my memory? which i feel like is already happening! seriously though, this would be one of the best things. i’d be pretty grateful. and YES.

----- lisa workman 29.11.08 12:57

I’d most importantly dazzle people with the shiny lights, everyone will forget that it stores things.
But if you insist, i’d hide my portfolio on the inside.

----- Rusty 29.11.08 12:40

I would put my bum on it. and also all the design work for school i’ve been doing so the thousands of dollars of debt i have accumulated wouldn’t be for naught, id have a beautiful hard drive full of debt, sweat, and tears.

----- Kristen 29.11.08 12:23

Photos and videos of friends and family for when I go to Iraq; I know I’m going to be homesick for sure.

----- Clinton 29.11.08 12:18

I would store all my saved LOLcat pix!

----- Destiny Montague 29.11.08 12:15

My life!!

----- Natalia 29.11.08 11:45

sweet! i’d store all of my photos and music!

----- Michael 29.11.08 11:34

Design school in 2008 means my Macbook and I are attached at the lap! Working in the fashion industry, as well, means I have lots of photos, lots of graphic design work and rapidly diminishing space! Help!

----- Kelsey 29.11.08 10:51

I’d store my website and the entire internet on it. (have a 20Gb drive now so guess it will fit)

----- MikeC 29.11.08 10:46

We just scanned the family photo album archive. Thats over 6,000 photos! and we need somewhere to store and back it up.

----- David 29.11.08 10:42

multimedia files, i can plug this into my tv through an interface to gain access to everything.

----- gordon 29.11.08 10:21

Music samples!

----- Philip 29.11.08 10:19

I’d store big ideas on this little thing.

----- Kenneth 29.11.08 10:18

I’d store tons of music and video files that are currently hanging on moldy CDs and DVDs…

----- Marcos Porto 29.11.08 09:32

I’d store my 20 cds worth of pics on it…yes, I’m quite outdated. But I can never find them when I need them, and one of those would definately come in handy.

----- swankifiedjello 29.11.08 09:22


----- Jason 29.11.08 09:02

I would store all of my art on it, since everything I do is computer based. I’m running out of space on my computer as-is…I don’t want to start deleting things :(

----- kate 29.11.08 08:56

Nice Drive!

----- Gaurav Fernandes 29.11.08 08:49

Rugby games to share with the team and take on away trips! Photos and work.

----- Kerrie 29.11.08 08:48

i would love to store the hundreds of food photos i take every week in such a stylish hard drive!

----- jessica 29.11.08 08:14

I would keep all of my design files and photos for safe storage

----- Seth Clark 29.11.08 07:45

I’m am a graphic artist and my works involves very big, space consuming files of artworks to which I would need to retrieve again if the client will ever want to have some works revised, so this would be very essential for me.

----- Noel M. 29.11.08 07:44

At 320 Gigs, I’d put everything on it. But definitely some party music to go with those sweet lights.

----- patguy 29.11.08 06:57


I would use this external drive to carry government secrets, priceless patents, ninja movies, scans of every Walking Dead comic, the core of Skynet, blueprints for a new world order and some mp3s.


----- tier1dc 29.11.08 06:30

I use would place all my important university documents (over 350 Word Files, 53 PowerPoint presentations, and over 1500 media files). Without all these files, I would be very hard pressed to do well in my courses :)

----- Yash Mathur 29.11.08 06:23

i need storage for my photos urgently! Am poor and spain being hit hard by the credit crunch!!!

----- feeteng 29.11.08 04:25

movies movies movies and music, all my multimedia files to go and play evrywhere.

----- Andrea 29.11.08 03:48

my research journals, music, pictures and my favorite movies. when i’m out of things to store in it, i’m going to start downloading and backing up the internet.. you know, just in case some supervillain gets the idea of sabotaging our lovely internet. then i get to be a hero with the help of the freeagent go.

----- iza 29.11.08 02:38

all the things i have in my computer….which is a lot of stuff!!

----- Katelin 29.11.08 01:20

I would put my songs, my videos, my files, my documents, my whole life!!

----- Nicole 29.11.08 01:20

I’d store pictures of kittens and puppies on them.

(no one can say no to kittens/puppies)

----- Bernard 29.11.08 00:36

Music, pictures, school work— would do wonders for college next year for a graphic design major!

----- Sandy 29.11.08 00:04

I’d store all the photos of my cute new born daughter

----- Sone 28.11.08 23:52

backup my hard drive, design work in order to be portable back and forth to work.

----- Matthew Kolb 28.11.08 23:51

i’d store in music and multi tracks and photoshop and working files and pictures and movies and games and portfolios and animations and drum beats and guitar riffs and artworks and writings and softwares and homeworks and saved e-mails and saved youtube videos and my p.c my printer my camera and and ok you can’t store those.

----- Mai 28.11.08 23:44

I’d definitely use it for my design projects and huge flash files. These things are awesome.

----- Art 28.11.08 23:31

I’d throw some TV shows, movies, and music on it.

----- Dan 28.11.08 23:18

ahhhh, I’ve been wanting/needing an external HD O:

I’d put my computerized patternmaking work in it; Gerber files are quiiiite large D:
more music, definitely.
tons & tonnnnsss of photos. lol; can never have too many. ;D

wish there were a way I could put my paper patterns in here… hahaha

----- Aya 28.11.08 23:10

I would store all of the papers I have to read for my thesis!

----- Becky 28.11.08 22:39

Comic books—scanned and stored digitally!

----- Bill 28.11.08 22:37

I would love this to store my photos. Starting my new business this year, I’ve realized the importance of reliable data storage, and would love to have this…..hard drive is getting full!!

~Emiko ;)


----- Emiko Franzen 28.11.08 22:00

This seagate would be given lots of tender loving care and filled with design projects of all kinds (along with survey data…from my real(!) job!!

----- Bdev 28.11.08 21:22

One of the things I’d store on the Seagate FreeAgent is my university papers so I would be able to look back with fond memories on all the shitty English papers I’ve BSed my way through, including the one that caused my professor to tell me that he wanted to shoot my kneecaps off, and all the German essays in which I butchered the dear, phlegmy language. Also, I would store art. My older brother’s, which I adore and take care of and my own; which isn’t very good but is getting better. I would also store my music collection on it. My music is precious to me. According to my best friend, I am easily amused. She marveled that I don’t seem to care about the important things in life - like iPods and cellphones. Instead, I become deliriously happy about music and books.

----- Hahna 28.11.08 21:16

I would store backup of all my designwork.

----- Alicia M 28.11.08 20:53

I would use this to store all of my family’s photos safely. I want to digitize all of our old photos, from when my family first came to America to my sister’s recent wedding, and I know that I don’t have enough space for all of it.

----- sade 28.11.08 20:35

I’d store memories. Photos and videos of the kids.

And maybe a few illicit MP3s.

----- Darrel 28.11.08 20:14

That is such a GORGEOUS hard drive!! I’m practically drooling! I would store music, TV shows, important file back-ups (like my poetry and such) on it. Anything I want to make sure I have an extra copy of or want to be able to take on the go.

----- Leona D 28.11.08 19:40

I would put my animations on it.

To give you an idea what kind of space I use up, the 4 minute animation I’m working on right now is 20GB. That’s 5GB per minute of animation!

I could absolutely use this. Right now I have to toss the files for each animation after the final video is rendered. That’s pretty sad, because it means I can’t go back to them later and re-export in a different format if I want to. My animation rendered in Maya desperately needs another run through Final Cut, but I had to toss the files on my laptop, and the school cleared out our servers over the summer, so the file is gone! Very sad, very sad. If I had one of these, I wouldn’t have needed to clear out my copies of the files.

----- Kelly 28.11.08 19:37

I hope the hard drive is big enough… im going to put my bike in it…

----- Sean Leary 28.11.08 19:32

i would use it as a backup of a backup of my photography. (i still don’t trust those 1s and 0s).

----- isaac wasuck 28.11.08 19:10

finally, design catching up with technology…

----- Murry Goldstein 28.11.08 18:17

I would use it for storing telecine’d reels of super 8 that I shot. Uncompressed and hi-def of course.

----- Tibbsy 28.11.08 17:56

OMG! it’s like you’re reading my heart! You keep offering things i’ve been wishing for!

----- Tay 28.11.08 17:45

Why pretend? N.B.P. Nothing But Porn.

----- hill_w 28.11.08 17:28

my blogs
my poems
my music
my art
my life

----- kirsten chow 28.11.08 17:26

my macbook is an extension of my thighs, my iphone is my third ear and glued to my third eye, this would be my brainpack, allowing me to sleep at night that all of my thoughts are safe, backed up and cared for…better than a good year of therapy.

----- johanna 28.11.08 17:13

So, I could put all of me in it and throw it on the ocean so one day, someone will find it and know I existed… I would externalize myself and would mention notcot as being such a wonderful influence for over three years now!

----- Felipe 28.11.08 17:12

I would store all my school papers in here. i have BOXES and BOXES (half a closet full) of all the notes i have from pretty much every class i’ve taken in college (many years worth). I would like to scan ever sheet and then have an external drive specifically designated for all my school notes. its a nice compact and organized way to keep everything handly & i could recycle all my old paper notes. plus, an external drive would be much easier to find everything. best of all it would sure be nice to have all the closet space back.

----- ann 28.11.08 17:10

I’d store a selection frank sinatra, citizen cope and dj pilooski; my portfolio consisting of massive amounts of flv’s, swf’s and quicktimes. The latest recipes from bon appetite (Whattup Emily?). An install of cs3 since I got a new computer and haven’t installed it yet; and pictures of my sister’s doggy. Oh, and I’d download tons of episodes of Californication for the plane rides and more music… so as you can I see —- I’d put that bad boy to use.

----- eric finkelman 28.11.08 16:40

ALL my pictures…! I’m a photographer, so it would be so useful. A pleasant upgrade from my current storage capacity.

----- Lisa Read 28.11.08 16:40

i would be my digital cooler box. for all my digital beers :D

----- Hann 28.11.08 16:36

i don’t even know where to begin. my desktop is covered in so many not backed up (so bad, i know) layers of files that i can’t even remember what my wallpaper is. it’s been that long since i’ve seen it. i’d probably start by backing up my portfolio and getting it’s many linked images in order. then, music, movies, and photos, of course. wow, just the thought of having some order is amazing.

----- vanessa 28.11.08 16:31

I would put all of my work on it, currently i am finishing my 3rd year of interactive design at Lincoln university and desperately need one of these as all my work has filled up my computer, it would be one less thing for Santa to bring :)

----- Jocasta Isseyegh 28.11.08 16:22

satellite transmissions proving the existence of extraterrestrial life

----- Davneet 28.11.08 16:18

My macbook has an 80gb harddrive, with 60gb of music on it. I have no space for anything else really. I could really use the FreeAgent for all my large design project files.

----- Jared 28.11.08 15:56

this would be a wonderful addition to my new mac

----- logan 28.11.08 15:23

PS- My little brother would undoubtedly store nothing but video games and pictures and lightning fast, shredding metal (the kind he is trying to learn to play on his guitar) albums. You guys could be inspiring “Burning Metal“‘s first album (which includes him and two other 12 year-old friends). What do you say?

----- MLvS 28.11.08 14:53

I would put my life on it. Everything about me is on my computer, normal things from pictures and collage work to medical records and home heating profiles for different seasons.

I would find this device very reassuring as extra protection for my data.

Thank you

----- James-Ross Harrison 28.11.08 14:52

I am giving my little brother my old computer for Christmas and it only has a 40 gb Hard Drive (my family are total luddites, but he aspires to be otherwise!). He’s a tech savvy 12 year-old with no cool tech stuff around him. This would make an awesome gift, Santa NotCot!

----- MLvS 28.11.08 14:51

I’d use it to store my music my lyrics
my artwork my designs and everything that inspires me
basically I’d use it to store all my passions

----- Stoke 28.11.08 14:39

I would store my humble pie…so I do not have eat that often…hope the thingie is refrigerated!!

----- Chaz 28.11.08 14:26

pictures of oranges from different trees around the country.

----- JRameau 28.11.08 14:16

I would store university papers on it. My doctoral dissertation too.

----- Foo 28.11.08 14:10

Si tuviera tal capacidad y portabilidad, dejaría de lado mi notebook, net book, computador y handheld… el teléfono, jamas!

----- Kuno 28.11.08 14:05

In the morning, I’d store a mug of tea on it. By the afternoon, a scattered collection of papers, perhaps a magazine or two, maybe the odd bill. Those flat surfaces just accumulate that sort of thing in my world.

----- Alex Clifford 28.11.08 13:48

My lord - it’s beautiful. - I want one!.

----- tk3 28.11.08 13:47

I’d back up essential files for off-site storage.

----- no names 28.11.08 13:32

Lots and lots of family photos, which I’ve been turning into once-in-a-lifetime giftbooks for my delighted and slightly-awed relatives. “How did you make this?”

----- Steven 28.11.08 13:31

The blueprints to the Mormon Temple…

----- missybot 28.11.08 13:16

i want 500 Gig ;)
but anyway i’ll take it.

----- Jan 28.11.08 13:14

I’d give it to my brother.
I’m not sure as to what he’ll store in it though.

----- Lisa 28.11.08 13:11

all my Michal Jackson singles.

----- Nir Tober 28.11.08 13:00

I would toss my w^3 protfolio on it as well as what I am working on for clients.

----- S. Hannam 28.11.08 13:00

MY LIFE!!! My design portfolio, travel pictures, inspirational typography photos taken in all the cities I love, music, inspirational resources accumulated from my notcot friends. This hard drive would be WONDERFUL! HELP SUSTAIN MY DIGITAL ADDICTION!

----- wesley 28.11.08 12:49

I would store all of my work for school and some of my music in one place while I waste away at the library.

----- Sj. Green 28.11.08 12:46

I’d give it to my boyfriend so he has a place to store all of his artwork instead of deleting what doesn’t fit on his internal hard drive.

----- Cole 28.11.08 12:27

i’m a school librarian, i’d store all my unit plans on there! (i am such a DORK)

----- betsy f. 28.11.08 12:15

I was using my ipod to store files, but then it broke…so I guess I’ll store my old portfolio and whatever other files…

----- Alexis 28.11.08 12:03

I would store top secret government information on it.

----- Kat 28.11.08 11:49

Unicorns… i would store lots of unicorns

----- Ben 28.11.08 11:28

Me & my 320gb external:
I think that initially I would take it slow,i figure I would take it to Disneyland to break the ice, ride some teacups, cotton candy etc…as we got developed trust, i would begin to entrust it with my project files [AI, PS, AE & Final cut] and my completed works turning my little pocket friendly HD into a living collection of my blood sweat and tears. portable portfolio and safeguard. After which we would naturally record some fetishy techy design geek sex tapes and accidentally leave them somewhere unattended only to discover them stolen

----- Ben Harten 28.11.08 11:20

(to the tune of 12 days of christmas)

What I’d store on the hard drive If NOTCOT would pick me:
12(gigs) Graphic Novels
11(gigs) Works in progress
10 (gigs) Applications
9(gigs) Portfolio files
8(gigs) Stolen movies
7(gigs) Awesome Ebooks
6(gigs) Applications
5(gigs) Video games
4(gigs) Music files
3(gigs) Bookmarks
2(gigs) Illustrations
and a couple hundred more gigabytes free!

(*I only download (books and graphic novels at least) until I can afford them, there’s something wonderful about owning and reading a book)

----- Sarah 28.11.08 11:10

I would use it with my Time Machine and use the hard drive I’m using for Time Machine right now to put all my pictures and movies in it.

----- Miguel 28.11.08 11:02

woah.. the pictures of the drive almost made me wet…
i would store away my life in that sexy slim thing.
and when i die.. have it buried while my body gets cremated..
THAT way in the year 9000 cyborgs will have reliable data on us 2000-ers

----- Mariana 28.11.08 10:42

My mom, grandma, and I are working on putting together a digital family scrapbook with photos, video clips, audio clips, stories, etc. It would be awesome to use this to store all of our files and because its so small it would be easy to pass around so people could add their own photos and files!

----- Gita Vaysburg 28.11.08 10:25

My photos. A crapton of them. I mean, I guess I would have to start taking more…Hrmmmm chicken or the egg with this hard drive / photography?

----- thatkidthere 28.11.08 10:10

Store movies and finally relieve my ipod of being used as a storage device and use it for its intended purpose

----- THARAYIL 28.11.08 10:10

I’d use it as a night light for my kitties.

----- Makini 28.11.08 10:07

That’d be a real nice place to store all the video files I need to edit!

----- Lancecore 28.11.08 10:03

I’m studying abroad in Southeast Asia next semester, and my company has told me that I will need to back up my data often when typing assignments:
“From long experience we know that the risks of loss of data through virus infection or sudden loss of power are high at these sites [internet cafes], so we recommend that you back up frequently.”
I would like to use a small, highly portable external hard drive to back up my forty page final report and my thesis project; the Seagate Freeagent GO looks like an ideal option.

----- Eliz. M 28.11.08 09:53

work stuff… so i can work more than 40 hours a week at home

----- ciarah 28.11.08 09:44

I would store the progress of my younger sister in her music career. She may be only 12 but she performs, writes and records her own music, and shes becoming more of a rockstar every day. :)

----- Maxime 28.11.08 09:39

I’d start backing up the Wife’s MacBook, which to date has *never* had one done! I’m so bad about backups.

----- The Slapster 28.11.08 09:31

I’d totally save all my music onto it. That way I could spread the love, and show off the colorful lights :) And I’d save photos, work files, home files, file files, cool stuff I see on the web, awesome movies, all that great stuff that you should save… and a unicorn

couldnt be bothered to write my own so i copied someone elses

----- jameshoward 28.11.08 09:27

My life’s work!

----- Amanda Olson 28.11.08 09:23

I would store all my pictures and music files!

----- Chee 28.11.08 09:19

i would back up all my amazing music and art portfolio on it for safekeeping :)

love the lights also by the way!

----- Natalie Kay 28.11.08 09:12

Heaps and heaps of stolen music, audio books, and movies. Along with every single picture any of my friends or myself have taken. And pointless interesting things I find around the internet, with absolutely nothing of substantial value.

----- Joe Boland 28.11.08 09:08

Hamster Dance!

----- Morgan Grimes 28.11.08 09:05

A torrenter and mp3 junkies best friend

----- Rick 28.11.08 09:02

My collection of audio samples and Logic / Reason projects for on-the-go music production. (And season 1 of True Blood for entertainment.)

----- Sergio Robledo-Maderazo 28.11.08 08:58

food. for my brain.

----- Jonathan 28.11.08 08:56

My godson will be born in a few weeks. I would dedicate this hdd for him: adorable photos, videos etc. But I think it will be full in one year (sooner?), and then I wish to get new one next Christmas…

And on year 2026 I hope USB will still be around and he could enjoy all these memories on his 18th birthday.

----- Domas 28.11.08 08:23

My music collection and my comedic photoshopping of people/things at work

----- JHuck 28.11.08 08:16

Most likely I’d archive my old files to clear some room on the mac but if the kitty discovers it on it flat on the desk she’d sleep on top of it. Then she would wake up and swat at my mouse pointer or walk across the keyboard and head but my hand. Either scenario seems cute but it’s actually annoying.

----- Tatsuya Aoki 28.11.08 07:59

my extensive collection of music, ebooks, and half written word documents.

----- abigail 28.11.08 07:52

all my art school work i’ve worked on as a visual communication major!! and my photos that take up half of my computer space.

----- Jean 28.11.08 07:49

I would store virtual memories. And fruit. And ds games. And some knitting….

----- laney loo 28.11.08 07:47

uncompressed music! also, all my past PSD’s I need to archive.

----- random designer 28.11.08 07:30

If I won this I would store all of the pictures that I take. I love to take pictures, and I would hate to lose any of them if my computer ever crashed.

----- Megan 28.11.08 07:15

definitely my photos and music! and some games - lego starwars!

----- butterfrei 28.11.08 06:56

my enormous and ever-expanding collection of films, music and photos, of course..

----- goodcop 28.11.08 06:08

i really would need that. I’d put all my RAWs on it, and my photo wips!

----- teresa 28.11.08 06:05

That’s classified information.

----- Jenn 28.11.08 05:20

My backup files, I use windows, you know, I need backup, often, I format my system quite often. Or I could use it for my main HDD because it have more capacity than my 2 other HDD´s combined. Jesus I need a new computer. Well I must start from somewhere, the Royal Blue would be perfect to start with.

----- Daniel Segatto 28.11.08 04:38

Blackmail photos and other thingers. Need to conserve room aboard the TARDIS. 21st century gadgets memories are bulky.

----- Andrea 28.11.08 04:25

I would put down all my files for school!! and my photos and videos too of course!!

----- Katelin 28.11.08 03:11

all my pictures! cuz i have a lot!!!

----- Nicole 28.11.08 03:06

All my photographs….and my brain.

----- Jennifer Heyser 28.11.08 02:41

I’ll backup the 2 Macs and my girlfriend’s Acer in my flat.

These designs are stunning. If I don’t win, I think I’ll have to buy myself one for my birthday :)

----- Sergei Muller 28.11.08 02:29

well, i’d save all my industrial designs I have created…

----- Lenka 28.11.08 02:15

I must have clicked something foolish recently because I got some evil, evil malware on my laptop. I’d use this to back up my photos and files so my more tech-savvy (and slightly annoyed at the moment) boyfriend can wipe my computer and give me a fresh start!

----- erin 28.11.08 01:58

i’ll fill it up with an industrial amount of love ;D

----- samor 28.11.08 01:47

media from things I enjoy

documents about things I am passionate working with

memories of those I love

----- Ben D 28.11.08 01:42

I’d practically store whatever I’ve experienced in my life in it. And others’ as well.

A documentary? Perhaps.

Everybody has their stories to tell. I have mine.

----- Gary 28.11.08 01:14

I would give it to my little brother, he is an amazing digital artist but doesn’t have the money for a decent computer, this at least would allow him the space to save his work and maybe leave more room for software.

----- Matt 28.11.08 01:14

I would backup all my photos of my lovely little son Erik. Today I have all of them stored on a crappy old external HD from the early 2000-ish

----- Christian Schaffner 28.11.08 01:10

I would keep graphs I make for fun and my video files in it. And a backup for my writing.

And some love.

My laptop has 90% of the 74 gigs used up, right now. :(

----- Amara 28.11.08 00:41

MUSIC and the plethora of pictures I’m always taking. Also, I would take it out for the holidays and use it as decor. It’s beautiful lit up! I can hardly believe it’s something as “ordinary” as a hard drive!

----- Kenneth 27.11.08 23:59

If I won a Seagate Free Agent Pro….. I’d fill it up with music, movies. and school work….. lots and lots of school work.

----- Stuart 27.11.08 23:42

i’m speaking directly to your computer to see if she’ll pick me!

----- mark 27.11.08 23:32

320GB? I could probably store my life on the thing.
I maxed out my laptop and external drive and started saving my design/photo/art work on my school’s afp server and got chastised for taking up too much server space.

----- david k 27.11.08 23:32

I’d fill it with every memory and thought I(have/will) ever had

----- Brendan 27.11.08 23:30

I would totally store my portfolio on it. And then all the pictures that i take everyday. It would definitely be an item to cherish as it would contain hours of work and countless memories as well.

----- Justin 27.11.08 23:26

my cat

----- willow 27.11.08 23:22

i would store my life on it. Docs..etc.

----- antonio 27.11.08 23:20

ill take my huge psd’s with me to school instead of only jpg for editing on the go, always something to change before print, mo’ pics, tons of music.. and backup dear life.

----- Nir beit-av 27.11.08 22:57

music, pictures, photos, movies, documents

----- steven quach 27.11.08 22:56

I’d store 5000 photos that I still don’t take,
100000000 words of every kind
invaluable sounds from my city
4 movies my bestfriend made
1 documentary that I have to edit

----- Jose Luis Ayala 27.11.08 22:44


----- Edward 27.11.08 22:36

i’d give it to my brother, who literally has about that much in music files alone. his birthday is just days from christmas, and i’ve been shortchanging him for years. time to make up, even if he is a huge pirate.

----- judy 27.11.08 22:30

My school portfolio

----- Jeremy 27.11.08 22:12

I would put computer files on it.

----- Ryan 27.11.08 22:09

My dignity.

----- Lori 27.11.08 22:07



i need space…!!

----- phoebe 27.11.08 22:06

Audio recordings!

----- Tyson 27.11.08 21:53

I would most definitely store inspiration photos for makeup artistry, because that is what interests me most out of any career out there. I would also store all my music, which I am running out of room for on my current computer, because music is a motivation for me, as well as a fantastic way to procrastinate.

----- megan 27.11.08 21:51

since I’m an industrial design student in my senior year (yay!) I would use it to back up all my project files (solidworks files add up!) and put my portfolio on it :)

----- Amy T 27.11.08 21:42




----- Thananan P. 27.11.08 21:40

besides illegally downloaded music? papers, and pictures, and schemes for the future!

----- b 27.11.08 21:23

Id store my cad files, 3d models, music and movies :D

----- akrt 27.11.08 21:16

I’d use this gorgeous new hard drive to store images of my artwork (which I hope is equally gorgeous). High resolution documentation is becoming critically important for me.

----- Jason 27.11.08 21:14

I would finally start on backing up all of my childhood home movies along with all the family photo albums and restore them as best i could. I would also now have room to help with the huge files that come from the visual effects projects im starting to self teach myself in hopes of getting somewhere in life in that field of work.


----- Boback Vakili 27.11.08 20:45

pictures and songs, of course! : )

----- js 27.11.08 20:43

I would use this as a partition for linux.

----- Jose 27.11.08 20:25

i’d store all my precious / treasured pictures, files because i know that with seagate’s free agent go, these files are safe wherever i go.

----- mae 27.11.08 20:25

I love this hard drive!

I am learning new art forms (pencil, charcoal, water color, etc…) and want to mix it with photography to start doing fashion illustration. I was just laid off though and can’t afford to buy the hard drive space that I need to store my work on (need to pay for food and rent!).

I would use it to store my work on and start to digitize the work that I’m in the process of learning!

----- Brian 27.11.08 20:02

I would definitely store 320 GBs worth of ways to hurt my friend Jeremy and steal his new Deluxe Shag Master Creature Hoodie that he won in the NOTCOT giveaway…or llamas, I’d store llamas.

----- Jen 27.11.08 20:01

I would store all my love in it!

----- Enrigol 27.11.08 19:58

I’d attach it up to my mini and save the presentations and lecture notes for my class. Great way for a professor to carry his notes.

----- john 27.11.08 19:51

Why, my secrets and dreams of course.

And perhaps my Sufjan Stevens collection.

----- Casey Kuhn 27.11.08 19:48

Wow—-I would store my life on it—-my very, virtual life on it, I would store my real life on it also.

----- Melanie 27.11.08 19:42

I would def organize my insanity i call a desktop.

----- Jen 27.11.08 19:41

Ohh, it’s so pretty!

I would store all my music, movies and pictures on it! My poor computer just can’t keep up with all of it, and I can’t bear to delete anything! (I have a huge folder just full of fashion pictures I liked, and another of gift ideas >.

----- Jess 27.11.08 19:36

I’d store my grandma’s diaries. Two years ago I took a month long vacation to transcribe them so I could put together a book about her life.

Six months after that, someone broke into my car and stole my laptop.

Since then, I have learned the importance of baking things up OFFSITE. Ha?

----- rose 27.11.08 19:24

backup, backup, backup. photos, music and homemade movies :)

----- rachel 27.11.08 19:18

I’d store my LIFE!

----- Jessi Blackham 27.11.08 19:17

this is awesome

----- insolv1niac86 27.11.08 19:16

I need a drive like this. I am working on a Geographic Information Systems project trying to learn about the availability of local foods in the state of Maine. I have so many huge files of satellite images, excel files and government documents. This would make my life so much easier. I could take my music with me when I work in the lab and take the data home when I don’t feel like getting out of bed…. how about helping out a struggling college student working hard for an amazing non-profit company??? :)

----- Valerie 27.11.08 19:11

I will try to store my ego, but I think there is not enough space for that.

----- Marcello Prata 27.11.08 19:10

i’d store my design files and photos!

----- Rachael 27.11.08 19:07

I’d store my papers from school, my pics of my family, and my shows and movies.

----- Jessica P. 27.11.08 18:56

I’d probably put copies of my book onto it. The more hard drives it’s on, the better chance there is not to corrupt any files. Must protect the Invasion at all cost.

Check it out in January at www.comixpress.com or at my website monkey4sale.blogspot.com

Also, there are skateboards and shoes you can purchase at zazzle if you want more then the book.

That’s right, pimpin’ myself out!

So, I’d store my future livelyhood on it, and all it’s beautiful glory.

----- Conrad 27.11.08 18:31

I’d put my constantly growing list and notes of ideas and sources of inspiration. Music, websites, projects, pictures, etc…

----- dane 27.11.08 18:07

I would love the space to back up my photos of my family. I immigrated to America when I was five and have only been back to my birth country a few times, so it is important for me to keep the digital photographs of my family in a safe place. I’d like to carry them with me always to keep my culture and heritage close.

----- Memories Keeper 27.11.08 18:01

I will store my all design files (AKA my life) :)

----- trinh 27.11.08 18:00

I am doing financial econometrics work on how to best hedge inflation, and I have many gigs of data, research, regression calculations, etc, that I would very much like to back up. Since the economy most likely will not rally any time soon, my research may prove useful to my personal life too :)

----- J 27.11.08 17:56

Love this!

----- Tangelia 27.11.08 17:46

I’d backup my portfolio and photographs. Every time i dump my photos off my nikon d80 i fret, just a little, that my drive might fail me.

----- Ryan 27.11.08 17:21

Photos of course, entire albums of music, recipes, movies… this is so smart!

----- Vivian Quach 27.11.08 17:21

I’d put it under my pillow to capture my dreams.

----- Bud 27.11.08 17:17

Everything =P it’s bigger than my computer HD!

----- Susan Liang 27.11.08 17:04

I would store all the pictures, all the way back from 8th grade, that have been eating up storage room on my extremely slow computer

----- Sara McSmith 27.11.08 16:36

I’ll store
- 78 million copies of the NOTCOT gift guide
- One low-res picture of the favorite of my three children
- A text file that features ASCII art of a cat.

( actually, I’ll be backing up the fine art photography from my site at www.stuckincustoms.com )

----- StuckInCustoms 27.11.08 16:24

I would store my life digital acquisitions, which consist of my music, photographs and recipes collected over the years. This harddrive would then go into my safety deposit box. Just in case my place goes up in flames!

----- Genevieve 27.11.08 16:21

help me get uptodate with technology. im still using bulky cpu size hdd and those are not very cool to carry around

----- Hann 27.11.08 16:19

i would love to use the space for my new 8 mp canon

----- brandon 27.11.08 16:16

my package

----- jeff cheung 27.11.08 16:14

I’d use it for all the articles and web clippings about sales that I intend to read but never get to. What is this “porn” of which everyone speaks??? ;-)

----- SDB 27.11.08 16:05

photos of funny faces.
songs to dance to.
tried and true recipes.
the novel i’ve dreamed of writing.
research articles.
other work-related stuff.
scanned snail mail.

and the rest of my digital self.

----- lindsay 27.11.08 15:50

Im running out of space… real bad! i need this for my design projects

----- David 27.11.08 15:50

My Career~!
All my design and illustration work that resulted from four years of art school.
I’m running out of space on my laptop.

----- Tiffany 27.11.08 15:49

I would love this to be able to store all my recent graphic design projects. This is a way better option to back up and archive my work than printing them all out and putting them on multiple CDs. This would be GREAT!!!

----- Danielle Nastri 27.11.08 15:41

my mac’s overflowing hd files that need cleaned up and backed up incredibly bad before its free space dwindles from 10 to 0 and it crashes. Its so small so I could actually move more from my laptop and take the hard drive with it so I wouldnt feel like the files are gone or lost, which is what usually happens when I try to clean up the photos, music, pdfs, jpegs, docs, etc etc etc. :-)

----- Kate 27.11.08 15:41

Wow, with that much space what wouldn’t I put on it? Complete entertainment- music, images, movies, manga, anime anywhere! c|^_0p

----- Rick 27.11.08 15:32

I seriously have won nothing before, and would really like to get my hands on this. If only some charitable, cosmic spirit could hear my wish…

----- Eudaphoria 27.11.08 15:28

320 Gb ? Yeah it’s perfect for the storage of one full year of medias like photos, videos and other things who comes everydays. So on one year, 1 Gb each day and left 6 days without coputing. Perfect for me !

----- Kino 27.11.08 15:26

Half of my hard drive on my laptop is music, and I’m afraid that one day (a day like October 4, 2007), my computer will die and I will loose all my music. Because I am an idiot, I still have not purchased an external hard drive. In conclusion, I would store music, and all my photo compositions that I do for my website.

----- Tricia 27.11.08 15:19

What would I store on it? The dissertation I am currently working on and all of my related data.

----- Krista 27.11.08 15:18

I would fill it full of excitement, pain, joy, beauty, fear, destruction, and love. Everything I need to create.

----- Mark Britton 27.11.08 15:08

music…… lots and lots of music….

----- karlaanne 27.11.08 14:52

Wow, 320 GB. That should be enough to back up all of my photos and important files, and most of my music.

----- Emmie 27.11.08 14:51

All of my life

----- Eduardo 27.11.08 14:51

id put pins in it :)

----- ninja9 27.11.08 14:36

Episodes of Transformers, they are more then meets the eye.

----- Josh Webb 27.11.08 14:18

I’m most likely to store my .psd files and photos. I would make two partitions and use one of them as a pagefile for photoshop. The blue color would go great with my blue laptop.

Happy Thanksgiving!

----- Don 27.11.08 14:08

This seagate is beautiful. Not only that, but they are well known as being reliable. I love that this hard drive is not just a boxy thing to hide, bu in fact stands on it’ own as part of a beautiful office decor. In fact, I would use this to store my designs, photography, music, and video. I’m a huge fan of the EyeTV for recording my daily dose of trashy television, and there is never enough room to store them! How perfect they would go on such a beautiful external hard drive that makes its own style statement.

----- RubyGrrl42 27.11.08 14:03

id store my 1209382103981243 photographs and art projects !

----- jennifer 27.11.08 13:56

I feel I’m commenting from the back of a bandwagon here, but this is exactly what I need for my obsessive image hoarding. Give me pictures of any aesthetic grade and I’m set for a morning of figure painting and general artsy wonder!
On a more holiday friendly note, I know of a few people who would enjoy unwrapping this.

Thanks for your hard design pioneering guys!

----- Elise 27.11.08 13:48

wow, this drive looks so pretty! i would use it to store all my music on it.

----- pamela w. 27.11.08 13:45

Well it would match the contents stored on it. Beautiful, can handle large things, sexy, soft, and can easily turn it on with a flick of my finger.

----- Joey 27.11.08 13:42

I’d store a second copy of my thesis work and mp3s…

Don’t know why, but for some reason my files have been mysteriously disappearing off my current external hard drive!

----- Nancy 27.11.08 13:31

I would store my future files on it

----- Jo Chan 27.11.08 13:19

My mother’s photo photo library for her paintings. Over 3 thousand photos from 7 different countries and not a single backup because “it takes to long to burn backups” -_-

----- Stephanie Krause 27.11.08 13:18

I would store all my RAW images and music on it!

----- nikita 27.11.08 13:17

I need this and want this so bad! I have way too many files and no way to store them. And my I pod got stolen out of my purse and so now none of my music that i have spent years acquiring is backed up. And I recently got a virus on my computer and had to take it in and my entire keyboard and mouse stopped working. I recently asked my parents for a external hard drive and they decided that is was not a worthy enough gift for me and instead got one for themselves. And I have my entire life’s work of essays, photos, artwork, movies, designs, music, compositions and basically my entire life on my computer and this would help me so much. And I love NOTCOT! it makes my day brighter seeing all the new posts!

----- Olympia 27.11.08 13:14

all those bookmarks, links notcot provides me 24/7. not to forget the family pics and videos. probably would need more of this to store my entire life on it. for the future generation… but lets start with thisone first. give it to meee

----- Roland Bango-Fi 27.11.08 13:04

I’d make the little bright blue hard drive my best friend. He’d help me sort through my life and always be there for me, like a best friend should. We’d share music together and we’d both have the same favorite movies. Whenever I’m feeling glum I can always call up ol’ Seagate FreeAgent to watch episodes of Arrested Development with.

He’d be the best travel companion anybody could wish for, always ready to go and loves pictures as much as I do. He’d store all of our great memories together so we can look back on them later and remember the adventures had on the many trips we’d go on, since I like to travel a lot.

He’d be my personal assistant and secretary, organizing my important documents for work and school, but he’d never let our work relationship interfere with our friendship.

Please, NotCot. I just want a friend. I’m really quite lonely, spending my nights cooped up in my tiny apartment watching reruns of Top Chef in the dark by myself. I need the little guy’s twinkly display to light up my bleak and empty days.

----- Kimmy 27.11.08 13:01

the real question is, what WOULDN’T i store on it? i would use it back up my life; just in case i ever get amnesia.

----- Kristina C 27.11.08 12:57

I’m sure there is someone out there who deserves or needs this more than me but I will say this: I’ve just spent all my saving on a new home and I have a crappy job that I’m starting school to try and fix. My computer is not the most reliable thing in the world and if I had this drive I would back up all my photos of my house projects, all the music I’ve ever created and all the music from my library. It would give me incredible peace of mind to know my hard work is safe.
Have a great holiday from New Orleans

----- Ryan Vernotico 27.11.08 12:55

i want it!
i need it!
i started uni this year and could do with the back up.

----- vix 27.11.08 12:55

I would use this to store my music and photographic evidence of my journeys.

----- Selah 27.11.08 12:35

ive been recording the puppy stream and need a place to store all the video

----- Will G 27.11.08 12:28

I’d put my artwork on it! That and my music. If I ever lose all my music, I don’t know what I’ll do.

----- Jessica 27.11.08 12:27

the massive amounts of photos that are on the verge of causing my computer to crash.

----- Nichole B 27.11.08 12:26

I would use this to store my new baby boy’s (born Nov 20th) photos and videos. I plan on taking tons of photos.

----- Shelly 27.11.08 12:12

All the things that make my life so complicated!
Homework assignment, my photography and snapshots, my expanding music collection, all of the graphic design work I’ve been creating in my spare time, as well as the many, many photographs and pieces of design that I find on the web and drag into the “Inspiration” folder on my desktop! 3,428 items and it’s growing every day!

----- Kelcey 27.11.08 12:11

That is stunning. Would I be a geek if I took it with me..everywhere?

----- ladflow 27.11.08 12:10

well, I would store my iTunes library, zune library and lots of family photos! I definitely NEED one of these! Happy holidays!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

----- Michele P. 27.11.08 12:08

Wobble wobble bibble bobble, DIG DUG!

----- Lazarou 27.11.08 11:53

i’d put my choons on it, if only to avoid the misery of listening to idiotic radio djs all day.

oh, and my porn.

----- Vince 27.11.08 11:52

pictures, sketches, and designs for my clothing line!

----- francis 27.11.08 11:47

I would use it to organize my life. For my sanilty, I’d start with a data backup (livin on the edge right now). For my ears, I’d add a little Chopin/GirlTalk/Oasis/OkGo. For my eyes, I’d add a little Nip/Tuck and Battle Star Glactica. For my brain, I’d store my (perpetually in-progress) Solidworks projects. For nostalgia, I’d add some pictures. And for my aspirations of webdesign, I’d store my tutorial creations. This beauty would make me a happy girl (or whoever wins this contest!).

----- Gillian 27.11.08 11:44

On such a gorgeous devise? My most precious pictures, beautiful music, my best artwork & anything visualy ispirational.

----- Ela 27.11.08 11:42

i would use this to store my graduate work.
this is crazy time for me because of holidays, and graduation show preparation.
it would help me to organize and back-up files right!
beautiful design!!!! wish i could have one!!!!

----- rachel k. 27.11.08 11:41

I would proably make a ‘cool stuff’ folder and save loads of really random but nice images on it.

----- James V 27.11.08 11:33

Definetly Porn. Lots of it!
I’m a big fan of Andrew Blakes work! Some say his movies are boring and oh so 90s, but it’s definetly not! It’s art. The work of a maestro. And maybe i’ll save some twisted fetish stuff by Gwen Media, for the darker moments. I’ve always loved the Ivy Manor Series.
I’ll promise to create the biggest and most weird porn collection ever stored on a 320gig HD! :D

----- madeleine 27.11.08 11:29

These are gorgeous. Perfect for a backup. Mmmmmmm.

----- mb 27.11.08 11:27

such a beautiful product

----- Ryan 27.11.08 11:24

thats so sweet

----- christopher Pereira 27.11.08 11:19

I would put my music and video collection on it.
As well as my many pictures of my kitty Quincy.

----- John Holman 27.11.08 11:15

I’d use it as swapping space to keep my notebook HD slim.

----- Markus 27.11.08 11:13

I would put all of my music on it, and also a PDF of the complete Calvin & Hobbes.

----- Kevin 27.11.08 11:05

The Seagate FreeAgent GO is on my wish list! I would be so happy if I won! :D

What would I store on it? My insane collection of Notepad notes to myself…digital pictures of my family and friends that I’ve been saving since the turn of the century…my growing list of Internet bookmarks (I’ve controlled myself and now have only about a hundred)…and finally, I’d find a way to store my undying gratitude! :)

----- Valerie 27.11.08 11:02

Life’s fleeting moments captured and stored for future years of enjoyment. From the rocking front row concert to my baby niece’s every firsts.

----- jonaha 27.11.08 11:02

I would use it to do what I’ve always wished I had the space for—take photos of everything I see every day that inspires me and catches my attention.

----- Claire 27.11.08 11:02

You know that movie Glitter? I would save each frame as a jpg and load in on there. Then I would randomize the order, project it, and play the frames at normal speed.

----- nickstar 27.11.08 10:58

PORN! 320G’s of PORN! All types of PORN! PORN PORN PORN!
Merry Christmas!

----- Erik 27.11.08 10:46

I’d keep my tea in it :-)

----- Calum MacAulay 27.11.08 10:46

i would store all my recording arts work on there along with home videos and all my mp3

----- Joseph 27.11.08 10:45

on a seagate freeagent i would store a store of things! one big store for one big storage device. i would carry that store of storage proudly in my brest pocket and say seagate thanks for making it possible that i can store a store in my brest pocket!

simply put…

seagate storage stores, simply, superly, specificaly spontaneously, everything!

----- peter girgis 27.11.08 10:42

OMG! I love this!! this is so pretty I love th eblue one and white one!!

----- Goma+sachie 27.11.08 10:37

This would be an awesome gift for my mom since she started performing chinese opera on stage. She films every rehearsal and record every song she sings, which is a lot, so it takes up quite a lot of room in her laptop. Its such a waste to burn a dvd every single time, plus she can store everything up herself and bring it to her office and bring it home whenever she wants; and not have to wait until my dad is free to help her burn a dvd.

----- Pitka 27.11.08 10:36

mostly textures for my illustrations, almost 80 gig worth and building.

----- Devon 27.11.08 10:33

I would put all of my freelance graphic design projects on it so it won’t clog up my macbook’s HD!

----- Dane Lincoln 27.11.08 10:33

I could use it to absolutely save my life (work) in case of a computer disaster, fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, or angry girlfriend deleting my harddrive!

----- Carl Heindl 27.11.08 10:30

I’d backup NOTCOT, create a website, call it TOCTON, publish everything and get FAMOUS and RICH!!!

ops, you didn’t read this, Jean!

----- rafael 27.11.08 10:26

I’d put in 320 html pages of NOTCOT posts… But i would still be missing 30 more pages! …and its a never ending task!:)
Great Work NOTCOT!

----- Pedro Almeida 27.11.08 10:21

I would use this awesome-looking hard drive to store musicmusicmusic and also more music.

----- kathryn 27.11.08 10:19

Gigs and gigs of t-shirt designs, scans of ink drawings and 6 cups of unicorn blood.

----- Justin Kamerer 27.11.08 10:17

Id backup all of my school work and portfolio. All of that stuff is just stored onto my computer.

----- Wilson 27.11.08 10:15

I would store alllll of my pretty art, music, movies and lots of cute pictures! I would also keep it warm and cozy during flu season.. no viruses please.

----- drewie 27.11.08 10:11

The Great American Novel I’ve been meaning to write, er, get around to, I mean, think about doing. Oh what the heck, I’ll settle for a safe place to store all my pictures of my lovely kitties! And THEN I’ll go about writing that novel- no procrastinator here!

----- Tim 27.11.08 10:07

I’d store all of the different personal and work projects I work on at the same time, so I can have them with me and work on them anywhere.

----- Alejandro Chavetta 27.11.08 10:01

I’d use it to store all my high-rez pictures that I have taken of the Canadian Sasquatch.

I’ve had these pics for years, but I had no way to transport them all to Time Magazine’s world headquarters!!!

I’ll finally be able to share my pics with the world!!!

----- jeff 27.11.08 09:53

high bitrate psychedelic furs discography

and annotated mockups

----- bennn 27.11.08 09:48

320 gigs means I can store a whole embarrassing amount of my photoshop files… most taken during irrelevant moments in New York like shopping rushes or hotel guest arrivals. Also, funny cat videos. I can never get enough of funny cat videos.

----- Cyn 27.11.08 09:46

I would fill this with my trip to Russia this summer.
Keep those memories safe and sound.

----- Jesse 27.11.08 09:44

I’d back up my photos.

----- Sung 27.11.08 09:43

I’d love love love one of these, to store all my digital photographs and also photos of my artwork. I’m an artist and I also love photography and my work is saved up on a lot of CDs and DVDs. To put it all in one handy accessible place would be awesome!

----- Laura Wattles 27.11.08 09:41

I would store my passions: music and photography

----- Mike Reis 27.11.08 09:37

I would store EVERYTHING muahahahaha

----- Anais 27.11.08 09:36


----- JAE MORRISON 27.11.08 09:35

I’ll store the usual pictures and music, and also all the documents, sketches, plans etc. I’m going to make during the next five years of architecture school.

----- Denise 27.11.08 09:35

What a wonderful color - this would match my favorite scarf! I would store my music - I’m scared to death of a computer malfunction deleting all of my hours spent (wasted, really) in precise OCD organization.

----- Anna 27.11.08 09:35

320G worth of Rule 34…and even then it would be too small! Damn you internet! Damn you to hell!

Or maybe I would gut it and make it into a cigarette case like all the cool kids are doing these days with electronics. Then all of you haters would weep for my blatant disregard for the progress of technology!

Or youtube myself with it in a series of progressively mundane activities but with a techno song playing as the score and become the last great youtube phenomenon of the 2008 year.

So many dreams. So many possibilities. Make it happen.

----- kyle 27.11.08 09:33

oh man… schoolwork… work work… pictures, all my music, things i desperately need to back up and/or would be nice to be able to carry with me… drool!

----- xue 27.11.08 09:31

I’d digitalize all my vinyls storing them on the harddrive.

----- Kim 27.11.08 09:28

My laptop just died, confirmed permanently dead :( so if the computer whizz guy can rescue my data I’d put it all on here. 320 GB would hold a lot of photos, music, college work, portfolio. Please have pity on me I could do with some technology that works and looks pretty! :)

----- missmilki 27.11.08 09:24

What is it? But I love it!!!

----- KatieJo 27.11.08 09:17

I’d put my design portfolio on it, along with music, and maybe some other stuff I want to keep secret and safe, like my digital One Ring to Rule them All…>.> Digital Gandalf was very specific…

----- Wyley 27.11.08 09:14

everyone wants to store porn, damn! they beat me to it. okay, classy high budget porn! yeah, be specific. pictures of food would be awesome, food is my best friend.

----- labraji 27.11.08 09:10

I would store e-holiday decorations year round on it and excitedly take them off on December first. 320 gigs of Twinkle Lights and Giant inflatable reindeer!

----- rob laliberte 27.11.08 09:10

I’d put all my pictures on it so that I could give them to everyone i know just by hooking them up.

----- Dylan Tedaldi 27.11.08 09:07

what about that collection , dvd rip of lost , my 200 movies to bring to my friens house o my girlfriend nights , oh lala , i need one that slim and sleek . hell yeah!

----- jorge larios 27.11.08 09:01

World peace…?

----- coleo 27.11.08 09:01

If I won this I’d put my entire life on it!

----- Josie 27.11.08 08:59

i’d put my left foot in, i’d put my left out, i’d put my left foot in and shake it all about!

but in all seriousness, all that fantastic space would be dedicated to the storage of my photography and music… the two things nearest and dearest to me on my computer right now.

----- joanne 27.11.08 08:58

I would store a variety of movies and music on it

----- Jim 27.11.08 08:51

What wouldn’t i store on it!?!??!! 100’s of photos of my puppies, my travels, my hubby…. all my creative files (to keep up with my deadlines and still be out of office for holidays)… favorite music (cause i definitely can’t even afford a ipod)….


----- Natalie 27.11.08 08:44

As a soon-to-be college art student I would have a LOT to store on there:
-a digital version of my portfolio
-copies of the rest of my art, so they’re easily found
-ALL of my music (since college students have the best taste in music!)
-photos of my family/friends that I won’t be able to see as often :(
-different kinds of inspiration I take from internet sources (Like NOTCOT!)
-All those stupid lolcats that I love. :-P
-Videos I’ve taken of funny things in school/at work. (I work in a comic shop, it’s crazy!)
-Ideas for websites (because EVERYONE has to have a website!)
-Reports, projects, term papers, etc.
-Recipes, because watching Food Network obsessively just isn’t enough
-Links to everything, from art to comics to science to just plain awesome things like NOTCOT.
-And much, much, more! (Because I can’t think of anything else right now, but theres probably a LOT more!)

I’m so excited about this one!

----- Laura 27.11.08 08:42

most probably for the photos i take … at the moment i just scatter them around on various drives :/

----- Lisa 27.11.08 08:36

..whatever Satan asks me to

----- GLAMNATION 27.11.08 08:34

Musica Electronica, It’s more fun to Compute!

----- Steven 27.11.08 08:16

would definitely serve as a digital closet for tons of mp3’s and jpG’s…

----- Joe M. 27.11.08 08:15

I’d put everything in it!
320GBs sure can do the job!

----- Álvaro Éfe 27.11.08 08:06


----- Chris 27.11.08 08:06

Family pics, music, total backup of computer boot drive in case of catastrophic failure.

----- Arthur 27.11.08 08:05

papers, pictures, prairie dogs

----- Stephen 27.11.08 08:03

Videos of my pug chasing my cats, edited to drum and bass music. That stuff takes up so much space!

----- Julius 27.11.08 07:56

I would put all my pictures and reports.

And “secret” documents… and super secret recipes.

And graphs!

----- Steph 27.11.08 07:53

Sweet jams and awesome movies. And some boring design work stuff.

----- Tony 27.11.08 07:52

I would use it to hold my plans for world domination!


and lol cat pictures

----- Chris 27.11.08 07:43


----- Gus Liedke 27.11.08 07:42

I’d store my offline copy of Notcot for viewing when no internet connection is available.

----- Mat 27.11.08 07:40

i’d store these little guys…


----- belle 27.11.08 07:37

I’m a graphic designer, and I often need to take work home… I am always lugging around my big fat external drive in my backpack… this would be a lifesaver!!!

----- Eric 27.11.08 07:32

music needs a place to stay.

----- brad 27.11.08 07:31

I would like to store my upcoming, groundbreaking, invention on this thing…
If you’ll give it to me I will give you (the world) the invention…

----- Gustaf 27.11.08 07:31

I’d put my life on it.

----- Vaughan Holt 27.11.08 07:30

If I had this I’d get the initiative clean up my desktop from the a clutter of reference photos and project files.

----- Sean C. 27.11.08 07:17

Sometimes, i work at home. So I must Sync the work between office and home. And Music, cant live a day without my favorite songs. And i update my music database frequently, from friends and co-worker, so a big portable disk is great. And favorite application installers also, Firefox extension… things like that

----- mikenj 27.11.08 07:16

I’m pretty certain everything on my computer could fit on that…

----- Rachel 27.11.08 07:14

I got lots of pictures and little promotional movies I made at my internship that needs to come home to join the rest of my portfolio. Damn, that HD is HAWT

----- Mary 27.11.08 07:09

As a student, I have SO many papers saved on my macbook- I have been eyeing this bad larry for some time now to store my papers on so I have room to upload all of my music!

----- Kendra N. 27.11.08 07:04

My collection of rare badger photos.

----- John 27.11.08 07:03

This would definitely come in handy in archiving my photos. My current external is on its way out (grinding sounds are typically not good), and after spending all my money on lenses, I don’t have any to cover the issue of media storage. :(

----- Ronald Nause 27.11.08 06:57

The first thing it would help with is saving images after visiting every link off of this little site called NOTCOT.ORG! It would also come in handy for portfolios, reports, my dreams, pictures, my doubts, new ideas, and drawings I make with my BAMBOO tablet I purchased because of NOTCOT.ORG (its a good site you should check it out).

----- Noel Taylor 27.11.08 06:46

Use it as storage for my future Eee PC

----- Kramer 27.11.08 06:43

WOW!!!! I so want the red and the blue one! I can’t believe you guys are giving this! I need to by a new one so its might just come as good as it gets! My designs take to much space in my hard drive and need backup, badly!

----- Mathieu 27.11.08 06:41

I’d stuff it with goodies for the winter. And let it sleep ‘til spring.

----- Alex 27.11.08 06:28

My daughter is leaving for Israel for 5 months, then college for ever… I’d put all the stuff I want her to have: words of wisdom, photos of her in our family since born, readings for critical moments, quotes to survive with, images to inspire and sustain, oh and family recipes and how tos.

----- Paul 27.11.08 06:26


----- Dhani 27.11.08 06:19

This would totally become my ‘take with me everywhere’ drive. How can you not want to show off something that sexy! There’s no way this will sit hidden like my backup drives. Photography, school work and just plain cool shit will reside on this drive :)

----- Ian 27.11.08 06:12

I recently lost my previous life when my macbook HD died. The year spent abroad, music, films, work, everything. Don’t want that to happen again. Would use it as a backup and for all the movies and photos I love and want to keep.

----- Helen 27.11.08 06:11

I would carry all my music and media projects on it to completely go mobile!

----- Christopher Sullivan 27.11.08 06:04

I’ll use it as a Christmas tree toy, like I will with the rest of my shiny hardware :P

----- Oleksandr Shturmov 27.11.08 06:04

I’d probably store all my ideas. Whenever I have an idea or something, I type it down. I must have millions of ideas/lists/wishes I never got around to following through (maybe if my storage was portable, hmm ;)). Another way would probably be the photos for my 1 photo a day project and my strangers project!

----- Pau 27.11.08 05:59

My boyfriend and I both quit our jobs at the marketing firm that we worked at and have moved to Paris, France. There is never enough space on either of our computers for my design work or his web stuff… not to mention the lack of actual space that we have in our pea sized apartment here. We would love this to help organize our new life!!

----- Vanessa Dempsey 27.11.08 05:57

store pictures of me and my boyfriend (i am chinese my bf is black/puerto rican/indian) so my mother won’t snoop through my computer and find pictures of us and try to disown me like she tried last time.

----- tammi 27.11.08 05:53

What would I put on it? Nothing. It’s beautiful so I’d simply display it on my desk.

----- David Riesenberg 27.11.08 05:48

I’d put my Master’s thesis and all it’s many accompanying drafts on it.

----- Lindsey Joyce 27.11.08 05:47

i’d put digital photos of my daughter and send it off to my mother for Christmas who lives 8h away so she could see tons of pictures of her furthest granddaughter.

----- Kathleen 27.11.08 05:44

I would use this to store all my pictures from my travels in South America, Africa, and India. Bahamas and Europe pretty soon!!! =) I am an obsessed traveler…. But I am a poor college student. =(

----- Bijal 27.11.08 05:44

All of my architectural research files! a whole lot of gigabytes…..

----- Fede G 27.11.08 05:41

I’d absolutely love this because my best friend would die for a beautiful/practical computer accessory like this. And if I won it for him he’d owe me a lifetime of massages. (win/win situation)

Thus I can’t say what I’d store on it because I’d give it away. But I’m guessing he’d fill it with episodes of 2 and 1/2 Men, movies, games and naturally, porn. What more does one need?

----- Emily 27.11.08 05:40

i’d definitely back up all my work and portfolio pieces for studio!

----- ashley 27.11.08 05:32


I would keep it in mint condition on a shelf in the box. Then one day when i am very old i will sell it to a museum for an undisclosed sum and buy my self a hover car.

----- james 27.11.08 05:30


----- Scott 27.11.08 05:26

i would store my life or all my schoolwork, since i’m in university i’ve done a lot of work and my macbook pro is running out of space and he’s kinda slow, so it will be probably helpful to have an external hard drive!.


----- Olivier 27.11.08 05:21

Records converted to mp3s

----- Morgan 27.11.08 05:14

the tens of thousands of images i manage to save every year which i find inspiring in one way or another

----- ricci coughlan 27.11.08 05:11

I’d store…

all my digital memories from my round the world trip on it
my photos
my blog backup
my stories and articles
the people i meet and the music we share

the pink one btw. would perfectly fit my sony cybershot and I’d be a really flashy girl travelling the world :-) with enough storage place to bring home memories to share with everyone!

----- Lea 27.11.08 05:10

I’m curious if this will be the comment that will get this awesome storing device. Now to respect the rules of this giveaway and increase my chances ( and maybe win something this time ) let me tell you what I will store on it.

In the last 3 years since I’ve started to work on the web I’ve gathered a lot of materials ( video tutorials, seminars, audio books, pdf books, etc ) and I would like something like this to have all of them in a secure place. Right now I’m storing these files on two separate computers, and is better when you have all the info in one place, ordered.

That’s all, short and simple !

----- Michael 27.11.08 05:06

I’ll store all my memories from Japan (and the new ones) because the time there is really precious to me ^_^

----- Madness 27.11.08 05:01

Be carefull mac users, this specific model is only compatible with Microsoft XP/Vista.

----- daniel 27.11.08 05:01

Oh my god, this thing looks so awesome that my mind was just wiped blank for a minute! What to put in it? What to do with it… think, think! Photos and videos of special people, places, and projects I think.

----- Sandra 27.11.08 05:00

I’d sell it and buy a bigger (but not so fancy) and cheaper one and I’d give the rest of the money for something useful. Something like xmas presents for orphans in my community or old folks’ home…

----- Marin 27.11.08 04:57

O wow if I could move my music collection over here from my old external i could free up so much space! …er… 320ish gigs, to be exact…. but i’d move my design work off my hd and over to that space when i get back from studying abroad (or two!) in january

plus then i wouldn’t hear those unsettling clicking noises from the ol’ iomega whenever i play music :/

----- Alex 27.11.08 04:48

Life, my Universe, and Everything.

----- SteveB 27.11.08 04:47

I’d take a photo a day of the harddrive - some in light, some in dark - and then store the collection on the drive itself; chronically it’s use and the ever changing dynamic light display over time.

----- Nathan 27.11.08 04:35

Jolly neat.

----- McConnell 27.11.08 04:33

My boyfriend currently lives in england I’m always sending him photos and artwork I’ve made for him over the net as well as mixed CD’s, Those i send in regular mail though. This would be nice to put a bunch of photos, artwork, & music on so i can mail it to him so he has a place to store all the stuff i send him over the net.

----- Mercy 27.11.08 04:32

i could probably store my whole life in there and still have 349,8 GB left. hey, i’m a simple guy :-)

----- vasco 27.11.08 04:32

i want this sweety :)

----- Zoran 27.11.08 04:31

I’d transfer much of the data on my current computer so I’d have room to defrag.

----- Spears 27.11.08 04:29

I would put a (small) part of the world on it.

----- React 27.11.08 04:26

i will put all my files into it.

----- apol 27.11.08 04:02

This looks like a good place to store every musical ever.

----- leah 27.11.08 03:57

I would store all my aesthetic drugs for the brain!

----- Hugo Pereira 27.11.08 03:51

I’d put a set of 1 & 0 photos taken from flickr in order to build the sequence of bit that represents one photo of me and this hard-disk.

What a wonderful waste of space would it be…


----- Ghisa 27.11.08 03:42

I’d store the billions upon billions of assignments I’m given for school… or my massive collection of porn


----- Phyllis 27.11.08 03:41

Surely not my time machine backups. That thing is too nice to stay on a desk at home! I think i’d put my Mad Men episodes on it. And a bit more, of course…

----- GREG 27.11.08 03:33

I’d put all the design work im piling up at uni, some music and maybe some backups - being honest! ;)

----- Tom 27.11.08 03:31

All the conspiracy files that prove the theories that man wasn’t on the moon in ‘69, that Justice do perform live plugged to “reality”, that JFK is still alive and going to nightclubs, and that Santa Claus does exist and wasn’t just a product of Coca-cola marketing. Oh wait… Santa doesn’t exist?

----- Target 27.11.08 03:17

I’d probably put my episodes of The Adventures of Pete and Pete on it…and Sims2, yeah, that’s what I’d do. Those two things slow my laptop to a crawl sometimes, but I just can’t live without them. Pete and Pete are my favorite people named Pete…

----- Cassandra 27.11.08 02:58

I would give it to my hubbie, so he could start store all he’s fabulous work on digital and also i could finely convince him that yesss technology nowdays is thattt advance!!!

----- Anisa 27.11.08 02:53

I need something handy to backup my computer!!

----- ChrisB 27.11.08 02:52

sugar, spice & everything nice ♥

----- Agata 27.11.08 02:50

oops … forgot something … work data, university stuff

----- Sascha 27.11.08 02:37

wow … that’s great … wanna have one of these

----- Sascha 27.11.08 02:35

I would definitely use it as my portable office for my developing non-profit organization. I could store all the legal documents I usually have to carry around with me, website formats and all the information about the projects that we’re going to be monitoring.

I could include more information if someone (a mod?) needs it for legit purposes, but I don’t want to post it on a public forum.

----- Emily M. 27.11.08 02:32

Oooh, those colours are just amazing (and pretty!). I currently have a collection of small portable drives that I take with me when I travel to store photographs (I take over 4500 in one trip - crazy, yes!) but I have never exclaimed to them how pretty they are. Would love to start up a collection of these to be able to identify the different photography projects I have on the go.

----- Natalie 27.11.08 02:30

probably going to use it to store music, work and videos.

----- van 27.11.08 02:24

my life….my music, my videos, my memories and the photos that accompany them. My daughters first words, the mess she created when we first gave her control of the spoon.

----- Raztus 27.11.08 02:18

I would definitely use it for my music collection

----- Jonathon Yule 27.11.08 02:07

That’s just the perfect place i’d put all my backed up dvd movies. To watch them again, and again ;)

----- Miki 27.11.08 01:49


----- Jason 27.11.08 01:47

Joy and happiness.

----- Jon 27.11.08 01:46

i’d store my personality, i’m not that complicated.

----- steven 27.11.08 01:45

anything I wouldn’t like other to see in my mobile.

You know…it’s not uncommon here for peeking each other mo-phone here. You’ll be considered rude if not letting people see your newly bought stuffs.

----- Georgina 27.11.08 01:38

Time machine back up! And all my mighty boosh episodes!

----- Ohmylung 27.11.08 01:37

I would use it for building portfolio high res pics (industrial design projects take up a lot of room ifyou want the pics to be good enough to project), and or inspiration and technique pics that i want to eventually use to make or incorporate into my portfolio pieces.

----- Erin 27.11.08 01:29

I’m in the middle of filming a short film right now and about 20 minutes ago I uploaded 2 scenes I filmed today to my computer and I realized that I don’t have a lot of room now in my computer. This would really help me out cause I would add old files I don’t need from my computer to this sweet looking hard-drive. I have a hard-drive that’s currently FULL of school film projects I did and on my Macbook Pro I only have 4.76 GB available. Having this would be a big help for me and my computer. Thanks you guys!
Happy Thanksgiving.

----- Dennis Munoz 27.11.08 01:26

my diary

----- ju 27.11.08 01:23

i’ve been wanting one of these for some time now, would like to store all of my work on it.

----- Seán 27.11.08 01:12

I am dating a DJ and his music has taken over my computer. I know he needs one of these, I would be a great Christmas present. Thanks!

----- Sevin 27.11.08 01:10

Hmmm, what would I store on it…. probably not a cot. get it….lol

----- Marc 27.11.08 01:07

music and backup some stuff. my computer is dying.

----- j.chang 27.11.08 01:07

i’d make two folders in it. one called “JUNK” the other called “WINNING ENTRY”. i’d place every othre comment on this page in the “JUNK” folder. then i’d place mine, in the “WINNING ENTRY” one.

then i’d make a folder called “CHEESE”, and place both other folders in that one.

----- Ricardo 27.11.08 01:02

Pondría mi curso on-line de inglés. ¡Quiero saber inglés ya para que NOTCOT me sorprenda visualmente y tambien en sus textos!

----- Miguel Martín Torrubiano 27.11.08 00:55

I would try to store a smaller less fortunate flash drives in it. :p

----- thomas nguyen 27.11.08 00:49

Oh wow… Seagate gets better looking every time I see it. This would not only be the coolest/handiest prize ever… But it would come in handy to store all my digital artwork files… Especially since my laptop’s becoming more retarded by the day. XD

----- grace 27.11.08 00:49

I adore sharing individual songs with people. I am more of a song person than a cd person. I love hundreds of artists, just not all that they do. This could be a personal zapper of music, bzzt, here you go, shared!

ps. Aurgasm (http://aurgasm.us/) is the best music discovery site ever!

----- Kim D 27.11.08 00:47

I’d use it for my photos. I need more space for photos.

----- Nic Sanchez 27.11.08 00:44

i could use that extra space for all those school projects and files, music, and pictures! back up too.

----- kristine gutierrez 27.11.08 00:42

Unfortunately I never throw ANYTHING away, digital or not. Since last Xmas I have already filled up 500GB, along with the 350 that’s laying somewhere in the mess that is my room. I could really do with a new one, just so I can have my music and work on there (i leave my mac book pro music/stuff dry so it works a bit faster when I’m working on 4 to 5 pieces at once all about 4 or 5 GB each) so yeah, my work, and some music to work too… (there is nothing wrong with a 3rd set of backups, just in case!!)

----- Ina 27.11.08 00:41

LOST, Dexter, Mad Men,… hum… what else?

----- ed 27.11.08 00:37

What would I store?
My homework, the beginnings of a novel, a screenplay, so photos and oh so much more!

I would fill it with hopes, with dreams. With wishes and lists. There would be pictures of friends and people I don’t know too. I would litter it with music. I would pour the 1812 Overture into it until it overflowed like a couple of wine. Then I would as some more. It would teem with videos, of cartoons, of friends, of strangers, of events, of passion, of sorrow, of hopes for tomorrow. There might be a program or two. And would would they do? They would most definitely bring joy, just like a new toy. They would type and process. Calculate and assess. They would entertain and assist, organize and list. Then I would put in some things for the soul. Some ideas for a garden and some recipes too. Then some really really fun ideas of things that I could do. I would fill it and fill it till it’s filler were full. And then I would add just a little bit more. With that final touch I would add an important remind bulleted with a bold dot—to go on the internet and check out NotCot!

----- Graeme Nathan 27.11.08 00:34

without a doubt i’d put japanese anime classics up to the very last byte xD

cheers guys, keep up the great work ^^

----- George 27.11.08 00:29

I would put my media files and tons of photos on it :D

----- DON NGUYEN 27.11.08 00:25

I would store all the interesting things I find everyday on the web. Images, texts… because Internet is so ephemeral…

----- Le Sceptique 27.11.08 00:24

Since my memormy gets weaker and weaker every day, I started to record everything I hear or see digitally. The Seagate actually would help me to .. whooo .. I forgot ..

----- michael 27.11.08 00:22

Movies and music!

----- kiksu 27.11.08 00:16

Inspiration, Dreams and Fun…
…. Oh, And Vivaldis ‘Four Seasons’.

----- Andreas Kamp 27.11.08 00:08

all my to-do list… that remains, for most of them, undone, but i keep them for years!

----- Kate 27.11.08 00:07

I would definitely keep my music (almost done with my 500GB!), my movies, and my artwork from class.

----- Jack 27.11.08 00:03

Need that device to backup the gazillions love letters I’ve already written to my girlfriend and that I will continue to do. :-)

----- Bernd 27.11.08 00:01

I would backup my entire pc content on it!
Because right now, I don’t really have any way of backuping.
Which is rather dreadful, having the fear of losing your files!

I have a very very tiny room (like a lot of students) And putting your entire living/sleeping needs into a small room can be a big challenge.
So I am always looking for something to save space.
The Seagate Freeagent would be the perfect item to backup my files on without taking up almost any of my space!

And ofcourse it would be great to take with my (future) laptop so I can access anything anywhere!
And did I mention the seagate is oh so pretty?
Just thinking about it now makes me realize how much I could use one of these!
So thank you Notcot for adding something to my wishlist.

----- Floortje 26.11.08 23:59

I only have two things to store, photos and music. Both of which are vitally important to me.

----- Angela 26.11.08 23:59

If I had a Segate Free Agent | Go

I would store datas on it, the data I want to remember, the data I have to keep in a safe place. The love e-mails and insult letters. 320 GB is enough to store my electronic life, keep a backup of it.

Because I don’t exist only on the internet, I’ll put a part of my real life on it, pictures i’ve taken, music I’m earing. I’d also storer my projects on it.

The Free Agent would also be stored on a shelf in a place everyone can admire it, this external hard drive is such a beautiful object.

----- Charles 26.11.08 23:58

I would store the future of the world on this baby!!

----- pelon 26.11.08 23:53

I’d hook it up to my AppleTV through WiFi so I could watch all my movies again.. My current HD sounds like it’s about to die, so I’ve disconnected it until I can get myself a new one to store everything on.. Call me boring, but I’d go for the black one..

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 26.11.08 23:49

Id put up all the Ai files im working on, that seem to cause my poor little computer to work harder than its meant to. Music, photos, video footage of embarassing moments and everything else will do great in there as well.

----- daniela 26.11.08 23:45


----- Chris C 26.11.08 23:42

I was looking at one of these in PC world the other day, they look really nice compared to all the other external drives stacked up on the shelves. I’d love to win one, would come in very handy for home/work :)

----- Ryan Roberts 26.11.08 23:39

I’d finally be able to back up all of my art school work on the go instead of risking my laptop the traffic while biking home.

----- Adam 26.11.08 23:35

I do a lot of art for different projects… some game patches even… so that tends to fill up a lot of my space. Then there’s the “Here try this song!” music from all my friends… that clogs the memory pretty good.
Photos from traveling the world… photos from when I get to see my boyfriend clear on the other side of the states… photos of my spoiled brat-cat…
Stories… coding snippets… Journal/Blog entries…
Random crap I find, download, then never ever touch again.
Playable versions of my favorite DOS games that I played growing up…. (Jill of the Jungle!! Wewt!)
Corset sizing information for myself.
And probably whatever the heck I wanted for once if I can overcome my ‘MUST SAVE COMPY SPACE!!’ obsession that I’ve had since I was young. (…Too many DOS games.)
Maybe eventually school projects if I can save up the money to go.

----- Meep 26.11.08 23:35

I would put the same thing on it as I have on all my other “portable media” drives: all my portable apps, important documents (such as my resume and contact list) and other information that I can’t live without if for some reason I am away from the master TREGRIX computer and need to do some online work on a computer with a USB port.

Plus I may or may not use it as a portable torrent downloader drive…

----- Mike Brown 26.11.08 23:31

Love the colors! I wants! I wants! :)

----- thomas 26.11.08 23:26

I would store all my digital photos and my dj music collection!

----- Clay 26.11.08 23:12

I would store my photos. Well, therefore I need 320 GB ;)

----- Margit 26.11.08 23:10

I will get an acoustic guitar soon for my birthday :D So I’m going to fill it with my own written songs and many many favorite tabnotes! Also a bunch of useful how-to-play-guitar video tutorials off YouTube :)

----- HoodieFreak 26.11.08 23:09

I’d store my animation/illustration/design work on it that’s not for Art School, thus keeping my school and commercial work separated. And one day I’ll get one keeping my personal work separated as well. What a great day that would be…

----- Tiddo Muda 26.11.08 23:01

Ideas I may gather from websites but mainly school work so when I’m using it in class, I can show off LOL…

----- Lanre A 26.11.08 22:59

I would start with my music, the designs for my friends shirt company that he just started. The sticker file that i want to make at my work…..Thank God for a printing company at hand so I can get a 40% discount. And more business minded, the bills and receipts from purchases(not to many). And then I’d probably back my shit up cause I heard it’s a good idea once.

----- Benjamin Poole 26.11.08 22:55

ooh! i would partition it and use part of it for time machine backup and the other for everything that doesn’t fit on my macbook hd - movies, photos, music, schoolwork.

----- grace 26.11.08 22:55

The best is definitely the green one, it’s my favourite color! And… I would put all my creativity in it: not only my graphics projects’ backup, but also my photos, my illustrations, my music and, first of all, my favourite recipes!
How about finding online new interesting recipes, saving them on your your FreeAgent, bringing it at home and cooking while relaxing after an hard job day? Priceless.

----- maurizio 26.11.08 22:51


No, just kidding. I was just trying to get your attention.
But honestly, As a fresh college student, I would put all of my files and music on here. I have bajillionS of photos and things I would love to use for it. & since this is my first year in college, this will definitely be put to use for the next FOUR years of my LIFE.

& PLUS, being a Design student, I would love to show off this amazing hard drive. DUHHH. :)

----- jonathon 26.11.08 22:50

work, photos, music, movies, basically pieces of me……. little bits of my life and the things i love.

----- maitreyee 26.11.08 22:48

I’m an anthropologist who did 2 years of fieldwork in Thailand during the pre-Internet, analog, pen-and-paper, and Hi-8 days. I’d use the Seagate to scan fieldnotes, maps and ephemera, store photos, digitize Hi-8 video footage, turn the interviews on cassette tapes into Mp3 files, and use tags to organize years and years of research.

----- ara wilson 26.11.08 22:31

all the pictures from my new dslr!!

----- Valerie 26.11.08 22:31

A Time Machine!

No, really.

----- Ryan 26.11.08 22:24

my summer cloths!

----- Hadar Gatt 26.11.08 22:23

I foresee….LOLCATS! Lots and lots of lolcats.

----- Keta 26.11.08 22:20

A mobile arsenal of current working files, allowing me to easily travel to and from work with out having to e-mail or FTP massive files.

----- D.Jahn 26.11.08 22:16

My entire mountain of songs, graphic designs made with Photoshop and a hundred other beautiful photograph from the interwebs.

----- Monster Candy 26.11.08 22:16

My computer would appreciate this! Happy Holidays!

----- Colleen 26.11.08 22:12

I would store mostly school asssignments

----- Christi 26.11.08 22:12

Right now I have one 2GB thumb drive and one 1TB drive. This would be my perfect mediator to transport files between the two drives! And it is pretty and very cute which is a very major plus.

----- Tam 26.11.08 22:11

Put my Everyday in Real World into Digital World.Many Things from my life…pictures, story, songs,works and You…>Notcot >Parts of my life.Happy to see you eveyday…from my mind >you bring me to see the world is beautiful….

----- SURAPONG 26.11.08 22:08

I will use it to store my designs - with which we will save the world.

----- Rich 26.11.08 22:07

beautiful things

----- andrew wilson 26.11.08 22:06


----- Scott McColl 26.11.08 22:05

WOW!!! These are really nice, I love the blue color. I would store all of my family and pets photo’s on there to make more room on my overloaded hard drive! Thank you and Seagate for the chance to win!! Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff M. 26.11.08 22:05

Oh my gosh this is exactly what I need! When I came to university, I tried to hook up my external hard drive to a friend’s mac, only to have it completely wiped! All of my pictures, music, quasi-legal movies and tv shows, every paper i’d written. Everything, gone. I need a new, reliable drive to house all of my newly acquired music and memories, lest they disappear yet again.

----- Joanna 26.11.08 22:03

I would use it in the kitchen, as a fancy breadboard.

----- Julius 26.11.08 22:02

My sister just had baby girl a couple of days ago. In the past couple of days i have already collected close to 100 pics. it would be great to use this external hard drive to collect, store and share the new baby pics with family and friends. Im sure with the holidays around the corner the photo albums will grow larger and larger.

----- Gabe 26.11.08 21:59

anything that i need for my current project. :)

----- sarah 26.11.08 21:59

I would store all my extra design stuff - fonts, vectors, brushes - man there is too much of that stuff

----- Ant 26.11.08 21:58

I’d backup my art, animations, and writing from the past few years. And maybe my music and reference collection. But mostly the work for school. I’m always so paranoid about my files, especially when it rains!

----- Allie 26.11.08 21:57

Probably all my photos. I’m planning on buying myself a new digital camera for Christmas, so it’d be great to actually have the space to store all the pictures that will hopefully follow.

----- Jeremy 26.11.08 21:57

File overflow from my 100GB laptop (instead of always burning to discs).

----- Manson Cheung 26.11.08 21:50

I would have to use this for school. Being a design student it’s really tough using a little USB zip drive to carry projects around with any kind of security. I’m always worried about losing my life!

----- Ben Kowalski 26.11.08 21:50

I would use this Seagate Freeagent to store all of my itunes music. I’m obsessed with having the biggest compilation of all of my favorite bands and I want to have more music so I can make playlists for my friends.

----- Dani 26.11.08 21:49

I’m a starving musician! I would put all my precious recording of myself and my bands, projects and side-projects… if I lose those off my laptop I am TOTALLY screwed.

----- Eileen 26.11.08 21:49

purdy blue! I’d use it for all of my granular materials research files… which are starting to make my computer hiccup.

----- Summer 26.11.08 21:48

definitely my product portfolio for safe keeping

----- ken g 26.11.08 21:47

I would use it for my photography and music because they are just cramping my harddrive :/

----- Amanda E 26.11.08 21:46

I have years of photography, designs, design resources, and video that need a new shiny blue home. I have an IDE hard drive that is on its last legs (makes some odd sounds and takes a while to load sometimes). Afraid I am going to lose it all soon. So that’s what would be on mine!

----- Brandon A. 26.11.08 21:45

I’d store all my photos, it would be so happy being full of photos of extremely cute kids!

----- Arezu 26.11.08 21:44

Since Im a graphic Designer i would probably back up all my work. You have no idea how many times i lost all my work from my computer and felt like it was the end. I need to step up my game.

----- Kat TheNut 26.11.08 21:43

my scans of polaroids on a count of them going t rex style soon_insert :( check them out at prettysureiwaspretending.blogspot.com

----- sohail justin akhavein 26.11.08 21:41

I would store the many fantastic images I have yet to create. And music. And recipes.

----- Allison S. 26.11.08 21:40

Oh gosh. I’d store absolutely everything on this baby! I love love love photography - prob put a bunch of pictures on there. Sometimes when people are sad, i like to show em happy things- especially happy pictures =] this would be so easy to just whip out a happy picture =] And and and all my musica! i cant stop moving. like, its a habit. im always moving…maybe if i had music on here, i could move & listen to music I wouldnt get so many crazy looks…& i can back up some documents on here that ive been meaning to back up =]! plus, you know, its pretty.

----- Maddie! 26.11.08 21:40

I would absolutely love this to back up my photos on…

----- Alec 26.11.08 21:38

I’d put all my digital photos from around the world on it. One day I will print out all of them but in the meantime I can’t help but keep them even if they can be burned on dvds. I’m paranoid and wouldn’t know what to do if I lost all of those amazing worldly memories :)

----- Alda So 26.11.08 21:36

Put things on it? It’s far too pretty to be put to work!

----- Ted 26.11.08 21:34

ah this would be great for me to store my life on :). I’d be prepared for anything anytime

----- Nicola 26.11.08 21:31

comments: Muy nice design, yo became mas productive y faster mi computer will be. (in spanglish language)

----- HUBBLE VELASCO 26.11.08 21:31

I’m a graphic design slash illustration major at Parsons in NYC. I’m constantly on the go, jumping from work station to work station, building to building. This would be so perfect!

----- Iain 26.11.08 21:28

i would back up all my graphic design work, music, photos, and my mom’s old scanned photos (seriosuly - thousands of them!)

----- Marlo 26.11.08 21:26

This would be awesome

----- mike 26.11.08 21:24

Coincidentally, I’ve been looking today to find something to store my music on and the clock is running out! My computer is making these sad grindy moan-y noises so I’m racing to get everything backed up before that fateful day arrives when I go to turn it on and i’m S.O.L.

----- Alexis Harris 26.11.08 21:22

well, i’d probably store IN it…everything! because from my first computer crashing experience i will never again call that stupid helpline. but…..what i would store ON it would be an engraving that would say

“[insert giftee’s name here} FOR A GOOD TIME CALL [insert giftee’s phone number here]”

----- nikki 26.11.08 21:21

I would use this hard drive and fill it with pictures from my camera and SD card video recorder of my three year old son and one year old daughter. Then I would pass the drive around to my and my wife’s family for them to download any pictures they don’t have and upload any pictures we may not have from their cameras, phones, and recorders.

----- Mike Miker Mikest 26.11.08 21:21

music, music, music and some school stuff. oh and my favorite films of course

----- Kye 26.11.08 21:20

awesome. that’s right. awesome.

----- m itchell 26.11.08 21:19

I recently began taking photography classes and have tons of photographs from my new DSLR. I’d also backup my other school work. And I don’t have cable so I’d store episodes of my favorite shows (Mad Men, Californiacation, Dexter).

The portability would be nice for someone who lugs around their laptop on a daily basis. Oh, and props to Seagate, that’s a mighty sexy hard drive.

----- Felipe 26.11.08 21:13

I am an artist and I would definitely keep my images on it. It would provide an easy way to for me to organize and present my photography and much easier than slides of my 2D and 3D works. I could carry that with me into job interviews and meetings instead of a bulky paper portfolio.

Predicted scenario:

Me: Hello interviewer, please view my images by hooking this super cool and classy Segate Portable Hard Drive into your computer.
Interviewer: Wow! That is a very nice device. Your images are so clear and beautiful. I would like to offer you this job right now.

See how much it would improve my life! Haha.

Then I bet you’d offer me a bit of money for advertising too, right? :)

----- Tonya 26.11.08 21:12

*has a small internal explosion*

----- Nat 26.11.08 21:11

Well that depends entirely on what color I got.

Pink—pictures of girls and famous actresses (not porn.)
Black—resumes. Since I don’t have a real job to put real data (like spreadsheets into)
Champagne-This makes me think of cars, because it’s a color I see on cars. So I’d keep on it pictures of cars and episodes of Top Gear.
Green-Food recipes. I think that would make a good color for kitchen walls, but I’m not sure why.
Red—Porn. Pink is for hot girls, but red is for porn.
Silver—everything. It’s not my favorite color, but it’s my favorite color for storing everything. It’s the most flexible for some reason.
Deep blue—so relaxing and inviting. Yoga and tai chi videos.
Light blue—I don’t like this color enough to care.
Orangey magenta—all of my special troublemaking projects that I’m going to use to take over the world. This color is brassy and bold and exciting all on its own.
Light yellow-sunny, much like pictures of Hawaii and southern California. That’s what I’d keep on here.

----- james 26.11.08 21:07

I’d put my notes from class, photos, and music on it. If we’re really getting down to it, I would also load it up with my plans for world domination.

----- Grace 26.11.08 21:06

My husband’s genealogy project and all our family photos. Not to mention my powerpoint presentations I have for the classes I teach and work.

----- Michelle 26.11.08 21:05

i would fill it up with nothing but hopes and dreams

----- nate 26.11.08 21:05

On a convenient drive like this, I’d store my music. I don’t mean the music I listen to. I mean the music I record. I do a lot of my own recording, and it would be great to have a portable drive I could take with me from home to a studio when I need friends to lay down extra tracks. It’s perfect.

----- Chris Spurgin 26.11.08 21:04

I would use it to store my blackened heart, as to keep it from remaining on my pitiful sleeve.

----- lhaurah 26.11.08 21:04

If I were the one to win such a lovely prize I would put a pretty movie collection on it, of all sorts of remarkable films to watch, because my laptop is running out of room, and I can’t afford one of these things on my own! (I’m in school right now.)

I could possibly use it for my time machine backup on my computer, too. That would be really great.

Love the website, by the way!

----- Alice 26.11.08 21:01

I would give it to my bf who’s hard drive I have to nuke and reinstall once school gets out so he can store all his photos of Africa and all his projects in so there is less risk of him losing all his precious pictures and projects.

----- Christina 26.11.08 20:59

i’ll put my digital photos in it!

----- miak 26.11.08 20:52

Well my brother is a photographer and he has a great camera but no where to really store his photos.
So I let him use my laptop to store them and I don’t mind it, but it would be really great for him to actually have a specific place to store his photos. If I were to receive this I would give it as a gift to my brother. It would also give me more space to store my art work.

----- Justin Abrego 26.11.08 20:51

If I could put the world on a disk, it might be suited for one such as this,
to travel light, like a bird above the sea, and glittery lights near its butt, … -well, that’s not really like a bird or an ocean, but cool nevertheless.

So if I must tamper with the pristine drive and its memory of 32gb, I would put cool stuff on it that’s been digitized of course, like an electric ABC.

----- Mary 26.11.08 20:48

I would start my digital life again as my current drive was stolen from my bedroom on Monday. :.C

----- Steve 26.11.08 20:48

I would put a miniature Mini Cooper (original UK body style) on top with Yoda next to it, and I would put many Gigabytes of sweet, sweet music on the hard drive. And I could back up NOTCOT if you needed me too. I’m helpful like that!

----- Randy 26.11.08 20:46

My FreeAgent HDD would store (

----- Collin Banko 26.11.08 20:45

All of my photographs, my music, my writing. Goodness, I need to back up EVERYTHING.

----- Cole Sarar 26.11.08 20:44

all my photography, videos, music…

everything beautiful.

----- andrea 26.11.08 20:44

I would store my life, my life in a digital format.

Where zeros and ones are the infinite pages of my biography.
Where the SeaGate becomes the keeper of keys, a ever watchful custodian of my well being.

----- Erik 26.11.08 20:39

I could definitely use a dedicated work backup hd.

----- eve 26.11.08 20:33

Ah.. seagates are so beautiful. I’d store music, pictures, and recordings of my own music as I try to write more.

----- Jacob Fu 26.11.08 20:29

I would back up many many gigs of RAW files that I’ve shot over the past year and the future years to come. It would be my personal Fort Knox.

----- Rob 26.11.08 20:28

My Aperture library is busting at the seams. Poor little MB Pro can’t take it any more. I’d load it up with photos, eight gigs at a time.

----- tripleman 26.11.08 20:28


----- Teresa T. 26.11.08 20:27

notcot websave files

----- luchadora 26.11.08 20:26

I would put everything i could on it, i would probably go on the net to find more stuff to put on it just so i could fill it up and hug it.

----- Safi 26.11.08 20:26

My genome. So they can bring me back like the woolly mammoth a few thousand years from now.

----- Jason 26.11.08 20:25

pictures, pictures, pictures…with a splash of graphics…and more pictures :)

----- Sarah 26.11.08 20:24

It would be the perfect place to put my graphic work and fashion photography of my pictures of the garments I design and make at school!!

----- Erica 26.11.08 20:21

I’d used it for video games, A LOT of video/audio files, documents, and hi-res photographs.

----- Louis L. 26.11.08 20:20

I would save souls with this

----- jake 26.11.08 20:17

definitely going to store all my work cad/photoshop files onto it….been running into too much hard drive going wonky lately…..

----- wewa 26.11.08 20:17

one 320gb image. stitched together from photos of every inch of my home.

----- dylan 26.11.08 20:17

My plans to end world hunger….. I hope this thing is reliable

----- dpi 26.11.08 20:17

Please pick meeee!!! pick meeee!!!
I’m a student in computer engineering and I cant afford to buy any external storage but I SERIOUSLY need some space for my projects. My old USB key died on me last month, while holding one of my final projects…20 pages of recoding later… sigh. I’m getting really frustrated with Sendspace-ing all of my stuff to myself.
To be specific as to what I’d store on the drive I’d install plenty of programs so that it would function as a portable secure drive… have a load of firefox with all my shortcuts, my array of programming, data recovery and diagnostic tools… maybe some music but really, one should resist mixing business & pleasure.

----- Andrew 26.11.08 20:15

So I got all worked up and excited about this giveaway until I saw on the box “Windows Only”…
Now I’m choked and feel rather left out on this one. :(

(I really wanted it)

----- Vanessa 26.11.08 20:12

I have been a victim of many, MANY terrible computer crashes. I would store my whole LIFE on this thing, I need one desperately.

----- Liz 26.11.08 20:10

For legal reasons I will just say, I will NOT be storing downloaded episodes of Dexter, nor will I be storing all the mp3s that I didn’t download from itunes. But realistically, due to disaster, I am currently working off a 40gb pentium4 PC at home. I know, that 4 letter word for a designer… PC. So I will most likely be storing EVERYTHING other than system files, in the hope that I won’t get that dreading hour glass every time I draw a bezier curve. Please help.

----- Matt Ryan 26.11.08 20:08

My life! I’m sure I could fit most of my life’s worth of pictures and music and movies and documents that I’ve had to stash on random discs around the house. Think of how convenient having it all in one place would be o.o

----- Jane 26.11.08 20:04

Sweet! Count me in! Unplggd will thank you greatly! :D

----- Anthony 26.11.08 20:03

that’s secret.

----- lana 26.11.08 20:03

I would put all my images that I took in raw and TIFF for the purpose of cropping and printing. I always save originals and now with the HD videos that take up so much space I could keep them all backed up on this sweet beast

----- Paulie 26.11.08 20:02

I would store my gigs and gigs of design homework on it! (and be able to take all of it to class instead of hacking everything to 1Gb bits for my flashdrive) :’)

----- Laura 26.11.08 19:59

First, I will write a little story about how much I needed this.
Second, I will almost max out the space by adding countless inspiring images
Third, I will back-up all my design projects - you know, the ones that will one day be showcased on Notcot
Finally, I will fill whatever space that may be left by writing a story about how I keep posting decent comments on Notcot, yet I don’t win anything.

You should at least send me an e-mail, with feedback on ways I can improve my comments. E-mails that allow me to understand you as my “comment client”, and what direction and what general style you’re looking for. That way I will be able to design the perfect comment.
(this comment would also be stored)

----- ourtimes 26.11.08 19:59

I’d use this to store my collection of limericks. You might think limericks don’t take much space, but they are really big. Like 5 or 6 tablespoons at least.

----- Bails 26.11.08 19:59

I’d use it to store my photographs I take while I spend the next 5 months living in Jamaica being an awesome biologist and living the dream.

----- Alex 26.11.08 19:59

As a dj, I would keep my some 100 GBs of music on it, as an artist I would keep my portfolio on it, as a student, I would keep all of my papers and school projects on it. Currently my computer is running on 837 Mbs and is using 73.7 GBs. I have to delete a song from itunes every time I want to download a file. It’s really quite tragic. I shed a single tear for each file I’ve deleted…

----- Garrett 26.11.08 19:55

I would love this for storing movies on my Xbox.

----- Teferri 26.11.08 19:49

I would store a screengrab of this page as evidence to this awesome contest that I WON…!

----- Eric 26.11.08 19:48

I’d store all of my art— from high school through my work career, all in one gorgeous little package!! That’s just what I need to finally organize!

----- Ashley Lessmann 26.11.08 19:42

It will be a treasure trove of music and memories we have had-
i’ld engrave our names by hand and give it to my love.

----- W. 26.11.08 19:38

Movies, photos, documents, memories.

----- Garret 26.11.08 19:38

I would store post modern works of genius, and a little pornography.

----- Molllie 26.11.08 19:33

I’d back up everything from my *currently* failing hard drive and use it as a permanent(ish) hard drive for my laptop that’s only got 20 gb, internal.

It’d be awesome, I should win.

----- Ian Gallaher 26.11.08 19:27

love… all it would allow is things that make me smile— can you imagine a world where every hard drive had nothing but love in its most compact, compressed form :)

----- Mario Estrada 26.11.08 19:26

im a graphic designer and photographer so i would file it with my design files and photography. and for the remaining amount i would fill it with scifi and fantasy movies and maybe some do woop. :D

----- Shital Patel 26.11.08 19:24

I would store the future memories of my new son Miles who was born on election day. Born into a world full of hope. I would NEVER forget that day in history. I want my son to see that too one day.

----- Aaron Moreno 26.11.08 19:21

I would use it to store all my pictures from my adventures!!

----- Julie! 26.11.08 19:20

Pictures of the kids.

----- Jason Ketchum 26.11.08 19:19

i need more space for music

----- matt 26.11.08 19:18

i would put my little brother in it. he’s such a prick.

----- nick 26.11.08 19:11

What a thing of beauty. I would fill this drive with hi res pictures of itself.

----- Melanda Criss 26.11.08 19:11

I could sure need one of those. It looks so damn portable.

----- Rasmus Laurvig 26.11.08 19:10

I’d back up my family photos and videos.

----- Gladys 26.11.08 19:08

… all the data that’s crashing my macbook pro! I’m running outta space

----- Darryl 26.11.08 19:07

music, movies, photos

----- Viet Nguyen 26.11.08 19:07

Poems about my girl. That’s what I’d put on it.

----- Dobbs 26.11.08 19:05

This would be a savior for me. I am currently applying to a dozen art schools and I couldn’t think of a better way to store all of my printmaking.

----- Amanda 26.11.08 19:03

i think i peed just a little from the excitement….

----- whit 26.11.08 19:00

320gb of House, 24, Mad Men!!!

----- Evan Doyle 26.11.08 19:00

I’d put all my music on it. Right now I’ve got my collection split between my ipod, laptop and desktop, it’s so hard to find the songs I want > _

----- Vic 26.11.08 18:59

I can’t think of anything witty to write at the moment. Maybe if I had a portable drive I store some cleverness in my purse and carry it around with me for times like this. Sigh.

----- Caroline 26.11.08 18:57

a bag of chips.

----- Alejandro 26.11.08 18:55

I’d like to digitize our baby pictures but my hard drive is stuffed already.

----- John Musick 26.11.08 18:52

I would totally use it as a hard drive for my movies (and maybe as a back up of my design work). But really, hook that sucker up with AV cables and watch the family movies :)

I must say, very pretty.

----- Tony 26.11.08 18:48

On this drive, I would store the tears of one thousand fairies, and the hopes and dreams of a new born unicorn.

----- casey blandford 26.11.08 18:47

Great design, space, and deal. How can I let this pass?
Getting this for free would be fantastic!

----- Dan Yoon 26.11.08 18:47

photos, music, homemade sex vids.

----- Charlene 26.11.08 18:47

My laptop stores a copy of my work server, and my iMac stores music & videos, so if I had a Seagate FreeAgent, I’d store my amateur/quasi-professional photographs that are currently spread over about a dozen DVDs.

----- Darryl Allen 26.11.08 18:47

I would put all my secret stuff on it.

----- Tania 26.11.08 18:46

I’d use it to store my music and notes for my podcast.

----- Shelby 26.11.08 18:46

I’d put in all of my music, pictures and movies on it. basically my life. ^_^

----- Emily 26.11.08 18:44

Have you ever tried putting a sandwich into a portable harddrive? It is a fairly difficult task, one might even say impossible. But where there is a will there is a way.
I found that the usual digital photograph does a pretty good job, although you cannot eat the sandwich later when you are sitting in the computer labs, even if you tried to print it out, the sandwich will lose its freshness and the bread will be stiff and hard.
An alternative method is the 3D model, this method also has its downfalls. The main being the extraction process, you can print it on a normal printer but then the same problem as with the photo will occur. Another process possible is use of a 3D printer, this process creates a typical sandwich that one is able to hold and bite. However the flavour is usually lost in the medium the sandwich is routed from.
Finally I found the best method is to disassemble the hard drive, incorporating the sandwich within, layered as follows, from bottom up:
Layers of chilli sauce and/or mayo can be added for extra adhesiveness of the sandwich.

Now you may be asking: But what about the hard drive? does it still function as a portable harddrive?

Well if you put the hard drive inbetween the carrot and lettuce, taking out the cucumber you will have a totally functioning harddrive.
Once the sandwich is made, the final stage is to put it into the case, usually the sandwich will be pressed and there will need to be some trimming to size.

Finally when in the computer labs and such a need arises that you would like a sandwich, pull out the portable harddrive and take a bite!

----- Andrew 26.11.08 18:43

I’d put anything and everything on it, and then I’d put it on me.


----- Caroline 26.11.08 18:40

i’d put all my pictures on it that are currently a flipping mess all over my computer & scattered discs…

----- Rachel 26.11.08 18:39

I’d store my videos.

----- Dominic 26.11.08 18:38

I was use it to store all of my genealogy research. I started back in 2005 when my dad passed and started scanning in things like report cards, photos, etc. I’ve expanded my search and have even found love notes between my great grandparents. Having this drive would help me store all of my found treasures!

----- Shawna E 26.11.08 18:37

Planning a trip to visit grandparents and extended family in South America in 2009 … rather than swiping the “good” pictures of my childhood (which has happened continuously over the years between grandparents, cousins, & aunts/uncles), this HD would be the perfect place to save all the scans of negatives, slides, polaroids and prints from my childhood and theirs.

This way, everyone can get a copy (after I do some restoration magic) and our family’s history will be preserved.

----- Heidi Vega Aimonetti 26.11.08 18:36

I’m a student so I’d definitely use it to organize my graphic design work and portfolio. Oh, music, movies and tv series wouldn’t hurt either :-)

----- t.paperplane 26.11.08 18:35

baby photos of my 1 year old son, as well as wedding photos and movies.

----- phigs 26.11.08 18:34

What else? pr0n ftw!

----- Evan C 26.11.08 18:31

…I have a lot of pictures and old documents that I “can’t” get rid of

----- Tyler 26.11.08 18:31

It would be great to have something like this! I can’t afford a laptop or any more USB drives, so I could store all of my class project files on it instead of having to search through all of my thumbdrives.

----- Laura Harrigan 26.11.08 18:30

I would store just about everything on there. I have a bunch of family photos and papercraft templates that I just can’t bring myself to delete, but are taking up way too much space on my laptop.

----- Finch 26.11.08 18:29

I would definitely keep this device for as long as I could and use it to preserve all of the decent photos I’ve ever taken with my camera. I think it’s so great when you can see how someone you know so well looked a long time ago, when they were a totally different person. So, one day I could look back and see how much me, my friends, and my family have changed and progressed over time. This would be the perfect alternative to dealing with my computer(s) constantly biting the dust and losing so many photos, my music collection, and anything else important to me. Mainly, I guess I’d just use it as an ongoing time capsule full of priceless discoveries I have came across. Also, I think it would help me quite a bit with my ongoing art portfolio, just so I don’t lose that too in a freak computer crash. And, I can’t lie, the orange FreeAgent looks amazingly ballin’.

----- Michael F. 26.11.08 18:29

Woah! That’s lovely… would be great to store video files on for my recently-founded college anime and manga club! :D
plus it would give us all something to do… we’re in the middle of nowhere, VT! :(

----- Elizabeth 26.11.08 18:28

I’d probably use it as a giant paper weight. I can’t imagine using up 320gbs…

----- Jasper 26.11.08 18:28

I would finally be able to use Time Machine! Then I might be able to rest easy!

----- Ben Cheney 26.11.08 18:28


I’d store all my video’s and set it up to put my final cut scratch disks on it.
Then snuggle it

Then store my photography on it (after I’d scanned and digitized it)

And robots, I’d store robots in it so I could carry them with me in my pocket wherever I may go.

----- Azia Negru-Harsman 26.11.08 18:26

reference photos…i got lots

----- simon 26.11.08 18:26

I’d use it to store my photography, my fashion folder (contains inspirational outfits!), and submissions for notcouture of course!

----- Beatface 26.11.08 18:26

ummm lets see, photo portfolio, allll my music, some audio books. family photos, umm pretty much everything ever cuz its 320gigs!!! im running on like 3 gigs left between both my regular hd and my external!! it sucks. i have no money for a new one so i have to delete old photoshoots every time i shoot a new band or anything :[

happy holidays!! love you notcot

----- ian flanigan 26.11.08 18:25

honestly im an artist from san antonio and im trying to start my business, i make resin casts and resin frames and im currently working on my t shirt business “Prints Albert”. so i would store my silk screen designs and all my resin cast designs.

hoping for a nice christmas present to get my business going.

----- levi montez 26.11.08 18:25

It’ll be my trash can for digital files!!!

----- jittasak 26.11.08 18:25

I’d store pictures of my 3-month-old twin girls!

----- Sean 26.11.08 18:21

I’d store one file on it.
It’d be a text file with the words “find me in one year” followed by an address.
I would then leave it an odd space, like a hard to reach ledge or something.
Then, one year later I’d go to that address and wait.

----- Spencer 26.11.08 18:21

I would love to laser etch a design on the top to complement those pin holes.

More than likely I would use it to store my current portfolio.

----- Tyler 26.11.08 18:17

All my Industrial Design Projects (The little lacie I tote around is almost full), all my Music Tracks for my DJ alterego ( cause spilled drinks on my laptop is an ocupational hazard), and LOLcats, lots of lolcats (^^)

----- keno 26.11.08 18:16

I would put a large collection of illegally downloaded french new wave films, and late 70s punk music. Maybe my portfolio…maybe

----- Alek 26.11.08 18:16

I’ve been thinking of doing a time capsule type deal lately. I’m going to be entering a brand new chapter of my life soon (college, woooo!) and it’d be nice to capture my life now to look back on. I’d include my pictures of family, high school memories, and friends, many of whom I know I’ll probably never see again. I’d put my music collection on there and my portfolio of art work. Favorite movies, favorite paintings, favorite anythings to help me commemorate myself now before I make the grand college change. It’d be nice to have some storage for memories and to bring a piece of home with me when I move out.

And obviously porn.

----- Cricket 26.11.08 18:15

pictures, pictures, pictures

----- rachel 26.11.08 18:13

I would put anything I don’t trust on an old Windows computer!

----- AJ Beck 26.11.08 18:13

One million do….photos stored, …priceless

----- icy1 26.11.08 18:13

Porn, I have to be honest. :)

----- Jami 26.11.08 18:09

I would cram it full of recipes and pictures and music and take it with me everywhere I go!

----- Jen 26.11.08 18:08

id use it for time machine and to back up my site as well as many other things. would really come in handy.

lemme get it :)

----- David Sparks 26.11.08 18:08

so i have a dell that crashed about 11 times a year…so until i can afford to get my desired apple this will save me!

----- Kate G 26.11.08 18:07

I’d back up my computer and store my inspiration and music

…and keep it on my desk, cause its super sleek

----- Jamie 26.11.08 18:07

I would put so much music in that!

----- Ryan 26.11.08 18:06

i’d put stickers on it first. disney powerpuff spongebob and the ones i get from Green Peace preferred and any other kind of stickers is alright.. then i’d put my homework from CS3 in.. the sizes just keep growing.. i’d probably install a whole windows in as well

----- Yy 26.11.08 18:05

I have a real problem with memory in general, so what I would probably put on it is those things that won’t… you know… the things that… what were we talking about again?

----- Kevin 26.11.08 18:05

I will store all my hole life tunes and creates mixes with dj mixer that I will buy next I win. So then I will share all that stuff with my friends in our crazy parties

----- beatrice 26.11.08 18:05

NEED! My PSD files tend to get excessively huge!

----- Aaron 26.11.08 18:04

I’d put 400GB on it.
Trust me, I would …

----- ryan 26.11.08 18:04

doh. that’s so ill. ive been looking at getting a new hd soon. apple suggests 10 gigs of free hd space for optimal performance on a mbp. i only have 4! i’d delete music, but i’m a dj and need the library. and that adobe notice saying my scratch disk is full is getting a little on my nerves now. i would welcome this in my life.

----- djbrigidope 26.11.08 18:03

I’d put all the high-res scans I have on there. And probably a lot of music as well.

----- May 26.11.08 18:00

I’d store a copy of my girl friends data as she’s always killing her machine.

----- Jacques 26.11.08 18:00

A tasty sandwich.

----- gho 26.11.08 18:00

I would store pictures of all my DIY creations.

----- MonkeeBoo 26.11.08 17:59

I’d store a monkey… everyone needs a monkey now and then to cheer up!

----- humb 26.11.08 17:59

i’d store everything, i think most of it would fit in there.

----- Ian 26.11.08 17:58

Hi Miss. Aw,

Can you please find it in your heart to give me the trendy harddrive.


----- Jordan 26.11.08 17:57

I would store photos and music!

----- aldo 26.11.08 17:56

photos photos photos porn
photos porn photos porn

music music music porn
music porn music porn

----- max 26.11.08 17:56

We’re looking to downsize all our stuff ‘cause we realize we have waaay too much. I’m hoping to digitize all of our 1000+ disc collection so that it’s (a) portable and (b) not 1000+ cds.

----- scott 26.11.08 17:56

My worl portfolio, music and pictures.

----- santi 26.11.08 17:55

I would store things that make me smile! :)

----- Ryan 26.11.08 17:54

I would use it to back up my other hard drive that I know will crash on my any day now since it’s about that time of year for something to go horribly wrong. Photos, portfolio work, music, and well, a few other unmentionables (I am a LADY!).

----- april_d 26.11.08 17:54

if I had this
I’d be shiny and sparkly
and dance in the streets
in nightclub makeup
and bright bright tights
and every person I pass
will go
“well, there’s something you don’t see everyday”
so you see
it’s not just for me
it’s for the city =]

----- shelly 26.11.08 17:52

Would probably load this bad boy up with my portfolio and music!

----- Kerk 26.11.08 17:52

porn! just kidding, all my homework and portfolio stuff which seem to keep growing. omg i want this so bad!

----- ed 26.11.08 17:52

I have many a gigabyte of mp3’s that need a cosy back-up home. Come to think if it, so too do my photographs.

----- Tom 26.11.08 17:51

I’d put a security copy of all my proyects in university of architecture!

Good luck for everyone!

----- Gonzalo 26.11.08 17:49

Memories - good and bad, in the form of pictures, music, and documents.

----- Michelle 26.11.08 17:47

I have only 4GB space in my laptop hard drive. I need that really bad to save all my schoolwork and my video game development project files(C++,java,VB.net, media files for the game….etc). I guess i can put some music files in there too since I got no music, video or whatsoever in my current laptop hard drive.

----- Jen 26.11.08 17:46

Photos, videos, school adn work files, music… oh! and recipes!

----- Denise Chamorro 26.11.08 17:45

I’ve been playing with the idea of working on a documentary about my father who passed away when I was 3. I just got a new hdv video camera and this will help me store all the footage between convincing my family to talk on camera and editing. plus, its just so darn pretty.

----- Kelly 26.11.08 17:44

I have way too many photos and design projects that seriously need to be backed up.

----- Stephen Kissel 26.11.08 17:43

being a blogger, graphic designer, webmaster, photographer leaves me with very little time for the things I love, and even LESS space for the things I store ;]
this would be a huge blessing!

----- Michael 26.11.08 17:41

I would most likely use it to store the thousand or so essays or articles ive written. I would also store my photographs, and since it looks fairly small it would be a breeze to travel with. The tons of classic vinyl I have just digitally converted to my computer! tons and tons of stuff…I would probably have to buy a second one….I want it in blue!!!!

----- Kirk 26.11.08 17:37

My memories. My identity. Myself.

----- Jeff Lin 26.11.08 17:36

wow this drive looks incredible. from the packaging to the syncing dock to the lights, to the color options. whoa so cool.

hmm..i’d store everything on this, considering its 4 times the capacity of my powerbooks hard drive. it would be awesome to store all my pictures and graphic work so I could take it everywhere with me.

----- Ace 26.11.08 17:36

my coffee cup. I’m hurting for a good looking coaster.

----- osman 26.11.08 17:34

I’d use it to store my master’s thesis and all my favorite tunes!

----- Jenn 26.11.08 17:33

I’m a graphic design/advertising student and this would be perfect for lugging around files for my projects or class notes. Right now my Pro is cluttered with assignments from this semester and they need a place aside from DVDs to go. Also, since I do a lot of photography work, it’d be nice to put those pictures on an external so my computer could run faster.

----- LMD 26.11.08 17:31

I have been taking pictures for the past four years of high school. They are just sitting inside my camera taking up space. So I would put all my high school photos in it. :D

----- Melings 26.11.08 17:31

I have a three month old son and I would store the crazy amounts of photos and video files of him I have on it. I took 457 pictures of him dressed as Santa. This way even when he grows up to hate me for taking every possible embarassing picture. I will have a backup…

----- Ed 26.11.08 17:31

I’d put my school work, music, tv shows and videos in it. nothing out of the ordinary.. thanks for all the contests!

----- jean 26.11.08 17:30

I would put my portfolio and my movie editing files on it. it would be nice to get all of the files off of my computer.

----- Nate Guerra 26.11.08 17:30

Use it for backup. Lots of data that need to be backed up here!

----- Marios T 26.11.08 17:29

I really need to backup more often, I would store photos, music and movies.

----- noxcel 26.11.08 17:28

whatever comes out of the 8 hours that get sucked up by my mac everyday.

----- janete 26.11.08 17:27

Backups of Illustrator/Photoshop/Flash artwork.

----- Gabe 26.11.08 17:26

Lots and lots of music and photos, schoolwork, TV shows, movies, video projects and renders, song arrangements, basically everything my dinky little laptop won’t hold. (At one point I had about a gig of space left and had to reformat and delete a whole bunch of things.)

----- Bommy 26.11.08 17:25

I’d let my dad store his photos on it, because he STILL doesn’t back them up and he would be really sad if he lost all of them.

----- Dominic 26.11.08 17:23

I’d put in all my music and pictures, so when i travel with my laptop i dont have to lug around my larger external drive… or… i’d regift it, since money is like crazy tight in my life right now.

----- Jennifer 26.11.08 17:23

All my client documents, so I don’t have to carry my laptop when commuting on the train. Talk about being stylish!

----- Andra 26.11.08 17:23

design portfolio for sure. as crazy as it sounds, i wish i could get a bunch of these and send my work out on them…talk about eye catching!

----- Allyson 26.11.08 17:22

I’d totally save all my music onto it. That way I could spread the love, and show off the colorful lights :) And I’d save photos, work files, home files, file files, cool stuff I see on the web, awesome movies, all that great stuff that you should save… and a unicorn.

----- Allen 26.11.08 17:21

Pictures of unicorns.

----- Ross Berens 26.11.08 17:21

Mostly backup. Media/Code

----- Rob 26.11.08 17:20

It’d be great to be able to carry around work-in-progress videos! It’d also be a great backup for my photography.

----- aaronpk 26.11.08 17:20

I would love to back up my stencil files and illustrations. And music of course!

----- Ryan Fors 26.11.08 17:18

Beautiful! I would definitely use it to offload photos, audio, and video footage when I am out in the field attempting to illuminate a tiny corner of the human condition.

----- Erik Dahl 26.11.08 17:17

This would work great as a back up for my music and photography work! Here’s hoping!

----- Chris 26.11.08 17:16

I’m a high school student working on a novella and a one act play. God knows how many other literary aspirations I could fit on there.

----- Johnny Copp 26.11.08 17:16

everything and the kitchen sink!

----- Kelly T 26.11.08 17:16

I’d move virtual machines off my mbp and put them on it.

----- Sei-Wook 26.11.08 17:16

Probably 50% .psd, 30% .ai, 20% .jpg/.png

----- Jucru 26.11.08 17:16

I need a harddrive…. Externally!!!! Real Bad…..thanks, :B

----- DDB 26.11.08 17:15

I’d store all my RAW files from my Canon 50d. I love taking all kinds of photos both for free and for money, running out of space gets annoying when you have to start deleting certain things, or even back them up onto DVD’s.

----- Justin 26.11.08 17:14

Instead of burning CD’s everytime I update my files, I could use this to save time (and money)! I have over 300 used CD’s because I never break down and get a portable drive!

----- Lauren 26.11.08 17:13

my sketch book, my design work

----- ged 26.11.08 17:13

I have too many pictures, music, and written things to store on my dinky laptop. I am also terrified that one day my laptop will stop working, and I will be unable to recover said files from it. It’s happened before, and the possibility haunts me.

----- Meghan 26.11.08 17:12

I’d trust it to hold my dissertation drafts and all great stuff that comes along with them. It definitely has more memory than my brain.

----- Kristin 26.11.08 17:12

geez. this is awesome!! i can’t believe they’re giving these things away. in the off chance that they give it to me, i would store all of my school files (images of projects, works in progress, final projects, and other such documents) as well as all the crap that is currently slowing down my computer. in the real world where i won’t win this, i will be saving for one of these things. love it!

----- leslie 26.11.08 17:11

I’d use this for all the things I require to do my art (EZdraws.com). My 8 gig folder of inspiration, my 30 gigs of drawing tutorials, all the music I can cram on the thing, and not to mention all my digital art work and my portfolio. This would make my work flow a snap seeing as all I have right now is a huge old clunky hard drive that needs a power outlet.

----- Eytan Zana 26.11.08 17:10

My super huge Garageband files…and Music, music and more music!

----- Ganesh 26.11.08 17:09

I´d use it to store a copy of all my Notcot submissions ;)

----- tricky 26.11.08 17:08

I am destroyed that this is PC-only. I desperately need to back up all of my files before I go abroad, but this isn’t compatible with my trusty MacBook Pro. Travesty.

----- Maggie 26.11.08 17:08

My photo album of the greatest dog and best friend that ever lived.

----- James Walton 26.11.08 17:07

What WOULDN’T I put on it? I’m a photo maniac, taking hundreds of pictures a year to remember the good times with my friends and family. I love to cook, so I scour the internet for delicious recipes (uhhh tastespotting is a Godsend!!), and I love to design. Design is an artform that I cannot leave out of my life and I would love to have something to back all my work up so I can have it for later!

----- Nathalie 26.11.08 17:06

when i’m traveling this is just what i need! it would keep my inspirational designs safe and sound…

----- Ged 26.11.08 17:06

I’d store all the heartache I’ve ever knew from every hard drive that ever let me down.

----- bluetuque 26.11.08 17:06

I would use it to make and store art. My laptop is desperately full

----- Phoebe Streblow 26.11.08 17:06

Gummy worms. 320 gigs of them.

----- Mat 26.11.08 17:05

I would fill it up with fonts, I’m a font addict!!!!

----- javier 26.11.08 17:02

I’ve been planning to go travelling around Europe and it’d be amazing to have something to keep hold of the masses of photos I plan to take. On an student budget the trip has already emptied my wallet so having one less worry, if you have any tips on obtaining free food it’d be much appreciated!

----- Nitesh Patel 26.11.08 17:01

I would store my ‘Elife’ on the Seagate Freeagent.

----- Leo 26.11.08 17:01

We’ve been traveling around the US & have taken a tonne of photos. I’d be so sad to lose them if my laptop was to die/ get stolen. I really need to back them up on a drive. I hate to think of the lost memories.

----- Emxero 26.11.08 16:59

I need that, like I need oxygen.

----- Laurence 26.11.08 16:58

That would be big enough to store my whole pitiful life on!

----- Alan Willoughby 26.11.08 16:58

I would use it to finally implement my grand scheme to inspire people I meet and brainstorm with— a sort of personalized, portable NOTCOT. Right now, my digital collection of inspiring stuff I’ve found is too big, and confined to my desktop computer. If I had a hard drive, I could take it with me, and whenever I met someone who was having trouble brainstorming (for example, one of my many classmates at my Graphic Design program), I’d type in a keyword for their project into a search of the hard drive, and relevantly inspiring images, which I’ve titled with keywords, would come up by the handful!

----- Atticus Waller 26.11.08 16:58

I’d fill mine up with music and photos.

----- Emily 26.11.08 16:57

Naughty things. Thank goodness for the encryption!

----- Rusty 26.11.08 16:57

I’d store only the independent music collection that’s grown so large as not to fit onto my lappie’s internal HD. Damn you KCRW and your great music suggestions.

----- Tyler 26.11.08 16:56

I play Sims 2 games a few times a month, but go on the Sims 2 related sites a lot. Would give me a place to store my Sims 2 custom content if my hard drive or computer ever fails

devonm @ sasktel.net

----- Jermaine Mintuck 26.11.08 16:56

all my mp3s,and uh… other things

----- jason lam 26.11.08 16:56

My photography, hopefully nature is less than 320GB.

----- Sam 26.11.08 16:55

i would store all my diabolical plans to take over the world, all my recipes from tastespotting, all the inspiration i find on notcot and the pictures of me at burning man!

----- jenat 26.11.08 16:54

oh snaps I need that.

----- Jacob 26.11.08 16:54

I want to get my brother a present, I owe him after I got sick on his bed when I went to visit him at college. I don’t know what he’d store on it, probably music and the Simpsons.

----- Amanda 26.11.08 16:53

I’d put all of my architecture plans and graphics on it. I’m in Architecture school now, and all of those 3D models and ENORMOUS Photoshop boards take up a lot of space. It’s tough to back up and move those around. Now, I could do it in style, and when people ask me about it, I can tell even more people about NOTCOT!

OK, I probably don’t care as much about that last bit as you do, but the point still stands.

----- Brandon 26.11.08 16:52

There are so many things I could use this for! I’m an illustrator who works at home one day a week to save gas. This would be great fro transporting those hefty photoshop files, or helping me take all the music from my home pc to my work mac. Oh the things I would do.

----- Brandon Starr 26.11.08 16:50

Considering I often use my Canon camera in continuous shooting, I would use it to store all my pictures. I’m also having troubles with storing my digital music(that I bought before putting it on the computer).

----- Arnaud 26.11.08 16:50

I just got laid off, so I will load up this delicious FreeAgent portable drive with goodies from my past job so I can reminisce with the outstanding PPTs, XLSs, and Docs I built over the last 3 years….and if there is space left (:)), I would add the pics I took from trips in ‘08 to China, Moab, and Whistler. What a wild while depressing 2008!! :(

----- Jim Schafer 26.11.08 16:50

oh my gosh, I want this more than it should be rationally possible to want something. What would I store on it? I’d back up my currently half-dead laptop AND all the animation work I’ve done over the past few months! I work on promos & commercials and I haven’t been able to save out my renders for myself, they’re currently left to rot on company computers.

----- Jessie 26.11.08 16:49

wow! 320Gig The question should be what wouldn’t I store on it. In all seriousness, definitely music, and music and more music, and maybe some more music for good measure. o and maybe some work stuff, nah forget that.

----- linton 26.11.08 16:49

Music… really ppl 320 gigs of music???
Ill be honest.. porn and in silver would be nice.

My silver porn directory that lights up.. now thats Happy holidays

----- synergy 26.11.08 16:49

I have total access to just over 2TB of hardrive space…and exactly 3GB of freespace left. Im in the market for a new drive, desperately.

----- Tagloff 26.11.08 16:49

anything important that’s gonna save me in the future when I need them

----- OO 26.11.08 16:48

Definitely a combination of old Calvin and Hobbes Scans, and my old OS9 files that I just can’t seem to get rid of. Too valuable to nuke, not precious enough to keep right on the laptop.

----- ben 26.11.08 16:48

I’d put America on it.

Okay, not the whole place, but as much of it as I could. I’m moving to America for a few months next year and I know my laptops HD won’t last long with all the pictures I’ll take, so something like this could come in handy.

----- Andy 26.11.08 16:47

I’d use it to store my portfolio and also as back up for my mac book pro, it never has enough space for my work.

----- mary 26.11.08 16:47

omg I neeeeed that to save all of my music files from being lost on my archaic HD. I’m a DJ and store all of my music on my computer in a HQ format, I’ve already maxed out 120gb and it’s only the beginning!!!

----- Mitchell L 26.11.08 16:47

I’d put my work files (mainly photoshop) on it. I’m fighting to save 8 gigs over here…

----- ron1 26.11.08 16:46

I would fill the drive entirely with ‘zeros’ and ‘ones’. Perhaps the occasional ‘two’.

----- Joshua Peterman 26.11.08 16:46

Time machine backup!

----- Chris Furniss 26.11.08 16:46

Flippin’ lovely drive! I’d be backing up all my artwork on it.

----- Brilliant Gray 26.11.08 16:46

Simple…Scott Robertson Videos

----- Emmanuel 26.11.08 16:45

My big brother, cause he’s a meanie.

----- Mikie 26.11.08 16:45

This would be huge to backup design and grad school work. My laptop is quite lacking in HD space and only have a gig or so left. help a poor, aspiring grad student out!

----- Paul Prins 26.11.08 16:44

Project Work
www.connectitconference.com - Marketing and Communications for 2009 Conference
www.ryerson.ca/rei - Business Development Packagaes and Partner Info

A folder entitled ‘Distance’ that contains all the files and photos from my previous relationship where I am slowly realizing I was not in-love but obsessed.

----- Jaime 26.11.08 16:44

What a beautiful drive. 320 GB would be perfect for my grandfather’s scanned b&w negatives - 1952 to 1956.

----- Derek 26.11.08 16:43

I would store all the pictures and digital video I take while I’m in Cameroon, Africa for the next 3 months building a water system for two villages.

----- Zac 26.11.08 16:43

Music!! They’ve yet to make an mp3 player of any type large enough to hold it all.

----- erin 26.11.08 16:40

Music, definitely. I cannot work when it’s quiet. Awesome device!

----- Nicholas 26.11.08 16:40

I would put in all the files for my budding stationery business!

----- Stephanie 26.11.08 16:39

Shooting videos in HD creates huge files. I could definitely use this to store all of my video files.

----- Andy Yang 26.11.08 16:38

Jumbo Shrimp! I’d use it to keep my music, movies and design work on it! Plus Seagate makes a solid drive, so I’m not worried it’ll go belly up on me.

----- Asvetic 26.11.08 16:38

I would most definitely back up my photos and music because without both, I have no idea how I would be able to function.

----- Masa 26.11.08 16:37

this is so cute~~~ I currently maxed out my pink passport 160GB (storing all the ebooks and my camera pictures, nothing interesting…), thinking about getting another one this black friday~

----- loverenny 26.11.08 16:37

The documents and algorithms that record each minute detail in my plans to overthrow the worlds’ governments using my dastardly-designed doomsday device as well as rid myself and my insidiously deviant subterranean-based organization of those pestering government super spies once and for all!

…as well as this week’s episode of the Office.

----- Worth Dayley 26.11.08 16:37

A perfect place to store all my architecture school work! I go to a very computer-intensive school, and always lose my flash drives!
This would not only save me some hassle, but also save me from some stress when trying to find my files!

----- Cait 26.11.08 16:37

I’d put the photos of my recent paintings on it :)

----- Katie Lewis 26.11.08 16:36

If I won a Seagate Free Agent Pro…. I think I would use it to store my ever expanding digital movie collection, that way I could have all my TV Shows/Movies without cluttering up my hard drive. Yay!

----- Ryan Mathe 26.11.08 16:35

I’d like to actually be able to store some multimedia. It’s sad, but my laptop (yea it’s old… :[ ) only has 20 GB HD. I have a 4GB thumbdrive I’ve picked up at Staples, but it’s about full….

Also using my iPod nano to store files.

So a hard drive would be so nice and dandy!

----- Ray 26.11.08 16:35

I’d use it to back up my photographs!

----- Jessica 26.11.08 16:34

recipes for sure. take them with me and spread the food love around!

----- kristy 26.11.08 16:34

i would store family videos and scanned old pictures on it as backup.

----- Edward 26.11.08 16:33

all my ‘pron’…oops i mean all my artistic photography ;P

----- Ian. M 26.11.08 16:32

well i would store all the links and images i get from NOTCOT of course ;)

----- jarred eberhardt 26.11.08 16:32

I could probably use it with my macbook pro & time machine… ;-) I’m always running out of space…

----- Chris Fofiu 26.11.08 16:32

Work files… definitely not Porn!

----- Matt 26.11.08 16:31

I’d put my portfolio on it.

----- Renee 26.11.08 16:31

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