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The Genographic Project- 11.13.08

natgeogift0.jpgNow, back to the gift that Justine received at the National Geographic first ever retail store opening… Firstly, from a design perspective, i love that NatGeo takes their yellow so seriously, from the magazine, to the bags, to the wrapping paper… and i’m impressed that they pleated their wrapping paper! (See the pic on the next page!)…

As for what’s inside, it might be one of the coolest gifts you could give someone this holiday season! The Genographic Project Public Participation Kit!

Quick description of The Genographic Project: “The Genographic Project is a global research partnership of National Geographic and IBM. With support for field research from the Waitt Family Foundation, Dr. Spencer Wells and a group of the world’s leading scientists will attempt to collect and analyze more than 100,000 DNA samples from indigenous people all over the world. The goal of The Genographic Project is to learn about the migratory paths our ancestors took and how humankind populated the planet.”

In this very CSI looking kit, you get a DVD about the project, a map of the migratory history of man, buccal swab kit, and a confidential ID# to access your results! See more pics of the kit on the next page, and i guess we’ll see if Justine chooses to share her results with us!




For the US and Canada kit - The Genographic Project Public Participation Kit
For the non-US and non-Canada - The Genographic Project Public Participation Kit

The general public can actually take an active part in this remarkable effort by purchasing a Genographic Project Public Participation Kit and by submitting an anonymous sample of their DNA using an easy and painless cheek swab. By participating, you will not only contribute to this great endeavor, but you may discover something fascinating about your own genetic past as well. Furthermore, the proceeds from the sales of the Kits will be channeled back into the Project to support additional research and to fund education, cultural conservation, and language revitalization efforts for indigenous and traditional communities around the world.

The Participation Kit includes the following:

* DVD with a Genographic Project overview hosted by Dr. Spencer Wells, visual instructions on how to collect a DNA sample using a cheek scraper, and a bonus feature program the National Geographic Channel/PBS production The Journey of Man.
* Exclusive National Geographic map illustrating human migratory history and created especially for the Genographic Project.
* Buccal swab kit, instructions, and a self-addressed envelope in which to return your cheek swab sample.
* Detailed brochure about the Genographic Project, featuring National Geographic photography.
* Confidential Genographic Project ID # (GPID) to anonymously access your results at www.nationalgeographic.com/genographic

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I have to say this is the most confusing thing I’ve ever been involved in….my husband and myself both paid our $100 and sent in our DNA samples!
6 Months or so later, we received our #s but can’t figure out how to get any info about our results! It is incredibly frustrating, infuriating and had taken close to if not, a yr. to get nowhere so far! Any help will be appreciated! Thanks Nancyk

----- NANCY wilkinson 06.10.10 22:43

Wow, and it’s actually cheaper to the similar 23andme genetics kit. I wonder how detailed it is compared to it…

----- Dan 03.01.09 04:56

There’s a neat Genographic project facebook App called Friendship DNA Match that lets you compare your social DNA with your friends. Check it out http://apps.facebook.com/friendshipdnamatch/

----- Shu 20.11.08 23:02

We gave Genographic kits as gifts last Christmas and they were a huge hit. Highly recommended for that special nerd in your life.

----- Clay 14.11.08 07:07

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