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Baxter of California’s Air Strike- 12.03.08

Air-Strike.jpg I couldn’t resist posting these after opening the email made me giggle… sure it was filled with potty humor and bad puns, but it was also a cute idea and some cleanly designed matchbooks from the always beautifully packaged men’s grooming line, Baxter of California


Baxter of California, the first men’s grooming brand, is notorious for gifting mini Haribo Gummi Bears with each online purchase. Starting today, Baxter is giving web customers a free box of custom Air-Strike matches. The matchbooks are a satirical play on on the idea of lighting up after using the bathroom. Get ‘em while you “can”!”

Also check out some of the gorgeous holiday gifts they have this year!


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3 Notes

I ordered shave products and didn’t get a book of matches with it !!! :( why??

----- Ashley 11.12.08 09:04

I just ordered my boyfriends xmas gift and decided to get a candle for the house- the matchbook that came with it is as unique as their products… very cool! Keep up the good work!

----- Sarah Abrams 04.12.08 12:54

OK, now this is just F’ing brilliant. I will actually buy something from them now just to get the match book. (lip balm ??)

----- Corey 04.12.08 11:32

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