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By:Amt - Ring A Day- 12.11.08

amt1.jpg Wow. So i’m sitting here completely mesmerized, conflicted, fascinated, and DYING to pop out ALL the rings. NOW! So far my self control has kicked in and i only popped out the first one for the sake of showing you and photographing it… and sandpapering… and ok ~ so here’s the deal ~ basically i’m totally obsessed with By:Amt’s latest: Stainless Steel Ring A Day.

It comes with 7 rings and a piece of sandpaper ~ the rings are in these adorable polished stainless steel cards… that you can pop out, or not. That you can disconnect, or not. That you can wear all at once, or not… See? It’s overwhelmingly awesome and conflicting and exciting all at once. It really doesn’t help that once you pop the first one out and slip it on your finger more ideas start racing, and you can’t stop wearing/playing with it. I think this just jumped up onto the perfect gift list… as long as you pick the right size. Think about it ~ for $99 to get 7 rings, or 7 necklaces, or 7 rings AND 7 necklaces…. it could be one amazing gift, or you can even split them up into 7 precious stainless steel rings for your bffs…. or the coolest gift tags on presents? Or if you’re a planner, i guess you could really do one ring each day of the week, but who has that much self control? They could even be rings + awesome shiny iconic chrismukkah tree ornaments!

Anyhow, you get the point, Ring A Day = awesome gift with way too many possibilities. Also looks great on as a ring. So check out more pics on the next page, and i think i need to go pop out all the rings now! Will update with a pic in a few…

Oh! And don’t forget, if you order this you also get to choose a free diamond ring! See the coupon on the next page…

UPDATE! As promised, i went and popped them all out and sanded and took a few more pics ~ jump to the new pics

Ring A Day - 2005 (So glad she decided to finally produce these!)

Bored with your baubles? Need an instant fashion pick-me-up? The Ring a Day is for you. Simply pop a pre-cut ring from a stainless steel, polish rough edges with the included sandpaper, and voilá! The sheet itself makes great wall art once all the rings have been removed, or can be worn as a necklace. Just attach a chain to the piece.

7 rings and one piece of sandpaper. One ring for every day or all rings at the same time. It’s what-ever you want. But there is more, whichever way you wear them, the rings themselves are always less valuable than the sheet they came from, or maybe not? The stainless steel you are not wearing has more value in actual money, however the actual ring might have more emotional value. It is for the user to determine. (originally designed in Silver Sheet)










Don’t forget! If you order this ~ you can choose a free diamond ring too!


UPDATED! So as i said, couldn’t resist ~ went and popped them all out after posting ~ also found that using the file on my leatherman was far easier/faster since you can wear the ring and file away like a manicure…. new ideas ~ all rings on a necklace ~ use the sheet as a bookmark ~ use the sheet wrapped around a glass as a candle votive to cast ring shadows? And really, i must say it’s super nice to have such a fun gift that isn’t over when you open it and put it on ~ its like a choose your own adventure package… and it’s super satisfying popping them all out…. ; )





Also ~ just for those who think of Melissa Borrell’s Popouts ~ these were designed in 2005 for IDEA as a POV piece before those came out (and they know each other well!)~

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8 Notes

I have to say that this is not very creative. And now the price has been upped to 140 is just absurd.

----- Mike 07.03.09 15:20

Indeed the cost of making this is much more than $5-10 that is why the price is at $99.00. We’re just calculating the regular margin for this product + packaging. We are not ripping anyone off. Why else would we also sell $10 acrylic rings? - Thanks all for reading the Ring A Day Post & Thanks Jean! - Enjoy!

----- byAMT 15.12.08 07:31

Stainless steel’s not THAT cheap, and you’re getting 7 rings for $99 - approx $14 per ring. That seems pretty reasonable to me…

----- Sub-Studio 14.12.08 10:47

This is a neat concept, but I definitely don’t think it’s such an amazing idea as to justify a $99 pricetag on a product that costs maybe $5-10 at most to manufacture.

----- alex 14.12.08 01:52

a hundred bucks for something made out of a dollars worth of stainless steel? there must be allot of suckers out there.

----- trimtab21 12.12.08 06:44

Love it !

----- Clairette 12.12.08 03:07

Louise ~ actually that was the first thing i thought when i saw it too! (Actually probably the first thing i asked allisia when she sent me pics!) definitely one of those - need to see in person - type of things ~ i’ve been wearing them and typing for hours now, and its surprisingly comfortable! And unless you’re bad with the filing the tiny nubs, it shouldn’t cut you or anything around you up!


----- Jean/NOTCOT 11.12.08 17:32

I like the concept, but the shape of the rings look like it might be uncomfortable and might cut into your finger after a long time of wear. Is that a problem?

----- Louise 11.12.08 16:51

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