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NOTGLÖGG- 12.27.08

notglogg1.jpg On silly holiday experiments, and with so much wine around combined with freezing (ok well not literally freezing, but cold for LA) weather… and seeing Mulled Wine, Spiced Wine, and Glögg recipes on Liqurious… when it came time for dan’s birthday Xmas eve we couldn’t help but read up on all the different recipes, and there are SO many variations, and ended up making out own variation that we’ve tweaked a bit over the last few days as well! So, here is ours:

NOTGLÖGG ~ a simple NOTCOT take on Glögg
1 Bottle Red Wine
1- 2oz Creme de Casis
1-2oz Creme de Mures
4-5 oz Brandy
1/2 cup Sugar (adjust to taste)

in cheese cloth:
2 Cinnamon sticks
6 Cloves
6-8 Cardamon pods
2 All Spice
pinch and a half Nutmeg

Put 1 bottle of red wine in a pot ~ add sugar and the cheese cloth bindle (we just tied it all up in there… yes, it looked like a bloody bandage) ~ keep it just under boiling for about half hour ~ add creme de casis and mures and brandy ~ simmer a bit longer ~ serve HOT [Notes: make sure its not TOO sweet ~ makes about 4 mugs… ~ also, i kind of wing all the measurements ~ so fiddle to taste… other optional ingredients we saw in researching - honey, sugar cubes, vanilla, almonds, raisins, corriander, orange/lemon peel (twist peels to release oils before dropping in)]

For more info, here’s wikipedia on Mulled Wine and Glögg… See more pictures of the process, and some fun new glasses on the next page!



We’ve opted for tying a little mini bindle tightly for this… i just snap the cinnamon sticks in half so they don’t stab their way out…


Trying this with my parents, my dad claimed he wasn’t into hot alcoholic drinks, so would only “taste” it so i made him a little sake glass with cinnamon stick… he ended up getting q few refills though!

Here’s how it looks in my new housewarming/xmas/bday gifts…. Bodum Double Walled Glasses!!!! (Thanks, Craig!!!!)


Before i took the stickers off the new glasses, had to show you the hilarious sticker with the “mouth blown” glass guy…

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3 Notes

I love gløgg so much, im defiantly bringing a few bottles back from Norway to London when flying there today! More importantly, I LOVE the gløgg bowl you got on etsy, i grew up with that exact one! I think its still standing in my parents living room!

----- Ina 29.12.08 02:02

I’m damn jealous of this nice stove you have. Well, but on the other hand i call the Bodums my own some years. You’ve got to check out the different sizes. And as to speak of the GLÖGG…I’ll try this for New Year. Thanks NOT-Whatever for bringing me through my year.

----- SmirkingMe 28.12.08 03:52

this is the prettiest visual recipe for glogg i’ve ever seen

----- Aubrey 27.12.08 22:01

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