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Villainess Soaps Packaging- 12.20.08

villainess.jpgVillainess Soaps just popped up on NotCouture ~ and while at first i simply crossposted it to .org… i quickly realized there was too much awesomeness to show in one 250x250 image… so here’s a proper post on their incredible packaging! Granted i have no idea how their products are… but they’ve won me over with their vintage pirate like feel… its like the Lush i’d imagine pirates/wenches would use! With hilarious naming, great graphic design, and an incredible clawfoot bathtub display at the Den of Antiquities… you have to take a peek!

From Villainess Soaps: “Our catchphrase is “redefining bad.” We’re also taking significant steps to redefine the way skincare is formulated, manufactured and marketed. We love gentle, environmentally conscious, and animal-friendly components as much as anyone. But we’re not interested in helping perpetuate false dichotomies or marketing ploys.” Who can’t avoid gifting bars of Ennui, Grundy Swamp Mud, Gloop, etc… See lots more images on the next page!

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Yeah, these are pretty fantastic. I’ve definitely bookmarked it for future gifts.

----- Joe Wasserman 22.12.08 14:18

F**king AMAZING! I am totally digging this company.

----- Rachel 21.12.08 17:59

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