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Economic Stimulus Spray + Nothing- 01.28.09

nothing1.jpgSorry for the lull here ~ been sick in bed with a fever the last few days, still a little fuzzy/delirious feeling at the moment… but with Obama’s $819 Billion Stimulus package passed, i couldn’t resist posting the latest silliness i got in the mail… yes, that is Economic Stimulus Spray and NOTHING. It’s all about the packaging and the concept though, isn’t it? These playfully thought provoking direct mailers came from Winstanley Associates - Ad Agency of the Berkshires… there is even an Elf Trap that was included… see closeups of them all on the next page!








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I’d like to get my hands on the Nothing :) and that elf trap is pretty cool too!!

----- Sas Manuz 01.11.11 23:14

Thanks for the laugh. The packaging is pretty awesome.


----- Natalie 03.02.09 06:45

I love the package of NOTHING. That IS great advertising!

----- Chinako Chino 30.01.09 17:11

Drink the cool aid, no thoughts allowed.

----- Dan 29.01.09 10:17

I heard the spray has a strong order of pork.

----- David 29.01.09 07:48

I have a feeling it smells like appeasement…and it will leave uncleanable stains…

I’m just watching the national debt ticker, and with every 1 billion dollars it goes up, I take a breath, needless to say I’m still alive…

----- hrhkat 28.01.09 23:14

What does Economic Stimulus spray smell like?

----- Masa 28.01.09 23:01

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