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It’s Real Change in DC- 01.17.09

change1.jpg “It’s Real Change” ~ really! At the “real change exchange” - aka the US Mint! This truck cracked me up when we were wandering around the national mall today… wasn’t sure what to call this post ~ but basically on the next page you can see a range of pictures from our adventures in the cold on foot today ~ some fun ones of the Capitol with tons of chairs and jumbotrons set up out front ~ plastic bags frozen into a the reflecting pool ~ carousels ~ people freezing and jumping up and down behind Spike Lee and the MSNBC team that basically lit the WHOLE of the national mall with blinding lights ~ the washington monument and its circle of flags ~ and more!

UPDATE! Just found out that the “It’s Real Change” Truck was part of - “United States Mint Introduces Native American $1 Coin to Open National Museum of the American Indian Multicultural Festival” ~ where you could switch 1$ bills for the new 1$ coin! Unfortunately when we wandered past they were parked and closed up!















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Dollar coin fan #1, reporting for comments duty!

So glad you cats are down there in DC so we can see these kinds of moments. I don’t think I’d survive the crowds to come.

----- richard Stevens 18.01.09 06:26

Keep it up, Jean. You’re getting some nice shots and amazing coverage!

----- esotericsean 17.01.09 22:58

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