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Droog Shadylace Parasol- 02.13.09

shady00.jpg The Droog Shadylace Parasol by Chris Kabel, 2004 ~ i’ve been lusting after this design since… at least 2006 (i even posted about it back then!) Well, on indulgences for the new house, and with some help from Greener Grass Design, i gave in, and finally have one! And yes, it’s just as exciting as i’d hoped! The green is stunning, the adorable little gold birdy perched on top is adorable, and i LOVE the way it casts shadows! Finally having it in person, beyond the usual press photos we’ve all seen, here’s an up close look at the details ~ nice thing i was hesitant about… the material for the parasol is green polyester, and not at all waxy feeling! So it has a really nice look to it. And really it just brightens up any space you put it in! So take a look at the unboxing, closeups and some pics of it set up yesterday (popped it up in the hot sun between these rainy days we keep getting!) ~ everything on the next page!







Everyone who’s seen these wide angle pics thinks the table and umbrella are small… but that umbrella has a 7ft diameter… just FYI! And i paired it with a simple umbrella base from target (really no need for something crazy under there!) ~ and a smith & hawken for target teak table…






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I’m so excited to see this beautiful umbrella on your blog! This umbrella was the one crazy item we had put on our wedding registry and we were lucky enough to have a great friend buy it for us. It now stands in all its glory in our backyard. I love the playful shadows it casts, and the golden bird is the perfect topper. I have a few photos I’d like to send you. Please let me know how, if possible. Thanks!

----- Naomi 19.03.09 14:29

Hi Andrew. Yeh, its great to hear about firms using local produce and manufacturing. I too greatly respect this, and think that it is a pracice that alot of other comapnies could learn from. I think many larger companies (not naming names) don’t take enought account of their social responsibilies and the effect they have on the local environment they opperate in.

----- Paddy Stevenson 20.02.09 08:36

I’m not sure of the environmental impact of the polyester, but these parasols are nicely sustainable in one sense - I used to work for Chris and was surprised to find out that he worked with local Dutch lace makers to design and manufacture the Shady Lace. These are the same artisans who have been producing traditional Dutch lace for decades, maybe hundreds of years. Using manufacturing processes that are unique to their locality is something that appears often in Chris’ work and is something that I greatly respect. He’s doing his part to keep this industry and its associated jobs and skills inside the Netherlands.

----- Andrew Haarsager 16.02.09 19:22

I really love these shades, and love Droogs designs in general. Their simple style which runs through all their projects is really beautiful. I love the way they often refer to nature in their products (would like to know about the environmental impact of materials and processes though? Does anyone know how they rate?) Went to see their studios in Amsterdam last year - some really exciting work comming form them. Keep a look out!


----- Paddy Stevenson 14.02.09 10:59

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