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Villainess Soaps Up Close!- 02.05.09

vill13.jpgOoooooh on fun rainy day packages that just arrived ~ a surprise box from the lovely ladies of Villainess Soaps just arrived ~ remember i gushed about their Pirate + Lush like products with amazing packaging before? Things that jump out even MORE up close? Their amazing skulls! Teeny tiny little skulls that are so perfectly adorable! See that little one that is on the beautiful perfume bottle? And its on the labels too! See more pictures of the unboxing of the lovely gift on the next page!













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Amazing products! i was/am a huge lush fan which caught my attention in this post. im a big fan spicy earthy scents, im almost ready to order more. thank you so much for posting this!

----- ashley 05.06.09 13:12

I bought some perfumes from here because I saw your post. I love the packaging! So cute!

----- Sue 10.02.09 07:27

Sam ~ you can see all of the product names in the images! They are all available on the Villainess site

----- Jean/NOTCOT 07.02.09 00:31

i wish you would have said what everything was.

----- sam 07.02.09 00:02

I got a package yesterday too, they always seem to arrive when it rains. I thought living in socal meant I wouldnt have to deal with rain, I guess not.

----- hrhkat 06.02.09 08:45

The lady who owns/runs it is *super* nice as well. Everything I’ve ever gotten from there has oozed style and been nothing short of fantabulous.

----- Amy W. 05.02.09 18:53

ooooooooh aaaaaaaaahh
you’re right about those skulls

----- jealous 05.02.09 15:29

Neat, love the skulls!

----- Alex Diaz 05.02.09 15:10

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