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Slice and Karim Hands on- 03.03.09

slice1.jpg So, after posting the Slice Precision Cutter, we couldn’t resist finding out more, and Slice was nice enough to send a few over to play with when Alyssa reached out to them! So what is it like up close? And how does it compare to our trusty Xactos? Well, xacto has nothing to worry about, but the Slice Precision Cutter is still pretty awesome for certain uses!

The thing corners amazingly! Can get some really great curves out of it ~ where it will never take over my xacto (this one is my favorite still, but unfortunately i haven’t found it yet while unpacking the office - work in progress! so up there is another bigger one i’ve been using on boxes and stuff) ~ the blade is only good to cut through a few pieces of paper ~ so for scrapbooking, vinyl cutting, etc its perfect, but not so much for heftier projects. Physically, it feels great in your hand, nicely weighted ~ super sleek with its matte green coating, and nice cap on it. You an definitely cut with it as if you’re painting a brushstroke or scribbling with a pen which is really fun. So all in all, for 7$ its definitely worth adding to your arsenal. Check out more close ups on the next page… and pics of the Y-Peeler they sent over too!



(view into the cap)



The base of this made me want to stamp it into silly putty… or a potato or something?

Super sharp, and peels with such ease…. the only thing i’m not feeling so much is the rubbery non slip coating, its a bit glossy/sticky if you know what i mean? like dust/etc clings to it too easily?

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I’d love one…. if it didn’t have Mr Rashid’s scribble all over it… wonder if i can slice it off…

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