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Kohler Flipside Handshower- 04.28.09

flipside.jpg It’s not often shower head innovations catch my eye recently ~ but the latest Flipside from Kohler is definitely an interesting shift from the “Handshowers” (ok, i had no idea that was a term till i was reading the press release, but thinking about it, i dont know what i’d normally call it?) where you normally turn the ring on the showerhead to switch between different settings… and the water always comes from the same sprayface. In the case of the Flipside, there are 4 different sprayfaces, and each mode has a K name (Kohler does love their Ks):
• KOVERAGE - for a traditional, everyday shower with maximum water coverage that is perfect for the morning shower routine (green)
• KOTTON - streams a layer of dense, soft, enveloping downpour of relaxation that caresses your skin (yellow)
• KOMOTION - a drenching spray that delivers an exhilarating, circular pattern to refresh the senses after a tightly-wound day (pink)
• KURRENT - provides a focused and invigorating massage spray to target tired or aching muscles (blue)

See more pictures and more info on the next page!

Additionally - “The Flipside handshower is available in three design options. The elegant, flowing lines of Flipside 01 complement nearly any bathroom décor; Flipside 02’s contemporary geometric lines are for lovers of modern design; and Flipside 03 makes a statement with its black handle. Finish options include Polished Chrome for Flipside 01, 02 and 03, and Vibrant Brushed Nickel for Flipside 01 and 02.”

I’m definitely curious to see how the different decors looks ~ and whether the Flipside and it’s K modes are really the low barrier entry for home owners, or even apartment dwellers to for a “quick and affordable way to introduce the features of a custom home spa to your own home” are the press release mentions.

These are said to be available May 1st, and priced at $125.





How does it look in real life? Here’s a pic from the press release on the left ~ and a pic of DVICE’s hands on with it!

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The President has given up on healthcare public option, tax cuts for the rich, and housing starts by the Israeli. Obama needs to quit paying attention to the Clintons, Bidens, and others as to behavioral politics and do the right thing.

----- Timothy Eisiminger 15.12.10 12:25

My boyfriend and I just got this for our new apartment. It is AMAZING. I only grabbed it because the box was pink, but it actually turned out to be pretty awesome.

----- Bev 21.09.09 09:18

who knew a showerhead could be so beautiful? that is gorgeous.

----- marsha 03.05.09 14:10

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