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Illuminant - Kristin Birna Bjarnadottir- 05.22.09

light.jpg I have to admit this up front because i felt so silly about it ~ when i was trying to start catching up on what ICFF goodness to share, i couldn’t get this insane reflective jellyfish-like icelandic lamps out of my head, so i start photoshopping pictures, and then researching online, only to find that it had already been on NOTCOT.org #20302… So yes, even I can’t keep up with absolutely everything anymore, and truthfully, it was even cooler in person!

Now for those who don’t know, these lights are Illuminant by Kristin Birna Bjarnadottir out of Iceland ~ and there is no actual LIGHT in the light! It is like a jellyfish of reflective fabric ~ reflective strands hanging down and bundled above the more classically shaped lamp shade ~ and on the floor is a high powered LED light, simply shooting light up inside of it, and the result is this ethereal glowing free flowing creature… and to change colors, you simple put glass filters on the lights. (Literally just put a glass disc on the top of the light source) Now, imagine a forest of jellyfish in the ocean… can you imagine these installed in an array of sizes and heights hanging from trees in a garden party?

Take a look at the various pictures on the next page!

i could also totally see these installed in a rave/burning man type situation evolved into a visual/sound installation where the lights pulsate with the music and possibly even push bursts of air upwards to create perfectly timed motion in the tentacles of a forest of these… how fun would that be to watch?






MORE INFO! As found on Kristin’s Illuminant page:

The lamp ILLUMINANT is based on the idea that “what goes around comes around”.

Illuminant is my final assignment as a Product Designer from Iceland Academy of the Arts, spring 2008. The idea of te lamp came to me in a course where we were supposed to make romantic lights. When making experiments with the reflective material I thought a lot of the existence of people getting reflection of their own behavior. I believe that its true: you reap as you sow.

The lampshade if made of reflective material and hangs from the ceiling on a fishline. The threads hanging from the shade are made from the same reflective material by cutting them into 2mm thick strips. A led bulb is placed in a cylindar on the floor, and 4 colored glass plated are included (red, violet, blue, and brown).

You choose the coloured glass you prefer and place it on top of the cylindar and the lampshade reflects your choice.

Illuminant makes a magical atmosphere when turned on. like in a fairy tale. The ceiling is decorated by the lamp with great refraction.

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This is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

----- Maria Fenton 29.05.09 13:30

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