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My Standard Tub with a View- 05.20.09

sny0.jpg I have so much to show you its hard to know where to start ~ especially when all i want to do is curl up in bed, stare at the view, and pass out! Sad to be leaving NY tomorrow already, but will definitely be back soon! SO, for starters, it only made sense to run a hot bubble bath to figure out what to write, and that lead to taking pics in the bath, and then of course i had to give you a peek into my favorite part of The Standard New York… while i did tour the facility (both open, and not - the roof is so awesome!) with Andre Balazs the other day, that will have to wait. Prioritizing, what you really need to see first is the TUB! You can literally open up the slats so from the tub you can watch the skyline ~ which is stunning whether its day, sunset, night, etc… or i guess you could watch tv too… or chat with whoever you have in the room with you. It’s also such a deep massive tub you could easily sink into it, or fit a bunch of people in, whatever suits you.

So take a peek of the view from the tub ~ and around the room and various details that have caught my eye. While there are 16 different room layouts/color schemes in the hotel ~ of the ones i toured, this one is definitely my favorite! Take a peek on the next page, and view shots to come…

Here’s peeking at my bubble bath from the living room section (aka part with couch…)

Bubbles!!! View from deep in this amazing tub ~ yes it was horrifying to bring my 5DMKII in… gently…

On the bed, here’s the view from my laptop…

How adorable ~ the standard uses Kiss My Face amenities…

NOW ~ backtracking a bit ~ here are some pics of the rest of the room…




Here you can get a better feel of the main view from the bed… there’s the wall where the bubbles can flow onto the couch! AND the coolest thing ~ the table has a hydraulic leg, so you can lift/lower it to your perfect height…

Check out the bed and the wrap around wood paneling…


View walking in the door… to your left is the rain shower and tub, to your right is the sink, closet, and WC

Such a tight space even the wide angle couldn’t handle it so well… so here’s a peek at the closet which across from the sink, the toilet in the WC, and the shower that you walk into to get to the tub…

The KEY! Love the black matte…

the booklet that comes with your key… free breakfast/room service, but i have yet to wake up in time…

Hilarious options on this card to help you plan your day…

And as for terribly tempting munchies, and incredibly cute liquor minis…


The little kid in me is so tempted by this martinellis, babybel cheese, and kinder egg!

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5 Notes

Looks gorgeous, I wish I could spend a night in that hotel room. I am pretty certain my problems would vanish. I’m extremely jealous.

----- Jordan 29.05.09 22:51

Those shoes are Tretorn the model name is Gullwing =) and they are super comfy.

----- Tubshoesdude 23.05.09 14:14

The one touch that stands out for me the most: the kinder surprise in the fridge!
I’ve been there for a friend’s birthday party, it was amazing. They had a room with 3 sides of windows. I loved the floor to ceiling windows even in the bathroom. Their bathtub was in the middle of the room!
They did an amazing job, really. It’s elegant, modern and warm. Love it!!

----- Juliette Merck 21.05.09 06:32

I MUST go.
the aesthetics of this place are so minimalistic with such a neutral color palette!
goodness, I will remember this place when I go visit NY.

thanks for sharing! I love it (:

----- Aya 21.05.09 02:09

the shoes in picture #7 look great! what are they? :)

----- Tony Thio 21.05.09 00:02

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