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Stella McCartney Inflatable Dinos- 05.18.09

stella.jpg Walking by the Stella McCartney store in the meatpacking district you can’t help but notice, stop, stare and giggle at the window filled with inflated dinosaurs ~ some even taking over the heads of mannequins while others swoop down on those with their arms raised… It’s bizarre to say the least, but part of me can’t help but wonder what it takes to get hired to come up with and execute THAT idea. It sounds like it’d be terribly fun! See more pictures on the next page… the close ups crack me up.

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The window is amazing… and who cares about the collection. It’s such a visual impact that you want to come into the store to look at the collection.

----- Pato 04.06.09 18:02

i think it’s a really fun idea and i enjoy the whimsy of the display. however, melina’s right. the window has very little to do with the collection.

----- Kelley 25.05.09 14:41

I didnt like it at all. it had nothing to do with the collection OR the store. I just found it weird. I didn’t even think it was cute, it coud have been if they were like pelusche. not inflatible.

----- melina 19.05.09 03:58


----- Keta 18.05.09 19:27

Saw it and loved it! Did you see that Brooklyn Industry went with the same concept of inflatables in the windows???

----- Juliette Merck 18.05.09 14:28

What a refreshing window! It seems not so concerned with looking good as to making us smile and feel good. I agree with the above comment, I would also look at it a lot longer, which is the whole point of a window design. Bravo to Stella’s window designer and the person who gave it the go ahead.

----- Jennifer Kathleen 18.05.09 11:25

That looks great! I would spend hours in front of that thing, thank for sharing.


----- LettertoJane 18.05.09 00:51

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