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The Ace Hotel NYC (Part 1)- 05.14.09

ace0.jpg Landed in NYC at the equivalent time earlier than i normally go to sleep in LA… huge points for the sweet Ace Hotel NYC guys for giving me a room at 7am and letting me curl up in bed with wifi and post to you now… yes, i’m a little deliriously giddy and going to crash in a few, but far too excited not to show you these pics first…

I think i’m *home* ~ but i must admit i was nervous ~ kind of like meeting someone you’ve talked to online for ever, and you know you like a lot of the same stuff, but when you finally meet in the flesh ~ well its nerve racking. And you hit your kinks and panic attacks along the way (they JUST soft opened yesterday after delays) ~ but then its love at first sight?

So we’re going to do this the inside out way ~ starting with the room itself, its amazingly awesome details (my house so needs a black smeg, i wish i could just stick it in my suitcase and bring it home!) ~ adorably cozy vintage designy furnishings ~ glossy black outlets and faceplates! ~ big metal door ~ gorgeous lights ~ yummy treats ~ anyhow, see for yourself… pics of the room on the next page…

saw sunset in LA and sunrise in NYC ~ and in between it was incredibly clear out tonight ~ really bright moon and stars and darkness with patches of towns/cities in the middle… so also a few pics of the crazy view.

It is a bit odd to try and sleep in the purple haze… OH and virgin america had wifi and absinthe ~ but i did not partake in either ~ tried to sleep uncomfortably instead…

Its a real perspective shifter to see the US so dark while bouncing between big cities! The brightness of the moon was rather blinding to sleep with ~ and the stars were distractingly beautifully bright ~ and the patches of cities and towns below were just gorgeous… and google maps led me to believe this may be omaha… but i’m not sure how accurate it was…

mmmm typography is so nice in the morning… and looks like this table will be fun to shoot stuff on this week!

I really do like that they both tell me “Everything is going to be alright” and “thanks for sleeping with us” ~ there’s just something so nice about that…

Welcome to my new home!

Yes, i get to sleep under care bears, the cat in the hat fish that is somehow IN the koolaid man, casper, ET, and more…

The door! the mirror! The lamp! i just adore the attention to detail and how everything is so random yet perfectly matched…

Smeg. LOVE the smeg.

It;s a cozy hoodie robe… and these fixtures are even nicer in person than i imagined frmo the pics i’d seen….

Too cute…

Here’s the bathroom…

Soap on a rope! or maybe… soap on a string? nice idea, adorably executed…

just love these buttons…

Canvas hanging from the shower curtain rod with an attached sheet of pockets of goodies…

Nice graphic…

Everything you need to know… unfortunately Stumptown and the restaurant aren’t quite open yet… but they will fetch you food from a list of restaurants for room service!

Maid Tip envelope, comment card, pencils, notepad all rubberbanded neatly

I know you were curious what the food is…

… and what is in that SMEG!

… and with that i think it is now time for a nap so i can run around today!!! Sweet dreams*
(this is the moon from the flight over ~ its totally about 8:40 am EST now)

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14 Notes

I already live in NY but i would move into that hotel in a second if given the chance.

----- Juvie 06.08.09 09:27

that’s one sweet room, and it’s true what you say; everything is so random yet perfectly matched, I couldn’t help but notice it myself.

think I might try to make my room look something like it, borrow some ideas.. shame they probably have none of this on IKEA, haha.

----- chris martin larsen 15.05.09 20:58

Great room. The bathroom is almost identical to mine, except I have black and white floors and I have a walk in shower instead of a tub, but everything else is the same.

Dont even think about drinking the cranberry juice, I bet its like 10 bucks, and those pocky sticks, probably 15 lol.

I didnt even bother posting on the giveaway, the odds of me winning against 2000+ comments was slim, but I do like Blink 182..anyway have fun in New York, I bet its alot cooler there then it is here in LA (its 95 outside and im melting).

----- hrhkat 15.05.09 16:54

Sweet, I am staying there tomorrow night! Thanks for the preview.

----- ghoff 15.05.09 07:38

what a fantastic hotel!!! bring me one of those smeg’s while you’re at it! i think i have found a place to stay when i finally get to go to ny.

----- qwux 15.05.09 06:40

great pics! have fun in nyc

----- marsha 15.05.09 06:37

these are some great pictures girl (esp the flying in the sky one). what kind of cam do you use?

----- nysalia 14.05.09 13:10

this is one of the most amazing hotel rooms ive ever seen. no ugly palm tree comforters, bland furniture, or anything like that, its all pretty stylish. i love love love the graphic above the bed, its reminds me of the 90’s

----- skyler schubert 14.05.09 11:20

I am so jealous of you right now! Thanks for taking photos. Now I have more motivation to stay in school and work more to be able to experience this! Have a safe trip!

----- Melodykid 14.05.09 10:51

This looks pretty awesome!. It looks more laid back and home like. It is definitely better then the regular empty feel ambiance all other hotels have.

----- Ruben.T 14.05.09 10:35

It’s funny. About 30 of us booked an ACE Hotel room in NYC last week for the One Show and of course, it wasn’t ready and they outsourced us…and then it officially opens the week after we get back. Huge bummer. Would have loved to stay here.

Looks amazing and even better than the flagship here in Portland, OR. Love it.


----- KPR 14.05.09 10:14

The painting above the bed is done by Tim Diet a NY/SF based artist. Just thought I’d give credit where it is due. Both the room and artwork look great! Looks like a fun trip.

----- Bob Loblaw 14.05.09 10:11

ooooooh.. wondertastic!!! I´m so so jealous!!! thanks for sharing all the details. it is beautiful. ace is on the list of my favs since it first heard about it and I have to get there soon!!!! sooner!!

----- dandyflash 14.05.09 06:07

This place looks amazing. The first hotel room, where I could imagine living. Great interior and perfect combinations! New York, I miss you!

----- Markus 14.05.09 06:02

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