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Michael Jackson Spiral- 06.28.09

mj.jpg Snapped this pic just as i was walking out of CAboom ~ not sure who the artist is (ideas?) ~ but upon looking at it closer when i got home, its a pretty freaky Michael Jackson facial evolutionary spiral… see it up close on the next page.

Update: Turns out it is “Epic Thriller” by Kelly Coats




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Are prints of this available for purchase?

----- Summer 01.03.17 12:01

This is a real piece of art end let see how cruel aging is, plastic surgery or not, even to Michael Jackson.

----- roger 24.09.09 08:42

Thanks for posting my work on your blog! this spiral was originally designed for an optical toy (phenakistiscope). If you would like more info and also to see a simulation of what it looks like in motion, please visit:
(make sure to scroll down)

is there anyway you can update this post to include my name? this is spreading all over the blogoshpere, and I am not getting any creds.

Peace, and long live MJ!

----- Kelly Coats 08.07.09 12:11

This is seriously awesome. No need to comment on whether you are pro MJ or not. This idea was executed amazingly.

----- KateTT 07.07.09 10:45

In regards to Elise’s comment
“Only change I would make would be to have it be reversed - because the ‘downward spiral’ really happened as his face changed…”

I agree with the artist approach… in context to a traditional Tibetan Mandala the purity always lies in the center and the farther you span out (past the gates) the demons appear.
This reverse time line helps us relate back to his inner youth genius. Unfortunately the deranged Jackson never wanted to part from his youth.

----- Brett Bottorff 01.07.09 10:54

That is creepy!

----- brianna 01.07.09 08:55

The world was recently saddened by the sudden loss of pop icon Michael Jackson. In memoriam of this legendary and one-of-a-kind performer, Ztarlet Star Registry has dedicated an actual star in his memory - as a symbol of the bright light that Jackson brought to the music industry and his millions of loyal fans across the globe.


Digg this!

----- RIPMichaelJackson 30.06.09 16:34

This should be made into a custom wallpaper, or even a wall drawing. There are a lot of white living room design that are perfect to feature this piece.


----- Nicolette 30.06.09 10:21

am i the only one who thinks this piece of art is rather offensive at a time when we should be celebrating his legacy?

----- bleepbeep 30.06.09 08:01

wow, i think it is very beautiful. i would love to have a copy.

----- Amira 30.06.09 06:56

If you ever make a t-shirt out of this please let me know.

----- Craig 30.06.09 06:01

No matter what you are anyone else thinks - the FACT remains that Michael Jackson was A HUGE FORCE in this world. There has been NO ONE quite like Michael Jackson that had the AURA and that something “SPECIAL” that can’t really even be described. There is no artist on the scene that can even be display what Michael Jackson brought to us all. The world really LOST something significant the day Michael Jackson died.

Don’t believe it - just watch and listen to these songs and videos. Some you have heard - but the ones you HAVEN’T HEARD - the UNRELEASED videos and tracks even hit that point home even harder

----- Bobby Ewing 29.06.09 08:25

The artist name is Kelly Coats, it was a zoetrope

----- truth 28.06.09 23:39

I never bought any of his recordings and I never will.
He was a great artist but a disgusting human being - let’s not forget that he was a child molester who no doubt left mental scars on his young victims.

----- trimtab21 28.06.09 18:06

OK ~ UPDATE!!! So, my friend was just iming me about what she saw this evolve into at caboom today…

Friend of NOTCOT
hehe you’d laugh..
ok.. so that little one on the floor?
you put that in front of your face
and look in the mirror (that’s on center of the huge one)
then you’re supposed to spin the little one that’s in front of your face
notcot (jean)
Friend of NOTCOT
and you watch your reflection through the little slits of the spinning one
notcot (jean)
did they fill the whole board too?
Friend of NOTCOT
so you see this spiraling thing in the mirror
notcot (jean)
Friend of NOTCOT
they just put a mirror in the center of that huge board thing

----- jean/NOTCOT 28.06.09 15:45

He is white on all of his portraits!? since when? I see that the artist really manages to capture the “transformation” … G! I guess its OK to make business out of other ppl’s tragedy!

----- George 28.06.09 15:45

Only change I would make would be to have it be reversed - because the ‘downward spiral’ really happened as his face changed…

----- Elise 28.06.09 14:54

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