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A Social Media Conversation: London Hotels- 07.10.09

londonhotelsmain.jpg Social Media as your new *living* search engine? You read all the rumors, you hear all the rants on how irrelevant + trivial these fleeting status updates are… And honestly, i’m still learning how/why to use these services MY way…

I’ve found that twitter and facebook have been my new go-to after obsessive internet searches when doing research… and these have spurred some incredible conversations and quick sources of great information! BUT, it’s always so 1-to-many (versus 1-1 or many-to-many) and hosted in a way where all participants can’t see the results. (i.e. i tweet a question and followers/repliers can’t see all the other responses ~ and on facebook i have a status question and only those following it can see the evolving conversation)

End result? A post so i dont lose this fun conversation, and the valuable information that came up with it… So, if you’re looking for where to stay in London during Design Week 09? (Sept 19-27) ~ well i was looking into Soho and/or Shoreditch, and here’s what i’ve learned (on the next page!)

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This is a first test post (and really for my sanity so i dont have to try to look it all up in twitter and facebook and the many open tabs and try to piece it all together any time i need the info again)… the other night i was up till nearly 6am because a lively conversation started with my discussing possible london hotels with my sister out there, and then as we found more i tweeted and facebooked and emailed a few folks, all of which responded with more ideas and suggestions as well as more information helping confirming/advising…

In all honesty, these discussions are amazing because you guys are an incredible bunch of people i’m lucky enough to be able to reach out to! so THANK YOU!!!!

Here’s an inverted twitter search stream on the conversation that unfolded… (search shows newest at the top!) - i’ve blurred out people for privacy (feel free to share opinions, but i know people didn’t respond to be to “published”, so to respect that i’ve only left the brands showing)

Facebook is a little more conversationally organized, but there is no way to find these conversations later!


And Direct Messages on twitter started as well… a few on facebook too!

NOW… as for what i actually got out of all of this?

Key hotels not to be ignored in the hunt…
Sanctum Soho Hotel
Boundary Hotel
St. Martin’s Lane
The Gore
Rough Luxe
Covent Garden Hotel
Soho Hotel
Hoxton Hotel
Miller’s Residence

Key boutique/design hotel sites when researching…
Tablet Hotels
Mr + Mrs Smith
Design Hotels

But what’s next? Well… comparing, exploring, etc i suppose? Any suggestions/ideas/feedback on specific hotels? And i suppose depending on the response, i’ll play with the idea of trying to figure out how to turn these fun fleeting conversations into resources as posts for all of us to share! To join the conversation - follow notcot on twitter and friend me facebook

As for how this whole train of thought for this post came to be ——- Bear with me for a minute here ~ but i woke up with a random thought that will ultimately explain how i find this post relevant content to what i do here on NOTCOT. Back in the day, i started posting things i’d find and love (be it online or offline). And before posting i’d always end up scouring the internet to figure out more, backgrounds, unexpected fun facts and images… that combined = a post! Then my obsessive research on various products/topics would turn into posts (today those often end up as lots of notcot.org posts, and then evolve into themed roundups). Well, recently, i’ve found a new source of information hunting has gone to you amazing readers on Twitter and Facebook, but content in those is lost so quickly! And it is far more active than having a comments section, but they just kind of disappear! [note to awesome programmer gurus - want to play with finding a way to suck in *relevant* tweets and fb status comments into MT posts? lets chat]

And for those who are already friends + followers ~ other conversations i’ve been considering collecting up together to share…. i love how amazing the responses were on iphone apps and british design blogs were!

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AHH! I wish I had this when I was in London last month.

----- Grace 30.05.10 19:00

I remember GumTree being extremely helpful to me in London-
especially for the design week when the city is even more overcrowded…
But whenever I need a hotel in Europe I go to Last Minute Travel and usually I can find everything I need on that website :) From designer hotels to hostels - depending on what I feel like this year.

----- London hotels 11.10.09 08:09

I understand about the whole Facebook/blurring out names thing, but Twitter? Who doesn’t want new followers by being posted on one of the most popular blogs out there! :D

----- Valerie 11.07.09 09:08

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