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Design in Caprica- 07.02.09

caprica.jpg I keep hearing about SciFi/Syfy’s Caprica recently ~ so got curious and checked out the DVD on directv tonight ~ and i love the designy details of this alternate reality. Particularly the tennis court!!! And the architecture of the main house, the bookshelves, and the computer sheets… take a peek at some screenshots on the next page!

i must admit i haven’t really watched battlestar yet, but it has come up so many times in the last week alone, definitely need to do some catching up?







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If there is one thing you this year, watch Battlestar Galactica. You will not be disappointed.

----- Alan Eagle 02.07.09 12:27

These are very cool designs, especially the tennis court. I am watching Venus play at Wimbeldon right now. I wonder how she would like to play on that court!


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----- Nikki Thomas 02.07.09 09:26

re: catching up on BSG, yes. Yes you should.

----- idkirk 02.07.09 09:07

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