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Lemon Trees in my Lemon- 07.14.09

seedmain.jpg As promised in the last post about the Arta Barware goodies ~ while making lemonade we cut open one of the largest (nearly softball sized?) lemons from the top of my tree ~ and we were surprised to find that the seeds had started sprouting! Not knowing this was possible, i immediately started rethinking those old wives’ tales about how swallowing a seed would make a tree grow out of your head…. and while talking to someone else, i started thinking of the plant based villains from Darkwing Duck too (embedded videos on the next page if you need to catch up on Dr. Bushroot and Spike)… Anyhow, the seeds have now been planted, will see what happens to them, but not before taking some pics to share with you!

I’m no botanist. Is this normal?







Darkwing Duck - “Beauty and the Beet”

Darkwing Duck “The Incredible Bulk”

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Also, thanks for the pictures. I have been having a hard time finding pictures at the stage yours were at. I’m growing lemon seedlings and found out from your pictures that I started them upside down :( in their small water containers that I made for them. So thank you. :)

----- Rose 27.06.14 00:13

If you swallow seeds ( or chewing gum and bugs ) on accident your stomach acid destroys them. if anything is left ,( like with corn) it gets passed out of your body through a bowel movement. If you have a seed elsewhere in your body , usually you will get an infection or your body will calcify it to protect itself.

----- Rose 27.06.14 00:01

I like your juicer! What brand is it?

----- J 27.09.10 20:08

I think this is called vivipary. Not really normal, but not unheard-of. Pretty cool actually.

----- LL 25.08.09 19:31

Well, it happened to me with some orange seeds. They are young trees now. Beautiful!

----- Patricia Tavares 19.07.09 16:49

Hey! Great photos! I was amazed to see this as I had always heard that you could not grow lemons from a lemon seed. I was so excited to tell my Mom that someone had a actually sprouted lemon seeds, in an actual lemon. After sending her a link to this very posting, she pointed out, to my dismay, that this was always possible, the problem was that unless you use a lemon tree graft to grow a lemon tree, you get sour oranges from a lemon seed. Whan whan :(

----- Erin 15.07.09 21:49

I’ve had this happen with tomatoes. As for your stomach, the acids there would kill anything so no growth from swallowed seeds. Even if they could grow in the stomach, your body would process them out before they could take root. The lungs, however, can support some growth as the others noted but it’s usually fungus.

----- Nathan 15.07.09 13:06

Pretty interesting. About the plant growing in lung thing: the guy’s name is Artyom Sidorkin. Surgeons were investigating what they thought was a tumor in his chest, which actually turned out to be a 2 inch tall fir tree. Here’s a link to the story on sky news: http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Tree-Found-In-Lung-Seed-Sprouted-Inside-Russian-Mans-Chest/Article/200904315262048

----- David 15.07.09 06:38

this tends to happen to my tomatoes if I don’t eat them in time.. Interesting to see the lemon though!

----- Shannon 14.07.09 18:32

I’ve seen this happen many times with grapefruits. Also saw a house-grown pink lemon tree — about 1m tall — produce a lemon. Fun fun

----- Eric j 14.07.09 10:54

omg, that is crazy! I’m so glad you took pics and shared them with us!I am making sure not to swallow any seeds this summer now, especially watermelons!

----- laura sweet 14.07.09 10:40

I actually remember reading a medical case where a patient had a plant growing in his lung. Don’t remember the source…sorry..

----- KGB 14.07.09 09:41

I didn’t know that could happen either, incredibly fascinating! Beautiful photos as well. Thanks for this post.

----- Shelley Noble 14.07.09 09:04

cool - just like those calgary farmers market ads:

----- RM 14.07.09 07:58

It is because it got hot, if it was at the top of your tree, it would have had little shade to cool it down. The hot and wet of the lemon were perfect conditions for the seeds to sprout….

----- Alan 14.07.09 02:09

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