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SDCC 09 - Dumbrella- 07.23.09

dumbrella0.jpg On more fun branding/design ~ i love what the kids at Dumbrella did embracing Recession/Hobo chic ~ i’ve have always loved a good use of cardboard and brown paper though… now if only they gave you your goodies in a bag tied to the end of a stick bindle style? Also noteworthy? It’s not just web comics into tshirts, books, and stickers anymore ~ i was impressed to see how much incredible artwork (both 2+3D)… take a peek at some of my favorite offerings on the next page. And if you’re here, be sure to pop by and check it out in person at the perfectly numbered booth #1337.


I dare not ask what a “creepy hug” is…


Got to love the new Diesel Sweeties “Warning: Vehicle Transforms into Robot” sticker

My robot lives on my couch all alone, so cute to see them en masse…

And LOTS of robot socks waiting for you!

Not surprising, but amazing how quickly the limited edition SDCC Blue Sushi’s disappeared ~ but then again Andrew Bell made a painfully cute irresistible little guy!

Stickers too!!!

Chris Yates has some pretty fun silly handmade resin slugs…

… and mini ghosts!!!

… ninja and blue guy looking at each other cracked me up

Goats has hand painted Doughboy’s available…

Interesting use of curled ribbon as packaging filler…


Just so i didn’t lose these ~ quick update with a few more pics of the BEANS! (Yes beans were a payment option for the recession friendly booth) ~ and all of the artists added their little bit to the can… also, the very skilled, Phillip, can balance sock legs on his nose…




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I just love the yellow giraffe t-shirt in the second photo!! Can anyone tell me where i might be able to purchase it online?

[FROM NOTCOT: http://store.dieselsweeties.com/products/invisible-giraffe-shirt ]

----- MikeT 27.07.09 07:24

I loooooooove it !!! Where is it? somebody know is there any similar event in NYC?

----- Zoe 24.07.09 08:31

LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the figurines!! Can’t wait to see them all in person tomorrow~ :D (Hopefully there’ll still be some left to purchase…)

----- grace 23.07.09 18:58

Im quite fond of the random leg sticking straight in the air with a sock on it :D That my friends is how to sell your wares.

----- Lone 23.07.09 16:13

This is probably neither thoughtful or intelligent, but will probably be amusing. The guy in the brown shirt under the ‘Hobo Party Recession’ sign is hunky.

More on topic, those sushi toys are awesome. They make me laugh.

----- Gyna 23.07.09 15:03

I love all the resin figures and interesting effects of the recession on packaging and signage/booth design. I must admit, I love the raw nature of cardboard appearing everywhere & alluding to a transient life style :)

----- Michalamedia 23.07.09 14:37

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